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I'm SOOOO Happy In My Home

April 19th 2009 5:56 am
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Dear Diary,
I am just writing to let everyone know that I am SOOO happy and contented in my home; I'll be five months old soon, and I really BIG sweet doggiessister Steffie, who is age six , and my BIG doggiebrother, Beau, who is age three, I LOVE my house and most especially going up and down the stairs which I just learned to do, but Mommy says that it's not good for my twpo front feet so when I can wait I let her carry me down stairs and then back yo again since I am stilll just a bit too short to be going up and down all by myself and Mommy worries about growth related deformities of my knees since they were both perfect when my other human Mommy /Breeder, Cindy, delivered me on the fifth of February of this year!
Mommy feeds me by hand and she keeps our den, the master bedroom, nice and clean by changing my used wee wee pads for clean ones each day ! She makse suerw that we all have cool water in a big sturdy bowl several times each day as well; I really like this since I cAN now also get water for myself when I play down on the floor with Beau, LOL!
Beau is MY great BIG LOVEY of a big brother; he and I play together at least once or twice a day; w3e play chase, my FOVORITE game, and Beau NWEVER catches me but it sure is funny watching him TRY to czath me; we also like to take naps together with Mommy on her big queen size Sleep Comfort bed in our pack den/mater suite!
Steffie has been slower to warm up to me, BUT when Daddy get all three of us playing together, she forgets herself and just enjoys wrestling with Beau and being "herded"by me with Beau helping out in the rear !
I'm worried about Mopmmy though; she is out of some of her medicaion and won';t be able to get some from her regular doctor's office until Monday When Dddy can drive Mommy to the doctor so she can get a new prescription for her meds at that time, if she does'nt get reallly sick way before then like sometimew tomorrow and end up nin Desert Samaritan Medical Center Emergency Room because her doctor is making her wait till Monay to get a refill so she can go over her pain contract with her dotor and sign it in front of him; Mommy does'nt want to rack up anymore hopital co insurance charges because she and Daddy are on a tight budget right now due to the hospital bills from a skin abcess in her right arm that had to be removed and cleaned out, shw was on antibiotics inpatient in the hospital for five whole days and then she had wound care and IV infusion antibiotices for two weeks at home as well, and although her insurance covered most of that she does'nt want to add to that additional xharges to the ones she's already racked up ; please oray for Mommy because I really love her and I want her to live a long time so we can be close to each other and Daddy too because even though Steffie is lively and healthy, she officially starts eating Senior Dog Formula from IAM's; this means she IS aging but nicely and we hope she will not have to go across Rainbow Bridge for many more years of life and happy ones, with Mommy and Daddy and Beau Ty as well !
Sometimes Mommy gets reallly upset about her own health problems because she does'nt want to die and leave Daddy and Steffie, Beau and me all alone down here; noithing she has is terminal but she still worries anyway, so please pray for my Mommy that she will live for many more wonderful years cause I REALLY LOVE Mommy and so do Daddy, Steffie and Beau !
Well that's all ffor now, and some humans are thinking that we dogs don't care about our Mommie's and Dadde's problems but we are aware of them too, and we care because we love our parents and are a part of the family just like our human siblings are a part of ur families !


Ben, Beau and Steffie
Mommy and Daddy


I'm ben and Mommy and I FINALLLY ARE TOGETHER aAND WEll YAY!

March 18th 2009 12:41 pm
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Dear Diary,

