Pinto Paint

Australian Cattle Dog/Carolina Dog
Picture of Pinto Paint, a male Australian Cattle Dog/Carolina Dog

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Home:Metro Atlanta, GA  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 9 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 51-100 lbs

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Cowboy, Iron Butt, Wolf & Wolfie, Devil Dog, Sugar, Babe, Sugar Bear, Bud, Devil Eyes....

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Sun Sign:
January 17th 2008

Spastic energetic ball of energy so loves to play with Dion so far the most, chase & rough housing off leash outside.

Being ignored by any human or any fur in the house. Doesn't get along with the cats yet but will be taught too. Doesn't understand that they are not dogs that meow.

Favorite Toy:
Tennis ball heavy duty made just for dogs, Dion's old half eaten toy squeakie stuffy dog & anything that Dion has. We're learning the sharing concept & personal possession one too.

Favorite Food:
Whatever Dion is having is fine. So far pieces of steak, hotdogs, eggs, & Iams lamb & rice canned food.

Favorite Walk:
Loves to run off leash with Dion in the fenced yard. Anywhere there are crunchy leaves to walk through & sniff. Anywhere we might meet other dogs.

Best Tricks:
Jumping up on two legs to give great slobbery dog kisses so far. Jumping up on two legs for double high fives. Dog football very realistic games with invisible other players.

Arrival Story:
Kept seeing him on Craig's List and kept considering him as a new friend for Dion who has needed a friend for a long time to romp and play with her off leash and to go on long walks with us, really long walks. Dion is high energy outside but can be calm in the house. Not Pinto, not yet but we will learn together how to be calm indoors. Thought as on another ad, well, it's old but tried anyway. Got a nearly immediate response and we agreed to meet with the dogs. Pinto was himself and Dion's (Baby's) mule streak came out and the guy & I exchanged dogs to walk and walked around together. He asked if I thought we had a match and I thought yes, we did so he loaded up Pinto's kennel and things in my car, said good-bye and we went our separate ways. Know he misses Pinto. Rehome. Don't know why and don't have to know just that the dog needed a new home. Could be more dogs at his house, could be travel for work, could be many things. Obvious that he loved Pinto but things happen in our lives sometimes and I have had to rehome a cat recently and have had to rehome pets years back, so understand. The cat years ago suddenly turned on my Dad & he was right but we didn't believe him at first. Story for another day. So very happy & thankful to have a companion for Dion now and a new family member.

Pinto originally came from the Humane Society as a puppy and was said to be a small / medium dog. Ha! That's what his human said too that not how it turned out, not the ha but the oh right. Well maybe he will stay small... He's at the high end of medium or the lower end of large. Friend Michael is already calling him "my dog" "my late Christmas present" and oh no, not unless we join households or he comes over frequently. Dion's new friend. Still getting to know each other and still spatting a bit and were like children arguing over space on the back seat on the way home. Had to talk to them like two children too.

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Rough & Tumble Days of Paint *Pinto*

Gones to the Cats!!!!

October 16th 2009 11:58 am
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Doggone it this lady where we stayin' be a cat rescue lady so she gots the cats ins & outs of her house & so cause of it Me & Dion my best gal can't go upstairs & hafta stay down in a computer room locked up though it be a big room & we get to goes outside lots but still they gots dogs & we would loves to makes friends with 'em even though the female Pit Bull cross here don't likes us at all. I gots to play with the black labbie cross though just me & him & we hads such fun outs in the yard playin' & runnin' & wrestlin' so we gots a good furiendship goin'. Sorry we ain't been around but Mom can't gets on the computer box that often fer Dogster or Catster rights now. When we be on, we be filin' complaints with the insurance co. national group against the local group. Greats talkin' to 'ya my furiends & we tries to gets on as often as we cans.
Woofs @ 'ya & GRRRRRRR @ the evil insurance co. over our fire loss wheres they be draggin' their heels. Pinto Paint


Fire! Thank God we're all safe!

