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Mini's Moments.

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I am chasing squirrels and ripping up toilet paper everyday- now.

February 2nd 2015 1:03 pm
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I'll start this entry by thanking everyone who has sent me messages of condolence. Thank you so much for your kindness.

I write this entry with reluctance because the reality of losing Mini still pains me. I'll leave this here since people are understandably asking me how this all happened. Writing it all out once will be easier than repeating it. I feel stupid being so emotional but Mini wasn't "just a dog" she was a family member and a part if me. When she passed a part of my heart went with her. It's growing back, slowly, but will likely never be quite the same. Dogster has always been a safe place, dog lovers untied and a special community that I have missed.

Mini's transition to the Rainbow Bridge: On Halloween night Mini greeted her first rick or treater (she loved kids) and as she went to go outside she kinda slumped over and pooped. I thought maybe she got scared but no, Mini was essentially paralyzed but was feeling a lot of pain. We rushed her to a trusted emergency Vet right away but even with an $8000 surgery Mini would have a less than 10% chance of not only walking again (Vet wouldn't even say she saw potential for that at all), but of using her bowels on her own and not being in pain everyday of her life. The Vet said it was a degenerative disc and that because Mini was in good shape, showed no signs of pain previously and this still happened so suddenly.. It was the worst case scenario with the smallest potential for positive outcomes.

It's been months but even as I type this I am crying. That was the hardest night of my life,I know we did what was best for Mini but I also know she was a special dog and no dog can replace her. I am trying to be thankful that I was fortunate enough to have such an amazing, special dog in my life. Hershey and Winkie's mom told me that every once in a while a person is fortunate enough to find their "Heart Dog" a dog who has a special bond with you, a unique connection. I am sure that Mini was mine and absolutely my husband's Heart Dog. She was so intuitive, she knew us as well as we knew her and I am trying to just be grateful to have had her in my life for almost 8 years.

2014 was a really tough year, Itchy is starting to heal some oft that pain, especially since him and Kiki are fast friends.. but I'll always miss Mini.

I will end this entry by explaining the title and describing Mini's last few minutes with us. When it was time, Mini was wrapped in a blanket, we were in a private, almost cozy room with her. I could tell she was confused and I didn't want her to leave us with fear in her heart. I was able to keep my tears at bay and in an effort to soothe Mini I think I also comforted my husband who really broke that night. I had Mini's head in my hands, I was rubbing her ears and I began telling her about the awesome adventure she was about to embark on. I said she would be able to chase squirrels every single day! She could knock over garbage cans and have unlimited amounts of tissue to rip up.. And never be in trouble! I went I and on about all the great stuff she could do, in her last second she looked at us and sighed the cutest sigh before taking the bridge to her new home.

I will always miss Mini but I am comforted knowing that all dogs go to heaven.


My Butt Exploded!

March 3rd 2013 3:45 pm
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Hello everyone,

This Diary entry will be written with embarassment and some pain.

The story begins yesterday when I was licking my butt a lot so Momma and Daddy looked at it. (How embarassing!) My butt looked normal so they decided they'd keep and eye on me and if I kept up the licking they would take me to the Vet to get my anal glands looked at. (Although I've never had issues with them before!)

This morning,

Momma:"Mini, let's go outside!"
Me: *Waddle *Waddle *Waddle..
Momma: *Cringe.. "Honey hurry, come look it Mini's butt!"
Daddy: *Comes running.. *Looks at butt, "EWWWUGHHH! Call the Vet!"

So we go to the Vet, (Thank dogness he was open on a Sunday!), and apparently one of my anal glands exploded!! (He actually said "ruptured") So that explained the cringe worthy, oozy bump on my butt this morning.

I am very mad at the Vet. He shaved my butt, put his finger in places he shouldn't, poked 2 needles in my butt and even had the nerve to say if this happens again I would have to get butt surgery! Did I mention he did ALL of that stuff PLUS cut my nails AND did that in front of Kiki!!!! EMBARASSING!! I was VERY mad and I whined and wiggled A LOT!

