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A Puppy's Life

How is Life Going?

June 7th 2009 4:06 pm
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Life is Good. Wait.....that is like Dog is Good. Dog=God. Wow...I love my life and I am so spoiled it is craaaaaazy. My best friends are Henry and Sasha. Henry is a Japenese Chin but is older than me. We have a lot of playdates. Henry also has a sibling named Sasha. Sasha is always trying to be the leader or the boss, but we are really good friends. C ya later........I have to go bark at some air.



January 2nd 2009 8:21 pm
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I started my very own groups! !!!Beach Buds!!! and Designer Mutts. I am very lonely and there is nobody joining me! If you were to join one, join !!!Beach Buds!!! We go to the beach every Saturday and I hop to see you there. We are open to all dogs that live by the beach or wish they could see one! I have a couple friends now, but not enough to PARTY!!!!!!! So please join !!!Beach Buds!!! Also, if you are a mixed breed and think you are soooooo special, (you don't really have to be a mixed breed) join Designer Mutts. We are mutts that party and have fun! So please,please, please join my group! Can't wait to see you there!


Happy New Year

January 1st 2009 10:05 am
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On New Years Eve, my family had a dinner together and then I heard many surprising bangs, which were poppers. My mommy wouldn't let me out of the house and that was a good thing becasue I got so scared! Then my mommy and sister came home to go to sleep and later at night my oldest sister came home with daddy! I got scared because it is really late to be outside but then I remembered the party! I wish I was there but I can't do many things becasue I am a dof. BUT I can do other things humans can't do!!!!!!!!!!!!


The NewPuppy

December 29th 2008 8:53 am
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Jaxy is just an adorable puppy and you dont want to miss out the fun without knowing him or being friends with him. As you might of guessed, he is ubsessed with his tennis ball and when we take him to the beach he will never take it out of his mouth. The dog is glued to it. He is also very playful and loves eating things he is not supposed to and he thinks he is the Boss. Jax is very cuddly and snuggles against you when you are sleeping at night. He is a mix of a King Charles Cavelier and a Miniature Poodle! You can get these dogs of the internent and find breeders for them. They are called cavapoos. Have fun with Jax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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