September 26th 2009 7:42 pm
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So right after breakfast this morning at Billie Bob's place @ PIF we lay down to all take a nap & Lilly loves to yowl howl but today she just kept going & kept going & kept hanging at the front window & so whens she waked us ups froms our nap we not too upsets -- then the smoke detectors be howlin' their heads off & then they stopped & started again & didn't stop & Mom sez it's awfully dark in here is it night? Then she sniffed & coughed & sniffed & screamed to us dogs to go gets Mother person & she be ups the stairs at a time while we runnin' to gets Mother & she screaming MOTHER! Mother! Then she be screaming Lilly Cat! Dion! Pinto! Morse! And Mother be down the hall with us & Mom gots the phone in her hand & Mom opened the front door to lets air in & seen how bad the smoke be & just a yellin' ats us that we gots to gets out right now! And me Pinto be out & thoughts Dion rans acrosses the street but later we couldn't finds her & thoughts we saw Lilly Cat but Mom hads Morse in her hands & we standin' in the pourin' rain & Mom looks at the side of the house where the window be while she be dialing 911 who wants to haves a long casual chat with her so Mom mentioned that there be flames shootin' outs the sides of the house froms the windows & black smoke & darks grey smoke just strange smoke & they lady sez oh I'll send someone right out. Mom just sez our address & what the problem be & then the lady finally understands. Guess that Mom be too calm at first but then she sez flames & fire visible & we gots a bunch of fire engines & police cars & gots rescue & the lady cop sez to her that if she can moves the car & gets us in it so much the better cause then they can gets cross the driveway with the hoses. Smoke damage. siding damage. Windows gone on the driveway side of basement. Insurance adjuster called, but we lucky & a nice neighbor asked us to stays with her & we be grateful & we thank God for good neighbors & fer bein' alive! Please remembers us in 'ya prayers.
Thanks be to God, Pinto Paint


Mom be Barkin' Mad!!!!

August 29th 2009 6:47 am
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But Mom it be rainin' outsides & the grass be wet! Why can't we plays roughs in the house? Okays knows we knocked somes things over but it weren't too bad just that two foot tall frig & a kitchen chair & the pillows offen the sofa whens we chasin' the cats around but there be so many cats rights now here that they drivin' us nuts Mom! Why can't we haves funs with 'em too? They climbin' all over us! Be a hissin' and swattin' at us when we tries to makes 'em gets away from our food too! Why 'ya gettin' mads with us? Okays so we been tryin' to eats that cat food they brung overs with 'em but that a different kinds than what's we beens stealin' from the other cats (ow! what's that hind side pop fer Mom --- oooohhh... right we nots s'posed to be eatin' anys of the cat food!) The cover be on the fans too so didn't hurts 'em when we knocked 'em downs -- just cooled down the floors for yer & Mother's footsies untils 'ya founds out what fell.... and the recylcin' haves suches goods smells in it & we didn't means to takes that many cans outs & leaves 'em under the kitchen table & under the dining room table & on the living room floor & trailin' down the hall to the bedroom... ya expects us to puts the cans backs in the bag? Do 'ya knows how hard it is to work arounds that tie knot & gets them cans outs of the bag thru that small opening? And I was tryin' to pees in the toilet & didn't means to pees on the seat & the floor & the sides cause it be rainin' outside & me didn't wants to gets wet cause me mades of sugar & mights melt & Mother just be a yellin' at me & 'ya standin' there laughin' at me Mom & gettin' upsets cause 'ya forgots to charge the camera battery so the camera not gonna works without it.

Be glads & doggy happy when all them cats goes homes & stays home fer awhiles cause what's fun they be iffen we can't licks 'em & makes 'em squeak? Sigh. Glads we be on a cruise this weekend & rights now me gonna goes backs to sleep & takes a nice long nap. Wakes me up Mom when the sky clears & we can goes fer a nice long walk.
Woofs @ 'ya, Pinto Paint

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