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I'm Honored Again - What Can I Say I'm a Blabber

January 6th 2013 7:58 am
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Thanks Dogster for making me a diary pick of the day. I bet my new pictures that Mom FINALLY put on my page drew their attention.

Cylla and I have been spoiled. Around the holidays Mom had a 4 and a 5 day weekend. Now we only had her for two days. Not fair.

We want to say a shout out to our Aunt Robbie on her Birthday today. Mom says it wouldn't be polite to say how old she is so I'll just be diplomatic and say "she's older than dirt". Was that okay Mom?

Ooops gotta run, Mom's been awfully quiet, I'd better go check on her and I've been looking for that elusive sunbeam. It was in the sewing room this morning but chubby Cyllas hogged it all. Oh it's back in the kitchen, gotta run.



Finally New Photos

December 29th 2012 5:39 pm
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I've haven't had new photos forever. Finally my grown up face is there. Geesh Mom, I'm four I have to look my age.

Hey hope all my pals had a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year. Mom has a five day weekend. Yipee.


I Just Found Out I'm A Lap Dog

December 17th 2012 7:17 pm
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I jumped up on Mom's lap while she was playing with that computer box and she showed me all kinds of videos with dogs that looked just like me. I couldn't believe some of the things they were saying to me. Mom said I was cocking my head back and forth. I told a few of them off and then settled down on Mom's lap and she gave me a back massage.

Why the heck didn't I do this before. It was heaven. I'll have to try that again sometime.

Mom says Cylla and I are butter butts tonight. She said we were being annoying. We keep talking to her but she just doesn't understand. You would think after 4 years she would finally pick up our language. But she's a good mom and has great hands so I think we'll forgive her shortcomings.



Road Trip

December 2nd 2012 8:00 am
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Man was I upset yesterday. Mom had the audacity to take Priscilla out on an adventure and didn't take handsome me. What the heck was that all about Mom.

They returned in about an hour or so and I had to check out Cylla's smells to see where she had been. Then I didn't feel so bad. She had vet smells on her. Not my favorite place. Cylla told me she had to go for her 8 week B12 shot, get a pedicure and a butt squeeze. Not my idea of a fun time.

Poor Cylla, usually the good part of enduring all that is that then Mom will take her to the park after her appointment. But, it was after 5:00 so it was too dark to go for walkies. She did lose 2 pounds but she's still overweight and she's been starving all the time.

Unfortunately Mom doesn't walk us regularly, because of problems with her knees. That would probably help Cylla's weight. Not a problem for me because I'm always on the go.

Mom said she is taking me for an adventure this afternoon - I ran and hid. Then she explained to me it wasn't to the vet, just to the groomer for a toe trim. I guess I can endure that if it means I get a walk in the park. But I'm going to be wary until we get there. Mom is tricky.

Oops gotta go - Gammy just came down to throw the ball for me.



Daily Diary Pick - I promise I won't get the big head

November 14th 2012 4:16 am
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Oh boy, Oh boy. Dogster picked me for a daily diary pick. I am over the moon. My handsome face on the community page all day. I'm so excited. Hoping I'll get some new pup pals once the ladies get sight of me.

No worries, I won't get the big head. My sister Priscilla will see to that.

Everyone have a fun day.



Mothers Can Be A lot of Work

November 10th 2012 5:47 am
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Yay it's the weekend. We see Mommy more.

Mom would love it if we would sleep in on the weekend and we do, but her version of sleeping in and ours is a tad different. Mom would like us to sleep until 6:30-7:00 and then get on with the day. Our version is get up at 5:00-5:30 have breakfast and then go back to sleep. Mom complains that once she's up she can't get back to sleep.

As Mom was turning off the lights last night she stubbed her toes on a metal stool and then she did a little dance. Mom is so funny. She said it hurt even when the covers touched her foot. We think her little toe is broken. Mommy is a klutz. Mommy did the same thing with the same foot and sprained her middle toe just a day ago. It's a Smurf toe now. Now she has 2 bad toes.

I even tried to help by kissing Mom's new broken toe last night to make it all better. Mom made an weird noise that scared me. Geez Mom I was just trying to help. Then Priscilla laid on Mom's toe. Mom made that weird noise again. We finally got to sleep.

I had to wake Mom up this morning because I urped on my favorite toy and wanted it cleaned off. Hey a guy has priorities. Mom got up and forgot she had hurt her toe. She remembered really quick. Maybe Mom should start wearing her shoes to bed.

Taking care of Mom is so exhausting, I'd better get in another nap.


Birthday Boy

October 24th 2012 9:00 pm
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Yay it was my birthday. I got this giantic steak from Riley. Mom made me share it with Priscilla.

Mom bought us new toys. At first I was offended and didn't realize why Priscilla got a new toy too - it wasn't her birthday. After she tried to steal mine, I figured out Mom's master plan. So now that we have decapitated both of them and hollowed out their bellies we are heading off to sleepy land.

It was a great Day. Dogster shouted out to me too. How great was that.


Thank you my mateys.

September 20th 2012 1:39 pm
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Thank you on behalf of my whole family to all my mates for sending us the pirate flags. They wereawesome.

We would have thanked you personally but Mom's computer died. It was over 8 years old so we are having the burial this weekend. She's hoping to get a new one this weekend.

Mom had to send my note from work at lunch time.

She misses her computer.

Mom's not very nerdy so it will be a bit of a struggle for her to get the new computer going and copy files. But with a little luck and help from yours truly we should have it going in no time.

Cooler weather makes me appreciate the big cuddly blankets we have.

3 day weekend ahead for Mom. Yipee - more time for her to play with me.



Grandma For Sale

July 29th 2012 5:32 pm
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Mom says we have to sell Grandma. Are we allowed to do that? Grandma has been real cranky this weekend. Tonight she's slamming doors. Just because Mom wants her to take a shower. Geesh, I thought dogs were the only ones who didn't like baths. Mom says when you get old and have dementia you just don't want to shower. It's been 16 days. Mom said no shower, no cigarettes. You should have seen the fire spit out of Grandma's eyes. Grandma finally caved but she's not happy. She slammed the door into the bathroom right after Mom asked her not to slam it.

Poor Mom, this happens abuot every two weeks. Of course Mom won't sell Grandma, she was just venting. If she sold Grandma, who would throw my ball. I love when Grandma throws my ball. In the morning Grandma will be nice and sweet again.

Mom says if she ever gets cranky I should lick her ear. That always makes her giggle.



Dogster Rocks

July 18th 2012 10:56 am
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Dogster in their infinite wisdom has chosen me for a daily diary pick. What can I say. I am over the moon. Mom always says I have the gift of gab. My handsome mug can be found on the Community page today under diary picks. Mom is so proud. So is Priscilla but she's pretending it's no big deal.

Thanks Dogster. You made my day. I promise I won't get the big head.


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