I AM just OVERJOYED to be in so LOVING a home with my Momma and Daddy and my BIG doggiesister Steffie who is six now, and my BIG doggiebrother Beau, aged three, who is my champion; yto say that I worship[ the very ground that Beau walks upon is to understate my reareal LOVE for Beau and also Steffie who is so beautiful she makes my tiny heart melt with LOVE for hher, LOLMAO !
My original delivery date was the ttwenty ninth of January, BUT I had a weird reaction to the wormer that Momma Cindy , my breeder gave to me , and being responssible as my breeder and first MOMMA, she took me to her vet and he or she prescribed Clavamox for the loosse stools, and so my delivery date was the fifth of February, very close to Momma's forty seventh birthday which was the sixteenth of last month.
Momma was admitted to Banner Good Sam Regional Medical Center during early January to have a skin abcess drained under general anesthsia and she was in;patient for FIVE days there;the surgery , along with the IV infusion antibiotics she got in the hos;pital AND home wound care along with more infusion therapy at home healed her right arm comp;letely; it was good then that I made it to my new forever lovkng home the first week of last month.
I LOVE it here, I have IAM's diet and Mommy lans to get me my Nutri-Cal as well as my vanilla yoghurt and banana's , and my first vet visit was wonderful , I am VERY healthy and strong fpr a two and one half ;poound pure white with buff cream markings long coated Chi puppy, and Mpmma is esp;ecially roud of my potty training whiich is going very well !
I'm workng with Steffie and Beau to get BOTH of them to play chase with me now , and they are slowly getting used to tjhe idea of chasing me , LOLMAO !
I am teething now and my upper and lower molars are dring me nutsw taking time to cm;letely break through the gums, makng me tred and more hngr than normal as well; my upper nd lower inisors take longer to develop; so they cazn push the baby incisors UT; Moma of course , wants ONE of my fro baby incisors to have it set into a gold ring or p;endant for herself with since she will always remember my sweet puppyhood days every tine it goes aroud her finger or slis roud her neck on a chain of gold !
I nip, so IF any Chi owners have ANY NEW ideas as to hoiw to train ne to STOP please get with my Mopmma ia


Momma and Daddy, Me(Ben), Steffie and Beau too !



February 10th 2009 12:02 pm
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Deasr Diary,

This is Ben, aka Brendan Thomas Raphaael Msterson Starks as well as AKC Cindy's Snowball PRince of Winter reorting in to let all my Chi friends and Mommie's and Daddy's KNOW that insite of health set backs for both Mommy AND I, we're all NOW ha;;ily together at my new FOREVER LOVING and SPoling home down n Apache Junction, Arizona;Mommy and Daddy are ny DREAM Parent Team, and my BIG doggiesister, Steffie has become my best doggiesis and playmate;my doggiebrother Beau has NEVER even SEEN someone as TINY as I am so he tries to stay out of my way because he is SO big that I think HE thinks he'll squash me or something worse in HIS mind NOT mine LOL!
Mommy is Very PROUD of my long , snow white coat with it's cream patches mostly showing nicely over my ears and the very top of mt head, she loves everything abut me and tells me all day what a wonder I am to she and Daddy, and how VERY blessed we all ARE to have the Lord who has made us entrust one of His tiniest doggierkids nto their love and care, and the TLC asround here is really great; right now . because I am SO young, only nine weeks old, Mommy and Daddy have set up my temporary living quarters on thier bed with then BUT this will soon change when Mommy orders ny new pkay pen and bed so I will have my own privte bachelor's quarters in their huge and NICE master suite and protetion for when Steffie and Beau lay chase and wrestlw with each other because I am too little to play those games with tbem; NO matter because Mommy plands to get me LOTS of stimulating toys and handsome clothing too, as well as some nice outifts for all three of us, Stefie, Beau and I , to sit for our family Christmas cards each year and other special pictures throughout the years !
Mommy is pretty sure that I am starting or aboout to start teething so she softtens my dry Bil-Jac p;uppy chow with watter, and she wants to give me the Bil-Jac Lamb and riace Frozen u;p;py Food for real meat; other favorite foods include water, organic vanilla yoghurt with mashed sweet RIPE organic banana's and Mommy wants to try other treats like the Gerber Graduates, Diced Carots and Apples AND Gerber Chicken, and Turkey Meat Sticks for me for extra p;rotiens to help me develo the cream patches in my coat that mt Daddy Prince Regent has in HIS coat too !

Well Mommy and I should sign out for NOW but we will be back to update you on myFOREVER home and the LOVE within it !


My Mommy Angie and Daddy Craig
My Aunt Bethany who is now livng with us
Steffie, Beau and BEN YAY!


My Moomy IS Really FEElING BETTER NoW !

