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Life as a Rocket dog

Extra, Extra, Extra I am the new Owner and Editor of the- Westieville Pawnews

January 8th 2012 1:08 am
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Here I sit with my typist working in a Newspaper. What has Mom got me into? She told me we needed to get more pups from Westies Unite to stop by the daily threat, but that I have to work for my bones now was never mentioned.
I am working my poor paws to the bone, and then she tells me that we have a new reporter. And who did she have me hire, no other than that wanna be Westie, Scooter. It is bad enough that I have to share Mom with him, now he even get's to write some stories.
Luna on the other hand, just sits there and sees what I have to bark about. She checks out the display every once in a while and barks at the pictures that show up, but otherwise she is just being the princess she always is. Maybe she got her nose all up in the air because she is "Judge Lunesta" in the Westieville Stories that White Westie writes and thinks she is better than us poor working dogs.
Here it is, 3 in the morning, and I still have not laid the paper to rest for the night. How is a pup supposed to get any rest with this much pressure resting on him.
We just got some very good pawnews in our pupmail. Our own Vinny is going to write an advice to the love lorn column. That ought to bring the subscribers in. How can any paweditor miss with DT writing book reviews and Preston Peabody offering to write a story now and then.
This pups paws are getting tired from hitting the keys and we are putting this Pawnews to bed for the night. If you would like to get the paper in your e-mail box, just bark us a line at and I make sure Scooter gets it all lined up (that is if you can trust a Scotty)LOL.
See you on the Flipside


The Caribbean from the eyes of a Dog, part 1

August 2nd 2010 8:52 pm
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Mom told me, we are traveling again. I am used to Airports and Train stations from my life in Germany and Italy, but now we are heading for the Caribbean. Nether my brother Scooter, nor Sis Luna have ever traveled in a plane. I guess I better explain to them about the cargo hold and all those suitcases. As if I would know about this, you see I am a Cabin passenger, lucky me. I get to travel in a Sherpa bag so I can fit under the seat. No wonder Mom watches my weight so close. I can not weigh more than 20 lbs or I would have to go in the belly of the plane. The most fun is when I get petted by those pretty flight attendants. My bag has rolls on it, so I get to stick my head out of the bag as we head through the airport. Everything is ok until we get to the check in. One time I had my head inside of my bag and they told mom to put the bag on the band to get x-rayed. She said that she couldn't and I stuck my head out. Everybody started to laugh and the bag went threw without me. I can just imagine what that customs official would have done if he seen the bones in the bag. I even have to take my collar of, because it beeps when we go threw the scanner. All the passengers ask if Mom gave me a tranquilizer because i am so calm. I was just a born travel dog. Wouldn't you be nice if it meant that you get hugs and get petted by some gorgeous flight attendants. When we go on the plane,even the pilot talks to me. Then it's time to take off. If you think I get worried, you are way of base. I stick my head out of my bag again to check if anybody sits beside Mom, then I lay back down and go to sleep until I smell the food. Most of the time I just beg for the cookies, the rest Mom can have. Before I know it, it's time to get off the plane. I am ready for the warm weather, the sunshine and the ocean, but no, we have to go to the dogter to check our shot records. As we go down the long hallway I hear Caribbean music. There actually is a band playing to welcome us. But where is Scooter and Luna? In the back I hear Scooter talking to me. He was so worried that Mom forgot about him. But he had to go to the large container exit.
Finally we are all together again, ready to explore this new land.


Westies Unite

February 24th 2009 8:47 pm
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What a great group I was allowed to join. I made so many wonderful new friends. I got to be on the Mardi Gras float , boy what fun. We had our Belly-Up day on Fat Tuesday and yippie, I am on the Belly - Up poster. We have a wonderful Chef on WU, Chef DT, he comes up with the most scrumtious meals. If he keeps this up, I'm gonna get fat. And in July I'm going to get to meet allot of my friends in person. WU has their annual Meet and Great in July at Mackinaw City in Michigan.


Meeting new friends

January 19th 2009 9:07 pm
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Wow, my Mom just let me join Westies unite and I already have 3 new Friends. I have been so lonely since my brother Buddy went to the Rainbow bridge on January 2nd. But my Mom and Dad said that I am going to get a new Brother and Sister soon. It just takes a while toget all the papers together from the Westie rescue people, but hurraaahhh it got all approved with excellent. I am looking forward to meeting all the nice people here.

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