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We're not really machines, just barkers!

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Best weekend evfur!

April 9th 2013 2:50 pm
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OMD, we had the best weekend evfur in a long, long time! While grandma came to visit mom a couple weekend ago and that was pawsome and we were super happy to see her, this weekend *both* our grandma and grandpaw visited!! They didn’t bring Adeline or Samson so we had them all to ourselves! But *best* of all, our Uncle Joey came to visit this weekend too!!!! He and Shakespeare go way back all the way to Shakey’s puppyhood – he and his Uncle Joey are bros, BOL! Shakey was so happy to see him that our mom thought he was gonna explode! Luckily he didn't, in case you pups were worried. Woof!


New furiends, new dog park, and chickens (!)

November 13th 2012 2:34 pm
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What a fun day we had yesterday!

Mom took us to a house where her furiend was petsitting for doggies, a bunch of cats, and chickens! (More about the chickens later!) We met two of the doggies through the fence first. Our new furiends are Guinnie, who's a catahoula leopard dog, and Cavill, who's a super furry malamute. Finally, doggies our size, BOL! We all walked to the park across the street; mom walked us and her furiend walked Guinnie and Cavill. Her furiend's gotta be strong, BOL! So we walked around the park and then we went to the dog park there! A new dog park to mark up! Woof! We had it all to ourselves! Well at least until other doggies showed up a little while later, but we were pretty worn out anypaw (Guinnie and Cavill are like 3 or something so they had lots more energy). A greyhound named Flash (BOL! Pawfect!) showed up and wanted us to run with him - kids, sheesh! BOL

After the dog park, we got to run around Guinnie and Cavill's backyard. We met their fursis Truffles, she's a snorkie mix and aptly named cause she snorts a lot. We also met chickens! Chickens!! Actual, live, chickens that were not in our food bowl!!! They were a chicken coop with a short fence around it, so we couldn't get too close to them, but we could still bark at them! We'd bark at them, they'd make whatever noises chickens make (mom says they cluck), then we'd bark back. Then we'd pee near the coop fence to let em know who was boss. Then we went home and ate their siblings for dinner, BOL!

Oh, and Shakey got to bark at a cat, who was just hanging in the grass on the other side of the fence and who could care less that he was even there.

Mom's furiend showed Guinnie and Cavill's mom a pic of us four together and now their mom wants us to have playdates. BOL, kids!


Our good furiend Haley is at the bridge :(

November 2nd 2012 10:22 am
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Pups, we are so sad! Our good furiend Haley went to the bridge yesterday. :( She'd been acting off for a few days, so her moms took her to the vet, and they xrayed her and found a big tumor in her tummy. Instead of putting her through surgery with a small chance of recovery, they decided to send her to rainbow bridge.

We've known Haley and her moms almost all our lives. Ok, we never met them, but her mom would share stories and photos of Haley running around all the lakes in northern Michigan, and Haley would chase geese and run in the water and run up and down the beach and run in the snow and she had such a fun, loving life. We always enjoyed reading about her adventures! She was so cared for and loved. Now she's running in the clouds with Izzy and Skeeter and Libby and Sassy and Sophie and all our other pals who've gone away this year. OMD, it's been a sad year… We need treats like mom needs wine and chocolate….

We love you, to all our furiends…


New neighbor puppy

November 1st 2012 3:10 pm
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Our neighbors, who are super nice and pawsome dog pawrents, recently lost their doxie terrier mix doggie Sagan. We didn't get to sniff with him much cause he was old and quiet and sick and didn't go out in the front yard area that often. We do know he was really loved. His pawrents just adopted a terrier/beagle mix puppy from the SPCA, so now we have a new doggy neighbor! His name is Bob. What kinda stupid human name is that for a dog?!? Sheesh! Anypaw! When we first sniffed the pup, he was really barky so we barked back and it was bark central and it was loud and pawsome, BOL! Last time we saw him, he was kinda shying away, so mom kept us from sniffing him. I don't know why a new puppy to the 'hood wouldn't want his two crazy barking schnauzer neighbors in his face, BOL! Anypaw! Lots o' times we'll bark back and forth when we pass his house. We may have barking competition now! Stay away peoples, it's gonna get loud! BOL!

So last night we saw through our window that mom said hi to him when she got home. When mom came inside, we sniffed out that he'd excitedly jumped all over her and she petted and hugged him and said his forehead wrinkles were really cute. Sheesh.


Icky sick weekend

June 5th 2012 12:09 pm
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We're really getting to know our new v-e-t-s lately! Sheesh!

Shakespeare had icky gross tummy issues last week, so he went to the v-e-t on Friday. They couldn't get an icky gross sample from him so they sent him home with meds for common causes and bland food. They sent mom home with scary words like "HGE" and "blood" and the names of e-vets. Mom was supposed to go visit a friend this weekend but she stuck around to watch us cause she's a worrywart about us like that.

Good thing too, cause on Saturday morning Lacey had icky eye gook. Mom wiped it up as best she could all weekend, and Lacey went to the v-e-t's yesterday to get it checked out. They gave her eyedroppies, and mom told Lacey that if she doesn't stop pawing at her eye she's gonna be a conehead again. Uh oh! The v-e-t's also rechecked Lacey's urine and bloodwork cause she's lost another .2 lbs.

