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Loki's Diary

3rd day of our second try at raw!

December 20th 2009 6:17 pm
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So last night I thought I had some chicken breast in the freezer to feed the big guy, but it mysteriously went missing. The mystery was soon solved when I found out that the BF had eaten it for lunch the other day..uhg Men! So I broke down and fed him about 2 pounds of cooked nonseasoned beef shoulder roast, not something I will do everyday.

After his vomit bout on chicken, and how nasty it smelled, I was reluctant to refeed it him; can you blame me? Well he did pretty well after eating his roast, even had a spurt of energy about 20 minutes later.

Then this morning I was left a beautiful gift...splart! And the worse case I have ever experienced. It was very dark in color, with some texture to it, and it smelled to high heaven! I have quite the iron stomach, and have to raising 3 boys alone, and I can tell you I gagged the whole time I was cleaning it up. I know issues like this are common, and after talking to the lovely dogsters over in the raw forum, I have decided whole chicken, for 2 weeks is the way I am going to go. After all I would rather have him vomit, and eat it, then clean up poo!

Tonight, Loki is fine dining on his whole chicken, I am decreasing his intake from 4% to 3% during the 2 weeks of introduction. I am worried about weight loss since he is already under weight..but I can always bump up his intake after he adjusts. I will more than likely keep him on whole chicken until he can put some pounds on, that way if he eats a new protein that doesnt sit well with him. Once he gains weight, I think I will introduce beef, it's a bit more pricey, but it's red meat which is an important part of raw diet. I will also be bumping his intake up to 4% after the 2 weeks just to get the much needed weight back on his lil hips.

I know he is enjoying every last bit of being fed raw. He has always been pretty excitable around feeding time, but with raw its a whole new excitement for him, and it makes me feel like a very good and proud pup owner to satisfy and feed him something he enjoys to the fullest.

I will be praying, that I don't wake up to anymore poo in the morning, and I will also be praying that IF he does vomit, it's only bile...because last times chicken up chuck....even gagged my 5 year old son BOL!


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