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Small , short , outdoor OB class and indoor kitty class

June 21st 2011 3:34 am
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Mom and I went to OB class last night. The 2 Malamutes were there waiting outside, but the instructor turned out to be sick , so we never got inside. Mom and I hung around with one of the Mals outside and his Mom was nice enough to let me practice being with him. I got lots of treats and got pretty close. His Mom said I had come a long way since the first class. Mom thought that was pretty funny since I have only been to 2 bol. When we got home, Mom brought me upstairs to play with the cat that she is cat sitting for the tenant. She has some video of me ignoring the cat and the cat being fascinated with me, which she will add to my video book once she figures out how to get it on here.


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