January 23rd 2009 7:51 pm
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Dear Diary,
My new Monny Angie is really feeling better now; her wound from that nasty ikd abces is really healing well between her Home Care Nurse whose name is Pam, and my Monmy herself because SHE IS VERY SMART, and my new Daddy Craig who is a pharmacst; that means that he fills prescription from doctors for other sick peopke, and HE says that some pharmacies ALSO fill scripts for us doggies and other aniunals too LOL!
Mommy emailed my Breeeder/Momma Cindy that my Aunt Bethany (Sh's my Monna's eighteen year old stepdaughter that Mommy has known and loved since Beth was only fifteen months old and her older brother, Chris was only three and oine half years old) will be moving out here next Wednesday ( she's flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor next Wednesday afternoon with just some clothes and her high school records from Fort Worth because she will be home schooled right in Mommy and Daddy's house where Steffie, Beau and I will also be LOL) because she mde some seriously bad mistakes and went to an Alternatice Sxhool for a year because she failed her Freshman year of high school and although she is noiw =only five credits shy of graduation, her high school legally cannot allow her to stay and complete those credits, so Aunt Beth will be enrolled in Setonh Catholic Home Study School, and finish her Junior and Senior years out here in Apache Junction, Arizona where Momma and Daddy, Steffie and Beau live too !
Mommy made the third payment of two hundred dollars to my M onmma/Bredder Cindy yestterday morning VERY EARLY BEFORE all this January rain we've had hit and knocked out the Internet , so I am alm0ost paid fork and Mommy and Daddy HOPE to be able to comje up toi my Momma Cindy's house and NOT only pcikME up for my fFOREVER HOME with them, buj they feel that Aunt Behany will enjoy seeing all my kluttke puppy pals and also meeting my Daddy, Prince Regent and my dear Monny, Miss Tigger, whch is just her family call name , like MINE , Ben aalso known as Brendan"Ben" Thomas Raphaek Masterson Starks AND AKC Cindy's Smowball Prince of Winter because I was born on the ninth of Novermber , 2008, JUST as thios part of Arizona was getting into winter meaining up where I live and ALSO where Mommy and Daddy live with Aunt Beth, and Steffe, and Beau too LOL !
Momma really LOVES me to pieces and can hardy WAIT to hold me in her arms and 'let Ben kiss me to pieces', cause I OVE her too; sure hope Momma and Daddy and just Aunt Beth cazn sill come up and get me next weekk I KNOW Mommy will feel like she's in HEAVEN cause SHE told Momma Cindy tjat "I'm totally SOLD OUT on Chi's and they are my small breed dog of choice from NOW ON which means MAY BE in the future I will get a kttkle paay pal from Momma Cindy againj, LOL!
Well that's Ben's news for tonight and for THiS week, so I 'll say good night, sleep tight,l say your prayers, doggie prayers nd doggie parent prayers too, AND don't let the bedbugs BITE < LOL!
IF all of you Chi owners and otther doggies who read my entiries LIKE my diary, LET ME KNOW IT with some FAN EMAILS !


Mommy and Daddy
Steffie and Beau
Aunt Bethany


Mooy Is Making Her Next To Last Payment This Thursday

January 20th 2009 11:00 pm
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Dear Diary,
Mommy is amaking the next to last payment on me this Thursday, and she's told Daddy that she wants to get a cashier's check for the final amount and drive up to Breeder/Momma Cindy's to pick me up cause she loves me SO much that she just cannot wait ANY LONGER to have ME in her arms and have ME meet Daddy and my big doggiesis, Steffie, and doggiebrother, Beau, either!
My Bredder/Mooma Cindy and my loving parents, Prince, my Daddy and Tigger, my Moomy, have given to me all the LOVE in their hearts, even BEFORE I was even born on tnis beautiul earth which God has made for ME and all human doggiemomma's and daddies to enjoy and to take care of , too !
NOW that I' two whole montbs old , it is TIME for me to take all the love God gives us doggies BEFORE we're even born, and use it and my LONG and HEALTHY life to be His special doggiekid as well as my Mommy Angie and Daddy Craigs. special boy; Mommy says that my most recent set of pictures are gorgeous and that she will have to join so that I can have a personal face book with ALL my pictures in it, from my newborn daays to my last set by Cindy which she will upload to me after I am in my new FOREVER LOVING and SPOILING home, letting MOmmy love me to pieces along with Steffie and BEAU as well !
Mommy says that she can hardky WAIT to come up above Niorth Phoenix to visit Momma Cindy and see me playing with my older pupy friends BEFORE she takes me home, also neet my Dad Prince, and Mom, Tigger, and the rest of Ci dy's family along with all my sweet puppy pals which I am playing with now and eating more doggie food eeach day since I'm a BIG boy now and am weaned from my Mommy, Tigger !
Mommy and I are REALLY excited about my homecoming possibly NEXT Wednesday, the twenty eighth, so all of you please pray that Mommy and Daddy can come pick me up that day with that last payment in hand !




My Mommy Isn't Feeling Well I Can Tell...

