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Bout me!


December 7th 2004 8:36 pm
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My mummy has the BEST news! She said that her grandma (im workin on what THAT is!) is getting a puppy! isnt that great? i dont get to play with many dogs my age, but now ill get to see it ALL the time! it might be a few weeks, but i cant wait! it even might be the same type (cavvy) as me! im so excited! when she gets the dog, he's gonna be put in my coral with me on the internet! this is just soooooooooooooo exciting!


New improved me!

December 7th 2004 8:01 pm
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No, i havnt gone in for plastic surgery *shudders* but iv got all new pix on my page! My mummy said that she made them even better! she put them on the computer and made me look REALLY cool (not that im not already!) i had a peek and i rekon they look cool! Mum said that im gonna b a model (wteva that is!) but it sounds kewl!


Bout me!

December 6th 2004 12:28 am
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Hey! Im Benny, ima purebred Cavaliar King Charles Spaniel. My mummys name is Pebbles and muh dads name is Toby. My new mummy (Elise) is my best friend. We love going for walks and eating LOTS of food. We absaloutly HATE baths (well i do newayz!) One of muh FAVE things to do (besides eating) is making new friends! I love racing other dogs for the tennis ball (and i usually win te he he) When i was born i had 3brothers and one sister. I dont hav any dogs to play with at home, so i just play with my mummy, or go to the park and c sum other dogs! kk, G2G, send me a puppy pals request! LUFF BENNY!

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