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Giggles from Quiggles

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Mothers Can Be A lot of Work

November 10th 2012 5:47 am
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Yay it's the weekend. We see Mommy more.

Mom would love it if we would sleep in on the weekend and we do, but her version of sleeping in and ours is a tad different. Mom would like us to sleep until 6:30-7:00 and then get on with the day. Our version is get up at 5:00-5:30 have breakfast and then go back to sleep. Mom complains that once she's up she can't get back to sleep.

As Mom was turning off the lights last night she stubbed her toes on a metal stool and then she did a little dance. Mom is so funny. She said it hurt even when the covers touched her foot. We think her little toe is broken. Mommy is a klutz. Mommy did the same thing with the same foot and sprained her middle toe just a day ago. It's a Smurf toe now. Now she has 2 bad toes.

I even tried to help by kissing Mom's new broken toe last night to make it all better. Mom made an weird noise that scared me. Geez Mom I was just trying to help. Then Priscilla laid on Mom's toe. Mom made that weird noise again. We finally got to sleep.

I had to wake Mom up this morning because I urped on my favorite toy and wanted it cleaned off. Hey a guy has priorities. Mom got up and forgot she had hurt her toe. She remembered really quick. Maybe Mom should start wearing her shoes to bed.

Taking care of Mom is so exhausting, I'd better get in another nap.


Birthday Boy

October 24th 2012 9:00 pm
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Yay it was my birthday. I got this giantic steak from Riley. Mom made me share it with Priscilla.

Mom bought us new toys. At first I was offended and didn't realize why Priscilla got a new toy too - it wasn't her birthday. After she tried to steal mine, I figured out Mom's master plan. So now that we have decapitated both of them and hollowed out their bellies we are heading off to sleepy land.

It was a great Day. Dogster shouted out to me too. How great was that.


Thank you my mateys.

September 20th 2012 1:39 pm
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Thank you on behalf of my whole family to all my mates for sending us the pirate flags. They wereawesome.

We would have thanked you personally but Mom's computer died. It was over 8 years old so we are having the burial this weekend. She's hoping to get a new one this weekend.

Mom had to send my note from work at lunch time.

She misses her computer.

Mom's not very nerdy so it will be a bit of a struggle for her to get the new computer going and copy files. But with a little luck and help from yours truly we should have it going in no time.

Cooler weather makes me appreciate the big cuddly blankets we have.

3 day weekend ahead for Mom. Yipee - more time for her to play with me.



Grandma For Sale

July 29th 2012 5:32 pm
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Mom says we have to sell Grandma. Are we allowed to do that? Grandma has been real cranky this weekend. Tonight she's slamming doors. Just because Mom wants her to take a shower. Geesh, I thought dogs were the only ones who didn't like baths. Mom says when you get old and have dementia you just don't want to shower. It's been 16 days. Mom said no shower, no cigarettes. You should have seen the fire spit out of Grandma's eyes. Grandma finally caved but she's not happy. She slammed the door into the bathroom right after Mom asked her not to slam it.

Poor Mom, this happens abuot every two weeks. Of course Mom won't sell Grandma, she was just venting. If she sold Grandma, who would throw my ball. I love when Grandma throws my ball. In the morning Grandma will be nice and sweet again.

Mom says if she ever gets cranky I should lick her ear. That always makes her giggle.



Dogster Rocks

July 18th 2012 10:56 am
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Dogster in their infinite wisdom has chosen me for a daily diary pick. What can I say. I am over the moon. Mom always says I have the gift of gab. My handsome mug can be found on the Community page today under diary picks. Mom is so proud. So is Priscilla but she's pretending it's no big deal.

Thanks Dogster. You made my day. I promise I won't get the big head.



Bad To The Bone

July 14th 2012 7:30 am
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Mom got lucky and found another collar just like the one she bought Priscilla last week. It's very soft and has that release button that we like. But the best part is that it defines my character - so says Priscilla. It says "bad to the bone" on it. It's a Harley Davidson collar - very cool. Prisilla has one exactly like it, but she says the words don't apply to her because she's so sweet - she says Mom bought it for her because it was so soft. She can fool Mom with her gooder than gold attitude but not me. I spend the most time with her, I've got her number.

