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Where I Came From

May 28th 2012 7:28 am
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It was stormy last night and to take our minds off the thunder and lightning Mom told us a story of how Priscilla and I came to be in the family. We love Mom's stories.

Mom's two beloved dogs Callie and Raffles had just gone up to the Rainbow Bridge in the summer of 2008 two months apart. Mom was devastated. She still had Chewie the cat and Maleka (Husky) but as most Huskies are, she always wanted to be outside. By August Mom could not stand it anymore and needed some furry bodies to sleep with. Chewie liked to sleep on his own.

It has always been Mom's choice to adopt mixed breed dogs from the shelter. But she had such a wonderful experience with Raffles that she wanted to get another Boston Terrier. She looked for about a month with no luck at the shelters. So then she decided to sell her china cabinet and buy a Boston from a breeder. So I was essentially traded for a china cabinet. How cool is that?

Mom found a breeder in Wisconsin who just posted that she had a new litter of Boston's. And get this, they were born on October 24th. That is the birthday of Mom's Dad. Then she knew it was meant to be. She put down the non-refundable deposit and she would pick me up when I was 8 weeks old right before Christmas.

Well then wouldn't you know it, two days later someone told Mom about a five year old female Boston who needed a home. As Mom wanted to have two dogs to keep each other company while she worked she thought she would check this out. She met Priscilla, fell in love and took her home that very day. She settled in and Mom waited for my arrival. She told Priscilla that she was getting a Quigley for Christmas. Priscilla didn't know what the heck that was but was anticipating her Christmas present.

When Mom brought me home she was a little anxious as Priscilla was orginally a Katrina rescue and had two homes since then and she didn't really like other dogs. Mom held her breath when she introduced us. It went well. Priscilla didn't eat me and she took me under her wing and tried her best to teach me how to be a good dog.

So now it's Mom and the Bostonian's with Grandma and her cats upstairs.

Life is good.



Needs No Batteries

May 25th 2012 5:17 am
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Mom says my new motto is "Needs No Batteries". I would play catch 24/7 if I had someone to play with. I told Mom I need a little kid to play with. Alas we don't have that kind of neighborhood. But I have the next best thing. I have my Grandma. She comes down every day and throws my ball for me. Of course Mom does too, but she gets busy. Grandma smokes on our back porch so I have a captive audience. Lately it's been kinda of wet so when I bring Grandma my ball she doesn't want to touch it. Come on Grandma, what's a little dirt. Mom says this is the only exercise that Grandma gets so I'm determined to help her out.

Life is what you make it - Mom says I make it exciting.

Have a happy Memorial Day, I know I will. Mom has a 4 day weekend so we are stoked about that. Mom's pretty much a homebody so she hangs with us all the time. I'm resting up right now for the big weekend.



Mom and Me

April 15th 2012 1:38 pm
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I have Mom all to myself today. I'm in heaven. Cylla is at Banfield for her six month checkup and Grandma is sleeping all day so it's just me and Mom. Mom took me for a very long walk and then I helped her out in the garden. We dug up a new garden plot and transplanted hostas. Mom says I was very helpful in between chasing the ball. Mom did trick me. I had such a good time running through the gardens that I got my paws dirty and Mom washed them with the hose. Tricky Mom - but it was better than having a bath.

Now I'm sitting on Mom's lap as she's typing in my diary. Life is good.

I suppose all good things will come to an end. Mom will have to pick up Cylla at some point and then I'll take my nap.



I'm So Tired

April 6th 2012 6:40 pm
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What a day. I must have chased the ball a hundred times today. Mom was gardening today so we played all day. I had a captive audience. Then grandma came out so I had to help her exercise her arm.

Man I was pooped by 7:00 tonight. Mom has a 3 day weekend and my crazy uncle Jess is coming over on Easter afternoon. He loves to play with me. Mom thinks by Sunday night I won't be able to keep my head up past 6:00. I better rest up.



Thank the Lord for the Sunshine

February 11th 2012 7:27 am
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Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr city today. Zero degrees with a high expected of 12. Mom says this is a warm winter for us. Is she kidding. But, my friend Mr. Sunshine is here this morning. Mom made me a special spot on her desk right by her computer so I have the best of both worlds. Keeping an eye on Mom and Mr. Sunshine doing his thing on me. Is this a great life or what.

Priscilla had a vet appt. today but she decided it was too cold for her tushie to be out so she told Mom "no way". She's staying nice and warm and toasty inside.