... to make matters worse my butt is leaking goo AND I have a cone of shame. I NEVER needed a cone before and I HATE it. I bit the cone when Momma and the Vet tried to put it over my head. Then Momma called me a baby and said Kiki was tougher than me. How rude.

We got home, Momma bought me dried chicken treats, she wont take the cone off AND I walked into the door frame.. the couch.. the stairs.. another door frame.. and my bed. Momma exploded, (aka "ruptured"), into laughter each time.

Wish me luck. We're going back to the V-E-T once I am done my medicine, probably next week.

Oh joy.



February 18th 2013 11:13 am
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Say what?! DOG OF THE WEEK!!!! Widdle weenie me?!
THANK YOU DOGSTER!! This is a very special honor. ♥

More special thanks to special friends who've left me gifts:

Nina- Photo
Thor- Bone
Cheif Majestic the Impeccable- Cupcake
Peanut and Willow- Crown
River- Crown
Bailey NWD- Crown
The family of Lexi and Monnie- Crown
Tinkerbelle and Natasha- Gold Heart
Hershey and Winkie- Crown
MrJackFreckles- Emerald & photo
Austin & Doo- Pink Ribbon
Amazing Grace- Rose
Angel Sunny- Pink Robbon
Mazy & Angel Lucy- Pink Ribbon

I'll try to keep this updated but HUGE thank you to Dogster and ALL my pals! This is a great welcome back!


Royal Member of the Day!

April 30th 2012 1:44 pm
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Thanks Princesses Divas and Prince Charmings for choosing me as the Royal Member of the day!

PDPC Royal Member of the Day!


Hi, I'm Mini and I am a bully.

April 1st 2012 6:25 pm
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Hi, I'm Mini and I am a bully.

... but...

I am in recovery.

As some of you may know after I was attacked by another dog I started having agression issues with new dogs I would meet. When another dog attacked me the 6 stitches were the least of my mine and my pawrents worries, I changed on the inside and had fear I'd never had before. That fear made me act out, made my hair stand on end and made me show my teeth or make unusual noises when stranger doggies were around.
Some of you may also know that I have an adodpted sisfur named Kiki. Well dont even get me started on all the things I've helped Kiki overcome, she had totally outrageous fears before big sister Mini showed her the ways of the world. The one thing Kiki's never scared of though is other dogs. She's cool as a cucumber. Before Kiki Momma and Daddy tried so hard, worked together, worked apart, asked friends (mainly on dogster!), but my bullying and fear of other dogs didn't go away. Until Kiki.
Long dachshund story short, today we were all walking on a trail by our house that we've never visited before. Kiki and I were off leash and two other dogs approached. Little grey cuties. One was off leash and one was on. The lady yelled out before Momma and Daddy could put our leashes on, "I want to meet your dogs, do you mind leaving them off? Mine's just seen a trainer.." Well, bless her heart, we didn't even have time to respond before the lady walked her little dog over and that little dog was NOISY! She made a lot of weird whining, growling noises and then her owner would correct her.. she'd stop.. THEN... she snapped at me!! Oh. My. Gosh.
Do you know what I did?
I ignored her.
We ended up walking 15 minutes with those people and by the end the doggy was only whining a little, she'd stoped trying to snap and I made a friend of the other doggy. Stranger doggy, Kiki and I all walked together. We'd all take turns sniffing little bully and it was all good.
The other owner said Kiki and I were very well behaved and perfect role models.

Me? A role model for a doggy with the same issue I had?
:) It was a proud day.

* Side note:
The doggy was adopted form a puppy mill situation in October. She's only a year and a half and after speaking to her owners we definitely think she'll be able to overcome her issues just like I have. ♥


It's all fun and games until someone gets a bath.

