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It's a Dogs Life

They did it Again....

October 2nd 2006 10:33 pm
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Yep,, another damn puppy and he is always underfoot except when he is in Mom's lap. So my territory has been invaded again. It's a good thing I am so good natured. But I'll guarantee you one thing, I WILL NOT SHARE MY DAD!!!
Till next time guys...


Spring has Sprung

March 23rd 2006 8:39 pm
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I'm so happy that it is starting to warm up again, I got my coat back so I'm looking like the handsome Aussie that I am. Dad said he would start taking me to the place where I get to play on the toys. I call them toys buy dad says there obstatcles. It's those things I run and jump on when we train for the agility trials. Dad thinks that I'm good enough to start competing, look out I'm going to be king of the world because I'm going to make my daddy proud. I also hope that I get to do the flyball this year, I love to chase the tennis ball but last year there weren't any spots on the team so I had to be an alternate so I didn't get to play so much. Well gotta go it's time to check out the neighborhood and Porters waiting on me, he's my best friend from down the block, were going to the park and play ball. Later guys, till next time dad lets me use the computer.....


I'm Bald!!!!!

September 5th 2005 9:37 pm
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Well Dad took me to the barber shop and now I look like a damn red healer. Oh well, I'll have my coat back by winter so for the mean time I am cooler and everyone thinks I look like a puppy again, so I'll live with it.


My Happy Home Has Been Invaded

July 13th 2005 7:48 am
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Well I'll never forgive Mom and Dad but they brought a new puppy home and damn!!!! he won't leave me alone. He eats my food, plays with my toys, and chews up my favorite soccer ball. When ever I'm in my favorite chair with Mom or Dad he's got to be there too.....He is always under my feet and just has to go when Dad and I walk through the neighborhood, he has to meet all my friends and heaven forbid they like him. I show him my teeth and yip at him but he don't listen I guess he's being a puppy. It seems that he is here to stay so I guess I'll just have to put up with it but I'll not share my Daddy with him. Maybe things will get better when he grows up. It's time to go, me and Dad are going to PetsMart one of my better places to visit and guess what....Teddy's not going.

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