January 19th 2009 12:25 am
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Dear Diary,
My Mommy isn'[t feeling well; I might not BE with her for two more weeks but God made ALL dogs, and especially we sweet Chi's to be loving, helpful, kind and emotionally supportive to our doggiemommies and doggiefaddies MOST especially when they are sick; I tnink Mommy is worried about her arm NOT healing up welll, and that she will NOT get home IV infusion antibiotics which I REALLY talked to Jesus about tonight when I weas being tucked in , kissed a billion times and gently hugged and told that my new doggiemomma nd daddy really DO want me and that I am so VERY LOBVED by both of them plus my big doggiessi, Steffie, six, and my big doggiebrother Beau who is three this year and we will make good buddies and cloise friends I HOP cause we both love sleeping, eating , and playing f0r our hobbies LOL !
I think that what Mmmy REALLY needs to do is to take herpain meds for her arm; it is called Percocet I*m thinking, and get some good sleep witn good music all nignt long , and she needs to say her prayers too because although we are only ONE HOUR apart, with me up here in Momma/Breeder Cindy's immaculate and warm beds in our older pup play room in Cindy's house, I know that God put Moomey and Daddy and Steffie and Beau with ME to be my best ever forever loving and doggie sp0iling family LOL!
Moomy says that the FIRST thing is for me to have g9od once per month baths with Organic Dog Shampoo and Conditioning rinse and them be brushed and combed out while I dry in the nice coay bathrobe she will have for me; then I am to get used to having my teeth brushed on a twice per day basis, with Petrodex 9r Arm and Hammer D0g Tooth Paste with the right d0se of flouride for us tiny rosebuds as we call ourselves; I think my Mommy has some great NEW outfits already picked out for me, a gorgeous and specious very handsome darki green play pen where my little bed, blankies and toys will go as well : iI am IMPATIENT for my payment plan to complete so that Moomyand Daddy can come get me very soon since I feel that Moimma needs cherring UP not being knocked DOWN !
I really inspired her to get me onto because since she is homebound with disabilities, I KNOW she aan make English speaking friends all over the world and so can her little Ben which is Mommie's nikname for my family namel, Brendan Thomas Raphael Maserson Starks; Brendan or Ben as I'm called and Thomas are both names of dear friends from Mommie' s College Days, the Raphael is for Jesus' cheif Angel of Healing for dogs and Mommies, and Daddies as well !
Well thats IT till next time but PLEASE pray that I can get into my NEW LOVING HOME VERY SOON and start loving my Mommie back to health as well; also pray that Mommie gets the IV infusion 0f her antibiotics she really wants, and finally, PLEASE pray f0r those antibiotics to WORK well so the wound in Mommie's right upper arm will heal with little bitty or nol scar at all so she stays gorgeous as well !
That's all our family news from Apache Junction we'd LOVE tto hear from Chihuahua LOVERS from alll OVER tis grat nation of ours , because m Mommyu wantw to start another called Cni Friemd's ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL !
Well Mommy and I are all pooped out, BUT ONE more very special prayer request;


My New Mommy Angie Was In The Doggiemommy Hoisital ...