March 5th 2012 5:16 pm
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Today was a surprise day full of sunshine, a cold breeze and Momma was home.
Daddy was able to come home a bit early from work and we decided to all go to the park together. We're trying to be more active ya know! Momma put our harnesses on, Daddy grabbed treats and my little tennis ball and we were off! There are two grass fields, a gravel one and also a track to walk around. We tossed the ball a bit like our usual routine then tried something new and walked the track.
It was Dogster day at the park it seemed because we saw Hershey's twin with a twin black cocker. Then we saw Bailey and Saige's twins but the little one was the boy and the bigger one was the girl. We played with the Bailey and Saige twins because they were allowed off leash too, then continued on our walk not knowing what exciting event was to come.

All fun and games. Then I saw poop.
I am not a poop roller.. but bugs and wormies.. I can't possibly help myself! Can you blame me? I was walking off leash ahead of Momma, Daddy and Kiki on the track and I saw it.. 5 feet away.. a piece of doggy poop with wormies IN IT!! What a find! I had never seen such a thing!

To Roll or not to Roll? That was the question.

Long dog and long story short, I got in trouble, we went home, I had a bath and my harness is in the washing machine.
I send my deepest apologies to Kiki as well because as you see in our new picture Kiki got a bath as well. At least we got bully sticks after ;) Daddy's such a sucker.. and it was worth every roll!


Adopt 2011 Entry

April 17th 2011 9:55 pm
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I had a great life, I was an only child, I got all the treats I wanted. I never knew a life different. I was born to be wanted. I went from a breeder who loved dogs to my parents who are dog lovers. I have a soft bed, (that I let my parents sleep in with me), I have toys and endless amounts of treats, more jackets than my Daddy, endless belly rubs, walks in the park, little tennis balls galore and a bundle of family members who adore me. Then came Kiki.
Kiki is my sister- once removed.. at least. Kiki came us us just under a year ago. She was not a child when she came let alone a dog. I had a good life- did I mention that? Kiki came and ya, ya, ya, nothing really changed for me except I had to share some attention but I do have two parents so it wasnt all that painful. Except I had to watch this silly thing named Kiki who was scared of treats- SCARED OF TREATS!? Seriously? I know you dont believe me but it's true, she was scared of treats and my Daddy and of noise.. yes NOISE!! I mean any noise, she's scared. She was like 6 pounds.. 6 POUNDS!! I am a comfortable 11 pound doxie and proud of it, I earned every pound on me with high end kibbles and all natural treats.
I thought Kiki might never turn into a real dog, she didn't know how to play. I would run up to her and try to play and she would stand there like a bump on a log. Looked like my parents brought me a sister that was broken. Great.
Here we are nearly a year later. Kiki does not know how to climb stairs, she stil gets scared of my Daddy at times, she's still nervous in crowds, she's had to have more Vet visits in the last 11 months than I have had in my whole life, her feet are deformed a bit, she's missing a spot of hair on her shoulder, she gets dandruff and has bad breath. Nice right? Guess what, we love her. We love every little thing that makes her unique.
Kiki has changed my life because now I have a playmate and someone to blame things on when I do a naughty. I have taught Kiki to rip up toilet paper and kleenex, knock over garbage cans and potty outside. But whats Kiki has taught my parents is something even more amazing than shredding a whole box of tissues in the living room. Kiki has taught us to never give up. Kiki has taught us what it means to be tough. Kiki has taught us that fear can be over come because now Kiki sleeps with our Daddy who she was scared of. Deformed feet are nothing because she's alive. She can run, walk up a couple steps on her own but what makes us laugh the most is that going from a pup who found it painful to walk and literally shuddered at one touch of her paw plays and "high five's" with those same goofy paws.
A dog that is from a puppy mill does not know what it is like to have a family. They are born and raised in a cage. A cold cage with bars on their feet which day and night cut into your pads and make it impossible to be comfortable. Other dogs are stacked on top of you, the rare time you get food and water it's a fight to get your share. Starving day and night, plus the few nutrients you get are stripped from you to nourish the puppies unwillingly growing inside you.
Kiki's a sister to me and a hero to me. She's beat the odds and is alive which is a miracle on it's own. Beyond that she, after less than 12 months, knows now how to be loved. The day didn't come easy when Kiki accepted the love from me and my parents. In the scheme of things as a human what is 11 months? It's not even a memory, but for Kiki it's a lifetime. Kiki -my sister- has literally doubled her weight and become a dog. She cuddles like a dog. She licks Momma's hands like a dog. Sounds silly but not all dogs are dogs. They are alive, they have a heartbeat but to actually be a d-o-g takes more than that and I am proud to have an adopted sister. I would not have it any other way.
What does adoption mean to my family?
Adoption is life. It's the thread that keeps perfect, lovable, deserving animals alive. Adoption is the difference between life and death.
We are proud to choose life and promote others to also choose life. Saving Kiki has no price tag because we definitely couldn't put a price on the love and pride my Momma and Daddy hold in their hearts for Kiki. We dont regret a single second or dollar spent on her. She deserves it.
I love my sister and I love the choice of adoption.


