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I am so lucky !

I Miss You

October 31st 2009 7:37 pm
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My darling TonyBull momma misses you sooo soo very much. I still cant help but to cry whenever i come to Dogster. I just dont understand why God took me to find you that cold rainy day. Then just jerk you right up out of here like he did. It still hurts as if it were yesterday.You are so very much alive in my dreams, yes baby i dream about you several times a week. I dident even know myself just how much of my heart you had taken over in the short time you were with us, but you really did. Tony baby momma has to go now , I'm cryin again, I love you and miss you very very much.


I went to the bridge today,7-29-09

July 31st 2009 2:55 pm
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That gate is open ! hummm i just want to see that little flower over there ! OUCH ! MOMMA help me MOMMa help me tony hurts BAD ! That big truck hit me ! Help me momma ! Where we going ? Oh see Dogter Mark, ok. Whats that needle for ouch, oh that makes Tony not hurt so bad. Me gettin sleepyyyyy....................What Dogter Mark SURGERY ? Oh god please help my baby tonybull. Yes i know you did all you could thank you, it's all up to God now. Wheather or not he wants Tony here with us or there with him.......waiting...............waiting.............NO ! No please dont tell me that ! I cant go on without him, i love him soooo much, you dont understand ! He's only 7 months old he's still my baby PLEASE......PLEASE ! NO I said NO ! Tony baby please come back to momma i need you i love you so much ! I cant go on like this ! NO NO NO ! How am i going to go home without him ? ? ? ? It's just not right ! Home is such a lonely place now. Where's Tony oh yes he went to the bridge, guess ill just go back to sleep now , i can be with my precious TonyBull there.


New Page !

April 13th 2009 3:47 pm
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WOW momma got that bunny rabbit off my page Y E S ! ! Me likes Easter and all but bunnies make me feel wike a GIRL ! Now me and Luke gots spiderman ! ! ! COOL ! ! WOW me just thought of sompin............May is mothers day , me sure hope momma dont fix us up wike MOMMAS ! ! OH NO ! Me gotta go bark to Luke !


Playin a game !

March 20th 2009 4:33 pm
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Ok my furend MIKEY tagged me so i gotta tell 7 things bout me den tag 7 other furends of mine
1. Man tried to kill me when i was 4 weeks old !
2. I hab a talking ball !
3. Me and Luke like to bug sisfur MIA !
4. I like to hide stuff furm momma !
5. I bark to watch every fur RUN to the door (when nofurs there)he-he
6. Sometimes i sneak food outta Lukes bowl.
7. One time i had worms but dogtor fixed it !
Now i gotta tag 7 furends of mine !

1. BullBoy
2. Dazee
4. Stewart
5. Sheppt
6. Rickie Roo
Now they have to tag 7 furends.


My furend BullBoy

March 17th 2009 2:18 pm
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I habs a furend named Bull Boy, him is soooo cool ! I am gonna name one of our puppies after him ! Well ther really Mias puppies but her say "yes TonyBull you can name one of my babies". So me gonna name one of dem after my best furend Bull Boy ! ! !


Dont feel so good ! !

March 14th 2009 8:45 am
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Momma take me to see the doctor yerterday, him poked at me and squished on my belly and then he stick sompin in my butt ! Momma say "it's ok TonyTony" . Him tell momma i had a worm in my tummy ! ! WHAT ? ? I dont eat worms ! ! Him gave me a shot to and that kinda hurt but mommas here so i be ok ! ! Golly that worm came right out my .........well you know . But boy do i feel better ! ! I sure love my momma ! ! I love my furever home ! !


WOW I'm seein stuff !

February 11th 2009 8:48 am
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OMD ! I seed a flyin dog ! I neber seen a dog fly ! Luke say it is Tucker but i neber meet him. WOW dat must be fun ! ! He almost hit a wire and Luke barked at him BOL BOL giggle !


Just Dont Understand ?

February 2nd 2009 12:15 pm
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I dont tink i did nuffe wong but whomans want to hurt or kill me an all furs like me, well excypt my furever famwe and everfur and kittys at Dogster. My fur famwe and fwends and my whoman famwe are barkin everwhere and momma keeps puttin that white ting by her head and talking bout B S L and sayin stwange soundin wowds. Then she makes hur finners tap round on dat ting by hur puter and sayin they better listen and sayin someping bout shamed to be whoman sometimes ? I am so fused , i aint sceered cause bubba Luke is stayin right by me all the time !Whoman daddy keeps tellin me dat i will be fine couse he _____sure wont let ANYBODY no matter WHO they tink they are ! ! Dis is his house and he dont have to open da door iffen he dont want to. Oh im gettin sweepy YAWWWN ! goin take a nap by sissy Mia nite-nite


WOW Happy day !

January 31st 2009 4:14 pm
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I dont know whats goin on but everyfur s real happy today. I tried to take a nap but just keep wakin up ? Luke was sleepin good, he was sleep every time i wake up. sissy Mia keep sayin Tony Bull wheres sissy Mias ball ? How am i pose to know ?Luke showed me a fun game called tug of war with the hat and when your done playin you put it under the couch ? I guess whoman momma say to put it there couse thats where she got it from.yawwwwwwn yawwwwwn boy i need nother nap.

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