January 18th 2009 5:19 pm
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Dear Diary,
My Mommy Angie was in the doggiemoomy hospital. Bammer Good Samariatan Regional Medical Center, for FIVE whole days cause she took her BIG on hundred unit insulin injection WITH a sterile meedle into her right upper arm, and that same Thursday, she gently bumped the area on her right upper arm accidentaly; my Daddy Craig amade her gently wash the abscess with warm water and apply a strong antibiotic ointment to it ;when it started to drain on it's own by Saturday mormimg, my new Daddy who really LOVES Mommy rushed her into Good Sam ER for evaluation and treatment; WELL she was admitted to Good Sam Regional that Saturdayu eveming, and had urgent BUT NOT emergency surgeery to drain her abcess, irrigate it clean, and debride the bad but NOT dead tissue around the wound; She tells me that she was completely asleep and had no pain at all and there was NOTHING to be afraid of at ALL because even though this was a fast provedure she got plemty of good pain control in their large Post Anesthesia Care Unit, AND also meds for nausea whicn she has problems with after surgery; I PRAYED and PRAYED to Jessus for her becazuse she and Daddy love ME to pieces and I REALLY REALLY want ALL my many PupPals to a and their doggiemommies and Daddies to send her a GET WELL WOOF CARD because doggie mommie's like mine are precious and we already love each other so MUCH even though MY NExT to last installment payment is THIS coming THURSDAY amf Moomy and I are SO excited that she and my doggiesister Steffie and doggiebrother Beau willl FINALLY be together in FOREVEVER LIVING, LOVing anf LAUGING along wigh my Daddy Craig LOL!
IF alls of my PupPals . regardlesss of religious heliefs cuuld PLEASE also strom Heaven that Mommy gets her infusion antibiotics which she needs so those meds get right to her surgery area and really start it healing; she will be here at my NEW FOREWVER LOVING and SPOILING HOIME and she will get her meds through a special IV in her lLeft arm which is attached to an infusion pump that is electric amd ttimes the antibiotics so she does'nt get too much of either drug at once ,neat, hun?
Asd for ME Jesus answered my prayera and those of Momma Cindy Hudson and her family including all my older Chi pupals at Cindy's home !
Cindy will be sending pitures of me and complete body measurements to date, and we mut also PARTAY d0wn cuse my weaning is going so well I go into Cindy's spotlessly cleam free sleep and play puppy room in their home sometime om Monday LOL!
Mommay says to PLEASE go and take a really great LOOK at alll my puppals who are seeking good loving hiomes, please NO puupy agents looking for pupy mill breeding stock; Her website is;Cindy ships throughout the US and Canada via major airlines witn Pet Safe programs, when there are nonstop domestic flights, and also internationally when there are nonstop flights into major airports all over Western Europe; She takes PayPal can do installment plans like Mommy did for ME amd I want to celebrate cause two short weeks and Moomy and Daddy drivd up into North Phoenix to pick ME UP, meet Cinsy, her husband and kidsl, and all my puppals, even my very proud Mom and Dad. Tiger and Prince Regent !
Well that's alll for mnow and lets celebrate Mommie's speedy recovery !


Angie and Craig
Steffie and Beau amd VERY SOON, BEN !


YIPPEE ! I'm Two Moths Old TODAY !

January 8th 2009 7:47 am
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Dear Diary,

My new forever momie Angie is writing this for me again, and I wanted to let ALL MY DOGGIRFRIENDS on that I AM TWO MONTHS OLD TODAY, and it should only be a matter of twoonetwo more4 Thursdays before my new mommie makdes tbe last two installment plan payments on ne and she and daddy come up to Momma Cindy's to getme and take Me HOME forever with them;I ahve developed a delightful bouncy personality, Momma Cindy says that sshe is reminded of the fizz in good ginger ale because I know HOW to work a room and make it fizzy not too wid and crazy BUT just right so everyone in there with me is confortable; she also says that I am one great puppy kisser too LOL !
I know that I am going to enjoy my new home because my new mommie has already found the right puppy play pen for me, a nice bed that looks like a r0und tent that will fit in the corner of the play pen and leave me LOTS of floor space to play with my toys on, and of course for clothing we will get one final set of measurements at Monmnm Cindy's house and I'm certain she will write them down for mommie so we get my correct sizes;Mommie and Momma Cindy BOTH agree that I am taking after my own sweet Dad, Prince, and actually my Mom, Tigger isn't that heavy herself t be onest so when I am all grown up at twelve months the ninth of November of this year, i might be only three and one half pounds oif fizzy personality like myDad AND Mom, or I could be smaller but still feisty which is what Mommie likes to see in her puppies, even Steffie, who is almost six, loves puppies and THINKS she IS still a UPPY LOL ! However, Steffie is also very full of love for Mommie and Daddy cause they adopted her , and SHE is very special to them and now to ME too cause SHE beat Parvo at three months of age, and NOT one ounce of systemic damnage any where in her body, so now she is extra maternal and shows her real love of Mommie amd Daddy by grooming them as much as she can, and she really does love puppies and Toy dogs cause she was beloved anget Tasha's big sisterdoggie for the last five years of Tasha's life which included when Monmie and Daddy czame o9ut here to Arizona in November of 2003; tashsa got to ride on the plane with Mommie and Daddy; Steffie camre by ground transport with Pro-Pet Transport in an air conditioned and heated van and we have pictures of her trip; she was WONDERFUL on her trip !
My special doggiebrother Beau who is only three now, was also adopted by my Mommie and Daddy when they were at PetSmart, that neat store where doggiekids like me get to go in with their parents and shop LOL ! Mommie saw him, Steffie saw him and then Daddy saw him and that clenched that deal , they br9ught him home that same day and Mommie says that his favorite activities are eating, playing, and sleeping and he's a gentle dogggiekid and my new doggiebrother too !
Well, as you can tell I love my new foreverparents and doggiesibs madly and Mommie is trying to be patient with our budget and wait to get those silly payments finished so then I can come home with she and Daddy !
IF your birthday is this mont, no matter what breed, mixed or purebred, may God bless you and give yu LOTS of hapiness and LONG LIFE TOO !