Kiki & The Brain

March 24th 2011 9:33 pm
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Do you all remember the cartoon Pinky & the Brain

Well that is Kiki and I- except Doxies.
I am the brain, Kiki is well.. Pinky.
Let me tell you our plan- we do not, (I do not), want to take over the world we just want to be bosses of this house and tear up every morsel of tissue paper in this place!
Today while Momma and Daddy were out for about 20 minutes I found the box of kleenex that was placed on the platform under the coffee table. I scouted out the green box with fluffy white pillowy sheets protruding from the top. I knew we needed 12.5 steps from our doggy bed to get to the table and a 6 inch neck extension to reach the box and knock it successfully onto the floor. Like I said, I am the brains. Kiki- she's the Pinky.. I mean the braun.
We used Kiki's hard puppy mill brick head to knock the tissue box onto the floor.. we dragged it over near our bed.. and let the tissue FLY!! MUUUAAAHAHAHAHAAAA!! You may have closed the bathroom door to the toilet paper pawrents but I have been scouting this Kleenex box for 3 days and finally my plan unfolded perfectly!!
Kiki and I pulled and pulled and pulled until a white flock of tissues covered the living room floor.. beauty in white.
I got the first rip once the tissue was spread then I let Pinky.. Kiki.. do some shredding too. We didnt even get 4 sheets ripped after we spread them out of the box when.. "Clink, Clunk" The door opened, Momma and Daddy were home.
We were in trouble.
Kiki & The Brain did not get to rip all the tissue although they successfully spread it everywhere.
Dear Pawrents, tomorrow is another day, never underestimate.. Kiki & The Brain.
*Insert theme music here*


SPOILED on my Birthday!!

December 14th 2010 7:43 pm
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WOW WOW WOW Thanks to all my wonderful wonderful pals who sent me Birthday messages and Birthday gifties!! You all spoiled me rotten and I am very thankful!
Momma and Daddy got me Peanut Butter Zukes treats and Kiki and I each got a greenie. It was a pretty awesome day overall because I also got a ZILLION extra snuggles and kissies. ;)

Specific Thanks to:

Teddy- Crown

Shiloh- Diamond

Carat- Snowman

Pogo- Stocking

Thor- Heart

Wilson- Snowman

Maizy and family- Snowman

Silvia- Snowman

Sparky- Stocking

Howard- Snowman

Tinkerbelle- Heart

Austin and Doo- Heart

Darby- Steak

Winnie Mae- Bells

Harley Diva and family- Bells

Peter parker- CAKE!!

Jet Hawk and family- CAKE!!

The Boys- CAKE!!

Tilly- Balloons!!

Missy and Tyler- Party Hat

Natcho- Cuppycake

Hershey- Cuppycake

Tiki and Family- Cuppycake

Igo and Family- Cuppycake

Jia and Family- Cuppycake

Hounds- Cuppycake

Talker & Banners!: Cuppycake

Walker and Family: Cuppycake

Pommies: Cuppycake

Love you all and thanks for remembering little ol' me!


It's Party time and Everyfur's Invited!

October 28th 2010 5:54 pm
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Everyfur's invited to a party I am hosting in the Dogel Diner in Plus Fun this weekend for Halloweenie! Check it out...

You're Invited!

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