I'm glad. I get lonely when Mom and Priscilla are gone. But don't tell them I said that. I have to protect my macho image.

Mom read me that story about the news lady getting bit by the dog. Sad story, now he is in jail for something dumb she and her owner did. The poor dog was traumatized by falling in the lake and almost drowning and thankfully rescued but then what did his owner do - brought him to the television station and put him in an unfamiliar situation with all those people and cameras. The news lady loves dogs and I think after viewing the video she will realize what she did. Mom says she had her hands on the dogs face a lot and then moved closer for a kiss. It was a pretty nerve wracking experience for the poor pooch and he got scared. Now he's being quarantined because his owner didn't have his rabies vac. up to date. Very sad story. I hope it ends well.

Well my friends, stay healthy and happy.



OMD - I had the bestest backrub

January 29th 2012 7:58 pm
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You guys, I just had the most amazing experience today. I sat still long enough for one of Mom's massages. I'm always on the go and have never let Mom give me one before. I loved it. Now I see how Priscilla puts up with me. Mom is always giving her massages. Pris says it's the only way she can handle staying calm around me.

Of course Priscilla never told me how wonderful they were before. She knew that would be less massages for her. She adores them. She said Mom gave her a deep tissue massage this morning when those two stayed in bed longer than me. She had this weird grin on her face and hung around Mom all day wanting more. Mom does have magic hands.

Mom says we have to give her a massage next weekend. Mom - we have no thumbs. Maybe we could just walk on Mom. Priscilla and I will have to come up with a plan.



2012 New Year New Rules

January 9th 2012 11:09 am
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I used to have the best time with Grandma. She'd go out on our porch and would throw the ball for me. Those days are over. Mom didn't realize that Grandma was smoking out there when she was playing with me and how close I was getting to Grandma's cigarette and the smoke. This weekend Grandma tried to blame little innocent me for burning a hole in her pants. Come on Grandma not nice. I saw you from the other side of the yard jump up when the ash hit your pants.

Mom said Grandma can play with me but not when she's smoking. And Grandma said I guess I can't play with him anymore. She's got that smoking thing really bad. Boy oh boy. What did I do to deserve that. Mom explained to me that Grandma has something called dementia and we have to change the rules to keep me safe and away from the smoke. New rules for Grandma too. Mom says she can't smoke unless she's there. Grandma is not happy.

Because we live in snow country we don't always get to play outside but Mom had found me a new playground. It's something called a "basement". I have been having so much fun down there with Mom. There's nothing like dirt under my toes out in the yard, but I guess I can survive until Spring in my new playground.

Mom says we are really lucky because the weather has been downright nice lately. In the 40's. In Minnesota. Unheard of.




I Was Just Trying To Help

December 4th 2011 10:24 am
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Mom has banished me me from the backyard when she's shoveling. Aw come on Mom I'm just trying to help. When I see that evil shovel in Mom's hand's I just go crazy. I attack it. Mom thinks it's funny for just a few minutes but I become obsessed and I attack nonstop. Then Mom loses her sense of humor and banishes me to the house so she can get the shoveling done.

Yeesh even big sister Priscilla gets in on the act and starts yelling at me and pushing me out of there. It's extremely hard being the protector of these two females and not getting any respect.



Woo Hoo I'm a Diary Pick

November 16th 2011 5:07 am
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Dogster in their infinite wisdom has made me a diary pick of the day. Now I know this must mean extra treats and I get to have my handsome face on the community page again. Does life get any better?

Yipee. I have to go tell Priscilla. Of course she'll want to share my extra treats. I'll have to think about that.



Mom Tried to Scare Us

November 12th 2011 6:38 am
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Yay, it's the weekend. Mom's home. We've already been fed and I'm raring to go but Mom is being pokey doing boring things like cleaning and laundry. What about playing ball Mom. You know I love to play ball. We let you sleep until 7:00 today - how good are we.

Then Mom did a weird thing right before her shower and made her face turn green and then it cracked. But this has happened before and I wasn't scared at all (this time). After her shower she was back to good old Mom. Priscilla and I wonder sometimes what the heck Mom is up to.

There's a rumor that my Aunt Robbie might come over today and bring a new friend to meet. Yay, another person to throw the ball for me.

Mr. Sun just came out and they say it might be 50-60 here in cold Minnesota. We're smiling about that.

Priscilla has to go to the vet this afternoon and I'll have the place to myself. It's a big responsibility but I'm up to the task. After all I am three now I should be able to feel brave all alone. You won't be gone long will you Mommy?


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