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I will miss you forever

January 5th 2015 6:07 pm
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This is Leah, Meika's mommy. Meika passed away February 2, 2012. I have not been back on here since. I created a Facebook page for her when she got sick and a donation site and had a lot of help when she got really sick. We made a lot of wonderful new friends on Facebook and if you would like to go to her page it is Sweet Meika, I love you. Here is the link to her page. Thank you.



January 6th 2013 8:10 pm
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I have some not so good news... My mommy tells me that Dr. Weicht did some blood tests on me and he said I have kidney disease. I don't know what that means, except that I just don't feel right any more. I get real tired real easy. I also can't eat like I used to. I have to take a bunch of medicine too! I know I may not be around forever, but I am a pretty strong and stubborn cookie and will make the most of it as long as I have. Thanks for reading.


JULY 16, 2010

July 16th 2010 1:29 pm
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well... i feel like i have been around the world since i was on my home page. my mommy lost all of her login information because she got something called a divorce. she tells me she had a big red guy like me before but doesnt know where he is now. he was with somone named bruce, or at least she thinks he is. she is very sad because she wanted to find him so i could play with him... but cant find him anywhere. so... she is kinda sad about that. BUT>>>> i am so loved. she takes me to the dog park and to home depot and to the craft stores and the hardware store. i just love riding in the truck with her. today ... since it is so hot... we have just laid around inside the house trying to stay cool. i occasionally get to go outside and chase the birds and squirrles. my mommy feeds them all... they are very pretty but i like to bark at them and chase them to watch them fly and run along the top of the fence.

i wanted to say i am glad my mommy found a way to get back on here so i can make new friends and maybe find my lost step brother. his name was augi and he was about 5 years old in 2008. he lived in a place close to here called fort worth and he was a big red/sable guy with a big roman nose. she said he weighed about 19 pounds and loved to run and play like i do.

if anyone reading this knows anything about him, i would love to know. i can tell my mommy. thank you all for reading my entry in my diary. WOOF!

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