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Mama and Daddy my millietury fameelee

January 23rd 2009 12:52 am
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I am an indoor pup wiff lots of time outdoors. My mama is not very old (19 in hooman years), but she is pretty smart. She be busy with school, work, n dee Armee Preserves (I wan sum of dose), but she always finds time to show me love and help me exercise. My daddy is millietury and he is far away right now... Mama and daddy have had pets all their lives and are well versed in training. But dey are always weeling to learn new tricks jus lyke me.

I kin tell mama is worreed about me... She says stuff lyke Eyerack and haffin to leaf me here. But she has a wundaful famelee who r gonna take me in wen she go. I will bee sad doe. Is dere anyway to help me cope?

She is worreed wen she come back I won know her enymore. Wat kin I do to prevent memoree loss?


Heat, spaying, and other fun stuff

January 22nd 2009 11:20 am
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I was going to get Shamps spayed at the end of this month... She went into heat a little sooner than I thought. I am going through my first heat with a female dog. The good thing about Shamps is that she is already an inside dog and only goes outside in the mornings and evenings for runs and walks...

I am going to get her spayed as soon as she is out of heat... Some people told me that she can be spayed while in heat. I don't think I want to do that... I knew nothing about the heat cycle because I had only had two female dogs before and I had them spayed at an early age...

I am sorry I waited so long and put off getting her spayed... So many people tell me dogs change after being fixed (this applies to both males and females)... I have never had a problem with a fixed dog. I even owned a female rottweiler who was sweet before and after being fixed... I think it really depends on the training experience of the owner.

I would love to become a professional dog trainer. Shamps is not, however, trained to do tricks. She is not a show dog (I have owned a few).

Shamps is trained to be alone in a house and not make a mess. Shamps is trained to go outdoors and in the bathroom only if she really needs to go and I'm not available to take her outdoors (this trick took me 5 months to perfect).

Shamps knows a few common commands: sit, stay, lay down, down and off, up, go, stand, and come here. Shamps knows a few uncommon commands: run, slow, walk (these are for running), and calm (this is for meeting people). Shamps also understands ouch...

I am young, but I have been training dogs since I was in diapers... Please feel free to become my friend for any tips.

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