Mom has another 3 day weekend. Yay! Auntie Chris and Uncle Mike came over to see us yesterday. Finally a guy who knows how to throw the ball. I'm surrounded by females all the time so it was nice to have another guy to hang with. Thanks Uncle Mike, I had a great visit with you.



I Didn't Melt

July 4th 2012 7:21 pm
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Is this a great Fourth of July or what. Cylla and I haven't heard any boomers yet today. Mom said it's too hot for people to be out today so it's nice and quiet.

It's 100 degrees today so Mom is only letting us out for potty breaks. She said I was so sweet she was afraid I would melt in the heat. Of course Cylla had a few remarks to make about that. You know how sisters can be. Then of course I had to say that maybe Cylla should stay out in the heat to melt off a few pounds. Then the fur flew, but no worries, I can run like the wind and quickly left the area. Mom said it was good I was so cute or I'd be in big trouble.

More heat for the rest of the week. We're laying low.

Hope all our friends have a safe and cool Holiday.



Where I Came From

May 28th 2012 7:28 am
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It was stormy last night and to take our minds off the thunder and lightning Mom told us a story of how Priscilla and I came to be in the family. We love Mom's stories.

Mom's two beloved dogs Callie and Raffles had just gone up to the Rainbow Bridge in the summer of 2008 two months apart. Mom was devastated. She still had Chewie the cat and Maleka (Husky) but as most Huskies are, she always wanted to be outside. By August Mom could not stand it anymore and needed some furry bodies to sleep with. Chewie liked to sleep on his own.

It has always been Mom's choice to adopt mixed breed dogs from the shelter. But she had such a wonderful experience with Raffles that she wanted to get another Boston Terrier. She looked for about a month with no luck at the shelters. So then she decided to sell her china cabinet and buy a Boston from a breeder. So I was essentially traded for a china cabinet. How cool is that?

Mom found a breeder in Wisconsin who just posted that she had a new litter of Boston's. And get this, they were born on October 24th. That is the birthday of Mom's Dad. Then she knew it was meant to be. She put down the non-refundable deposit and she would pick me up when I was 8 weeks old right before Christmas.

Well then wouldn't you know it, two days later someone told Mom about a five year old female Boston who needed a home. As Mom wanted to have two dogs to keep each other company while she worked she thought she would check this out. She met Priscilla, fell in love and took her home that very day. She settled in and Mom waited for my arrival. She told Priscilla that she was getting a Quigley for Christmas. Priscilla didn't know what the heck that was but was anticipating her Christmas present.

When Mom brought me home she was a little anxious as Priscilla was orginally a Katrina rescue and had two homes since then and she didn't really like other dogs. Mom held her breath when she introduced us. It went well. Priscilla didn't eat me and she took me under her wing and tried her best to teach me how to be a good dog.

So now it's Mom and the Bostonian's with Grandma and her cats upstairs.

Life is good.



Needs No Batteries

May 25th 2012 5:17 am
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Mom says my new motto is "Needs No Batteries". I would play catch 24/7 if I had someone to play with. I told Mom I need a little kid to play with. Alas we don't have that kind of neighborhood. But I have the next best thing. I have my Grandma. She comes down every day and throws my ball for me. Of course Mom does too, but she gets busy. Grandma smokes on our back porch so I have a captive audience. Lately it's been kinda of wet so when I bring Grandma my ball she doesn't want to touch it. Come on Grandma, what's a little dirt. Mom says this is the only exercise that Grandma gets so I'm determined to help her out.

Life is what you make it - Mom says I make it exciting.

Have a happy Memorial Day, I know I will. Mom has a 4 day weekend so we are stoked about that. Mom's pretty much a homebody so she hangs with us all the time. I'm resting up right now for the big weekend.



Mom and Me

April 15th 2012 1:38 pm
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I have Mom all to myself today. I'm in heaven. Cylla is at Banfield for her six month checkup and Grandma is sleeping all day so it's just me and Mom. Mom took me for a very long walk and then I helped her out in the garden. We dug up a new garden plot and transplanted hostas. Mom says I was very helpful in between chasing the ball. Mom did trick me. I had such a good time running through the gardens that I got my paws dirty and Mom washed them with the hose. Tricky Mom - but it was better than having a bath.

Now I'm sitting on Mom's lap as she's typing in my diary. Life is good.

I suppose all good things will come to an end. Mom will have to pick up Cylla at some point and then I'll take my nap.


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