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Good Times

I love you Benji. I'll never forget you.

June 8th 2011 8:26 pm
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A while back, my dog left us. Since he was only monthes old, he teethed a lot, especially on our plants. I told them that's no reason to take him away.
I woke up one morning, scared to see Benji not there. He's always on his leash, waiting eagerly for me and my siblings. I asked my brother where Benji was, he said he was at the grooming place. My dad came home, without Benji.
He didn't like the fact that he was chewing on our plants, so he took him to a dog house. And, and they put... they put Benji to sleep. We never saw him again. He took him without warning.By the time my dad finished explaining, i started bawling.

I love you sooo much Benji. I'll never forget you.

The End.


I Left!

May 24th 2009 12:32 pm
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I was sitting there, waiting for someone to play with me. The my Owners dad put me in the car and drove me to the nearest PetSmart Store for someone to adopt me.I've been sleeping the past two hours, so I don't know if someone adopted me yet. Please,if you are friends with the Antonio Family, (my old Owners) please adopt me. Someone! Anyone?



April 5th 2009 2:54 pm
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Man I miss u guys! i havn't been on dogster like, 1 month! So now that I'm here, I wanna tell you about ALL my adventures! First of all, I've been to the mall SO many times! Ugh, I dont want to see another shoe in my life again! Well, at least for 2 years or so. And I went to LA! I love my owner's owner's!We went to Chinatown and she got so many suvineors.And there was this great deal for 6 items for 5 dollars. She got something like a dog or somthing.Then we hit Little Tokyo. Me and the family were starving, sowe went to Richard's Seafood Restraunt. Thankfully they let dogs in. Buuut after 3 meals i was finished. Then , FINALLY we went to.......................................
The Universal Studios Observatory. But it was just telescopes and planets.So that was two of my adventures and i'll talk to you later.Bye!


Long Time, No see!

March 8th 2009 6:42 pm
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Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't seen u guys in such a long time! Like almost 2 months! It really stinks I can't see you guys but Im all tangled up in school and homework, its crazy! So srry if ur all depressed that you haven't seen me but this is just my way of saying :

GET READY FOR THE EXPERIENCE OF A SHORT TIME! I'm gonna be posting vids with my OWNERS! That's right, you heard me! And new pictures! I'm gonna be cuter { and cleaner} than usual. And. . . My own show?!?!?! That's correct! It's called "Benji's Shownicas"! I like adding stuff like: wulf gang paco or somthing.

And thank you for all my friends that have been helping me w/situations and stuff. And a shout-out to: YUKI, DOG SUPERMODEL & Bear and Bambi - Mommys Angels!

I wuff you goodbye,
- Benji


I was tagged by ???

February 27th 2009 9:23 pm
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Hello people of earth! I was tagged for some reason but have nooooo idea who it is. But i WAS tagged so:

1. I am stuck outside my whole doggy life!

2. One of my owners is famous ( by "famous" i mean on google)

3. I can eat ANYTHING but shoes, electrical things, chocolate, and my people.

4. I am a German Shepard AND a rottwieller!

5. I'm barely two yet!

6. I was BORN cute.

7. Im not two yet so my OWNER has to do it. (no offense)


1. Yuki, Dog Super Model

2.Madeline 'Maddie' Alexis



5. Baily

6.Baily One, We Miss You


P.S. Who tagged me? was it you? na! kidding.


A Rainy Day

February 15th 2009 5:08 pm
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Hi guys. Remember when I said it was raining at the groomers? Well it's not raining any more! So yah just a quick update and. . .
oh no! Its' my owner! im' not soposed too. . .
Woops! Bye!


The First Time

February 15th 2009 4:44 pm
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Hello Pup- Mates! I'm on my owners computer, but don't tell her. ( :<
Anyways, I wwas at my first time at the groomers! Yah! It was amazing. I got a nice clean cut w/ a nice warm bath. And the BEST part was, that every time I do somthing cute, they give me a treat! I should go too the groomers more often! But it was raining outside, so it like ruined everything. ):
Ok and about the
raining thing is gonna be a sequel.


Good Times P1

January 18th 2009 6:08 pm
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Benji Speaking:

Awww I remember when I used to hang out with my best pals, Aleah, Arvin, & Arianne. And there's this one time that we went to the park for the first time. . . .

They put my leash on and tag on my coller.Aleah hid some roast beef in her bag for when we get there. Aleah took her bike, but Arvin pushed her off and said, " ... so I followed you into the forest . . ."
{ If you want to see that vid, go to youtube .com /smosh} I thought it was pretty funny, so did Aleah and Arianne. So we FINALLY got there and Arvin started running. I couldn't resist, but I followed. But not for long. Just then I saw a red colored leaf. It cought my attention, so I started chewing. I forgot that Arvin was running, but he yelled my name and went to the swings . . .


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