God LOVES YOU asnd SO DO I, untilwe next meet in our diaries,



From Ben: Closer and Closer To Moving To My New Home And- Growth Update

January 7th 2009 4:04 pm
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Dear Diary,

My NEW Momma Angie is writing this for me as per usua; becaus I am only two months old now and she is so loving that she want all dogs and doggiemoms and doggiedads to know how Iam growing and progressing as they wait to make the last two instalments on me on the twenty second and twenty ninth of ths month !
My Momma Cindy whos is also my breeder, emailed my NEW Momma Angie with my newest measurement to date, and right now i w3eigh one pound five 9unces, am f0ur and one half inches tall, my back from the beginning of my neck to the beginning of my tail is five inches, and my collar measurement is five inches around my neck LOL, so I'm taking after my Dad, Prince, he only weighs in at three and one half pounds himself; Mooma Angie says that on the evenng that I go home with her FOREVER, we will get ONE MORE set of measurements so that when we go to this wonderful store where dogs and puppies are allowed to be inside called PetSmart, we can get the right size clothes and other things, and she wants some good books on Chihuahua's to read as well; sigh, I wish doggieson's like me coould learn to read English, We're smart but NOT that smart, sigh, BUT I know that I am going to LOVE new d0ggiemomma Angie and new doggiedaddy Craig, and also BIG doggiesister Steffie who'll be six on the day monmie makes my last payment, the twenty ninth , LOL, and Beau who is three and like me a Scorpio doggiebrother;mommie describes Beau as big, sweet and lazy LOL!
My new mommie is VERY SPECIAL and even though we have not met, I KNOW that God chose us for forever LOVING and SPOILING family/pack life together and I thank God everyday for prompting mommie to choose Momma Cindy and s0 I could be hand chosen for new mommie and daddie ; I am SOOO
HAPPY; if ANYONE out there in this country is looking for a beautiful Chi baby PLEASE visit my Momma/AKC registerd and inspected breeder, Cindy; she can ship all over this country and also Canada with shipping added to puppy prices;she does international shiping also by special arranbements well in advance;she does installment payment plans thru Pay Pal, and for want to be Chi owners all from the Phoenix Metro are, she will either deliver your new Chi precious ffor FREE or you can amke an aappointemnt to drive up to their home when your new baby is paid for and get him; hat's what mommie and daddy are going rto do for ME, YIPPEE !
Well, mommie has been writing f0r a long time s0 she better go and rest for a bit,,,,,

God Loves You And So DO I !



Ben will be coming to his NEW FOREVER LOVING HOME VERY SOON- !

January 5th 2009 11:08 pm
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Dear Diary,
This is Ben, and I'm SOOOO very excited about my NEW FOREVER LOVING HOME with my new VERY LOVING and SPOLING Mommy, Angie, and Daddy, Craig, that I can BARELY wait to move diowb to my beautiful NEW HOME in Apache Juncttion, Arizona which is exactlyONE HOUR North of us ; ONLY please don't TELL my first MOMMA Cindy, who also bred me, tthat I am this excited about going to my NEW HOME; She has been my first MOMMA and I don't want her to be sad or cry the evening that new Monna and Daddy drive up to her home to pick ne up for good !
Right now I'm still nursing, but weaning onto something delicious called MEAT that my Mom Tigger gets several times per day in her food bowl smells great, and is makng me more hungry for it than Mom's good, rich breast milk LOL !
My Daddy, Prince Regent , from whom I get my beautiful, tiny BUT strong boy physiqaue and snowball white long coat IS VERY PROUD oif me, and I would like to put my pictures of my parents in my Meet My Family area on my homepage along with nice picthres of my dear and loving new dogsister, Steffie, whoi will be six the twenty ninth of this month, and is a :PIsces, and Beau, age three and a laid back Scorio dude like ME, YIPEE ! The y also have Profiles but Mommy has to add pictures BEFORE they cazn be put on the website !
Well I hope you like this story, Mommy wrote it for me since I am only almost twio months old !



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