Oh yah, Shakey's much better now, he's back to being his normal crazy goofball self, thank dog!


We went to the dog park!

April 19th 2012 4:03 pm
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Woof woof! Finally! Mom took us to the dog park in our new city. It's appawpriately called Barker Field. There's a big dog park and a small dog park. Guess which one we went in? Nope, not the one we belong in. Mom took us to the small dog park. Sheesh. We still marked and sniffed all over. And we made three new people friends who petted us whenever we asked. Woof! One of them asked if Lacey was old, which mom felt kinda sad about cause Lacey looks like a puppy but lately with her leg and hind quarter problems (Lacey, not mom) she kinda walks like an old lady (Lacey, not mom, BOL). Speaking of old, we're exhausted from all that sniffing, woof! Maybe next time we can go in the big dog park.


What a pawsome day!

March 24th 2012 3:27 pm
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Except for the rainy morning, this has been one of the best days evfur! Mom took us to Three Dog Bakery! Yes, we not only have Best Bully Sticks HQ in our new city, but there's a Three Dog Bakery! OMD, all the treats! They were evfurrywhere! The smells! OMD! They also had toys, leashes, doggy clothes, bowls and other doggy related stuff, but only mom looked at that stuff. Oh, and the place was decorated pawsomely with portraits and drawings of Gracie and the other 2 dogs who inspired the place. (Mom's read the book but we can't read so we don't remember.) But back to the treats! OMD! The treats! Mom got us a bunch of treats for us and a chewy for our doggy roomie Bela. Mom also got a Gracie's Gourmets lamb and veggies and whatever dinner for us and it was yummy! We can't wait to go back, what a furtastic place!!!!

Oh yah, and the bakery was in an outdoor shopping center that is dog friendly! Lot of the stores allow doggies too! Mom took us in a shoe store and some new agey store that smelled girly but had nice ladies who gave us lots of pets. The shopping center even had statues of doggies, which we didn't pee on, and doggy comfort stations with long water trough thingies. It's so dog friendly, woof! Mom says we'll go back when it's warmer and sunnier.

Speaking of going somewhere, when are we going to Best Bully Sticks HQ mom?!? Maybe tomorrow cause we're wiped out after all the excitement today.


We scored at the Pet Expo!

February 18th 2012 12:47 pm
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We just spent all afternoon at the Richmond Pet Expo. (Human roommate came along too.) We scored all kinds of free food samples and treats and attention! And cause we just moved here, mom got lots of info about local day cares, spas, pet sitters, rescue groups, and v-e-t-s. We even went by and said hi to our pals at Dogwood e-vet where Lacey spent the night and the next day after her attack; we thanked them and they gave us treats.

We even met one of mom's new coworkers. Oh! And we saw a service schnauzer! He was sitting on his owner's wheelchair and was so calm, he didn't bark or anything, what a good service schnauzer!

Mom got some doggy stickers for our, er, her new VW. One of them says "Dogvergnügen", which is pawfect, BOL!

We got cooked samples of raw chicken and lamb at a booth called Pawgevity and we gobbled them up! So mom bought us two tubs of the raw stuff that she says she'll cook up for us. It'll be a good dinner tonight, woof! And a good sleep, after all that barking and walking and snacking, we're exhausted!


Field trip!

February 9th 2012 3:28 pm
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OMD, we just heard mom say that Best Bully Sticks is like five minutes from where we live now! We gotta get mom to take us there! Right now she won't even let us cross the street off leash, much less walk across major streets to get bully sticks. I wonder if they have tours of the place for doggy visitors?


Schnauzer Agility Meet Up!

January 18th 2012 2:56 pm
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This past weekend *we* got to meet some Dogster furiends! Usually mom meets our furiends cause we don't get to with her on her long travels (like Florida and Canada don't take dogs, sheesh!), but this time we got to go! We went to Raleigh, NC and got to meet Reece, Rocke, and Roudi and their moms!! We got to watch them run agility and bark, er, cheer them on! Woof woof woof woof woof! We got pawsome treats and lots of attention from their moms. Shakespeare wooed them with his big brown eyes, one ear up and one ear down, and overall handsomeness. Lacey wagged her little wiggle nub and lap time and face scratches and well wishes. We were very good when we weren't barking our heads off in the echo-tastic agility arena, or barking at other dogs when we walked around the arena, or barking at Reece, Rocke, and Roudi cause we wanted to talk to them. They were quiet compared to us, then again, a jackhammer is quiet compared to us, BOL. Reece's human sister wondered if we'd bark ourselves hoarse, yah right, BOL, Then again the agiilty trials were in a horse arena! It's true! BOL!

We stayed in a hotel with furiends and other dogs and their owners. The grounds around the hotel were snifftastic! Shakespeare made himself at home on the big king sized bed too. We think mom needs to upgrade hers!

Anypaw, we had a pawsome time meeting our furiends! We hope mom will let us post pictures on Dogster... just as soon as she gets off that evil book of faces, sheesh….

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