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My Diary


February 10th 2009 12:02 pm
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Deasr Diary,

This is Ben, aka Brendan Thomas Raphaael Msterson Starks as well as AKC Cindy's Snowball PRince of Winter reorting in to let all my Chi friends and Mommie's and Daddy's KNOW that insite of health set backs for both Mommy AND I, we're all NOW ha;;ily together at my new FOREVER LOVING and SPoling home down n Apache Junction, Arizona;Mommy and Daddy are ny DREAM Parent Team, and my BIG doggiesister, Steffie has become my best doggiesis and playmate;my doggiebrother Beau has NEVER even SEEN someone as TINY as I am so he tries to stay out of my way because he is SO big that I think HE thinks he'll squash me or something worse in HIS mind NOT mine LOL!
Mommy is Very PROUD of my long , snow white coat with it's cream patches mostly showing nicely over my ears and the very top of mt head, she loves everything abut me and tells me all day what a wonder I am to she and Daddy, and how VERY blessed we all ARE to have the Lord who has made us entrust one of His tiniest doggierkids nto their love and care, and the TLC asround here is really great; right now . because I am SO young, only nine weeks old, Mommy and Daddy have set up my temporary living quarters on thier bed with then BUT this will soon change when Mommy orders ny new pkay pen and bed so I will have my own privte bachelor's quarters in their huge and NICE master suite and protetion for when Steffie and Beau lay chase and wrestlw with each other because I am too little to play those games with tbem; NO matter because Mommy plands to get me LOTS of stimulating toys and handsome clothing too, as well as some nice outifts for all three of us, Stefie, Beau and I , to sit for our family Christmas cards each year and other special pictures throughout the years !
Mommy is pretty sure that I am starting or aboout to start teething so she softtens my dry Bil-Jac p;uppy chow with watter, and she wants to give me the Bil-Jac Lamb and riace Frozen u;p;py Food for real meat; other favorite foods include water, organic vanilla yoghurt with mashed sweet RIPE organic banana's and Mommy wants to try other treats like the Gerber Graduates, Diced Carots and Apples AND Gerber Chicken, and Turkey Meat Sticks for me for extra p;rotiens to help me develo the cream patches in my coat that mt Daddy Prince Regent has in HIS coat too !

Well Mommy and I should sign out for NOW but we will be back to update you on myFOREVER home and the LOVE within it !


My Mommy Angie and Daddy Craig
My Aunt Bethany who is now livng with us
Steffie, Beau and BEN YAY!


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