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New harness

March 8th 2009 3:33 pm
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Well, yesterday mom and dad bought a new harness for me ( I chewed the one I came with bol) This one is a harness/carrier. They figured it would be harder to chew. I did not like putting it on and got agressive again. Mom gets so mad when I do that, so she gave me some treats to help me know that harness time isnt so bad. They had a very hard time with it since it had no instructions. They had to try like 4 or 5 times. It has place for all for 4 paws but I couldnt walk with the 2 back paws in so mom said never mind, and just put in the 2 front ones. So tonight I went for a really short walk outside ( wow!) and visited the next door neigbour . It was all great fun and mom says since the weather is getting nicer there will be more outings like that soon. I guess I better get used to that harness.


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