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Giggles from Quiggles

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Life Is Good

April 15th 2016 6:12 pm
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Mom retired in March. No more working. Yay for Mom and us. She's home with us every day. Priscilla and I are so excited. We get to go outside any time we want to. It's fabulous. Of course Mom does tire us out a lot especially me, her Velcro buddy. I always have to see if she want to play catch.

We do let Mom go out on errands and stuff but no more all day trips.

It took us awhile to realize Mom wasn't getting up at 5:00 AM to feed us, but now we have a routine. We usually let her sleep until 6:30-7:00. Are we good or what.

Living the Dream.


Happy New Year

January 1st 2016 7:52 am
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Happy New Year my friends. It's been ages since Mom let me post a diary entry. Check out my new photo too.

I had an embarrassing morning. I think Mom thinks I'm fat. She was cleaning out our sweater drawer and thought I was a little too big for my blue hoody. She thought she might donate it to some other little dog in our frozen tundra we call Minnesota. So I had to try it on one more time just to make sure it didn't fit me. Well the first leg went in okay and then the other leg had a mind of its own and went through the neck hole and I got stuck and panicked. Mom could not get it off me and I was hopping around like I was on hot coals. Priscilla came to see what all the commotion was, but said it was just me being weird again and went and laid down. So Mom didn't want to do it but she had to cut it off me. I was free, I was free. Now Mom said it will be her favorite rag. Whew, I thought I was a goner. Hope your year starts out better than mine. But, I did get sweet potato snack for my ordeal. This is day 2 of Mom's 4 days off so life is good. A little cold for my taste but Mom keeps us snuggly warm inside.

And bonus later - Mom is washing the flannels sheets and we'll get to snuggle in them later.

Toodles - Quigley


Prayers Needed

September 26th 2015 6:12 pm
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We just heard that Jerry in Cyprus has gone to the bridge. Please send prayers for Jerry's family. She was much loved.

Our Mom just old us that she is retiring in 5 months and she'll be home with us all the time. We can't wait. Hope we can keep up with her without our daily naps. I'll be 7 next month and Cylla will be 12 so Mom is so glad that we'll be able to go outside any time we want and not wait for her to come home. Life is good.


What's All The Fuss

July 5th 2015 7:00 am
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This has been a great weekend. Mom is home for 3 days. Yay! Sister Cylla had a bad night. The fireworks bother her. Not me. I guess I'm just too tough of a hombre to have that bother me.

I'm glad I don't have to wear that thunder shirt that Cylla wears. It might ride up in the wrong place if you catch my drift. Mom is glad too. She says I've never mastered the lift your leg and pee thing. I must have missed that in the "guide for boy dogs" book. If I wore that she said she'd have to continuously wash it. Come on Mom. Do you have nothing better to do than watch me pee.

But she's a pretty good Mom, I guess I'll keep her.

Resting up now for another busy day of catching the ball, frisbee, whatever. It's a tough job but someone had to keep Mom from being bored.

Was that the door? Gotta run, balls to catch, bugs to chase.


Busy Bee

May 10th 2015 8:40 pm
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Wow, just realized I haven't made a diary entry this year. Shame on me.

Happy Mother's Day to all of my friends Moms.

We lost our Gammie the end of January. Mom was very sad. She broke her hip in September and never got to come back to us. Had to go to a safer place but in January she went to be an Angel. I miss her bunches, she always played catch with me. Threw like a girl but it gave her some exercise.

So it's lonesome days. Gammie's two cats didn't want to come down and live with us. I think we're too rowdy. Mom tried to find them a great home, but sadly no one wanted to take in two 16 year old cats. Then the black kitty got sick and went to heaven to be with Gammie so just the white kitty was left. So we are now cohabitating. She lives in the west wing and Cylla and I live in the East wing. It's working. Mom hopes one day she will be able to take down gates.

So my friends, have a fun week. Hope we don't get the dreaded "snow".



Best Day Ever - Laundry Day

December 28th 2014 8:51 am
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Well, the green grass was short lived. Snow is on the ground again - about 3 inches and it's cold again. But the good news is that Mom just washed the flannel bed sheets and blanket. Mom has me all wrapped up in the bed sheet and Priscilla glommed on to the blanket. We are nice and toasty and ....... there's another load in the dryer for later. Can life get any better than this in Minnesota?

Kitties got a reprieve. The vet canceled their visit yesterday because she had emergency surgeries. So it's been postponed until next week. Mom was glad, she wasn't looking forward to it. So the cats will still like her this week.

This is the last day of Mom being home 5 days. It's been heaven, but we are tired. Following Mom around all day to make sure she doesn't get in trouble takes a lot out of a little guy like me.

New year is approaching fast. Mom sure hopes it will be a better year. But Mom doesn't have to worry, because when things get tough I'm always ready to lick her ear and make her feel better.


Santa Gave Me The Best Present

December 26th 2014 5:19 am
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For the holiday - Mom is home for 5 days. Is that the best present ever or what. She goes to see Gammie once a day, but most of the time she's here with us. We love that she's a homebody.

Of course Santa brought me something else - because I've been such a good boy. It was a squeaky ball wrapped in felt and it looked like a bow tie. Love it. Of course when Priscilla heard that it had a squeaker in it she tried to steal it from me. That was not happening. I am tenacious about my toys. I might be smaller than her but I have the fiercest growl. I won.

And the caveat on the whole weekend is that all the snow has melted and Mom doesn't have to tell me not to eat the yellow snow, whatever that is. Can dogs even see yellow.

Mom is trying to find a home for Gammie's cats. They are 15. This is very tough on Mom because they are part of her family. But Mom says we wouldn't play nice with them so we can't cohabitate. She has tried, and tried. The cats call us Boston Terrors. So today Mom is taking them to the vet to update vaccines. She's not looking forward to that. They haven't been out of the house for 4 years. She thinks all the trust she has built up with them for the past 3 months will evaporate.

Hope all my friends had the best time over the holidays.



I Miss Gammie

November 27th 2014 9:06 am
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Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends.

Mom is strict with our diet because Priscilla has irritable bowel syndrome. But why do I have to suffer. I have to eat the same hyperallergenic diet as her. And boy is it expensive. But Mom is afraid if she gives something different to me Miss P will bowl me over and snitch some. She seems sweet, but I know she would do that. So anyway, I think Mom might slip me some chicken on the sly today. That would be heavenly.

Our Gammie fell and broke her hip two months ago and 3 weeks after that fall she fell again in rehab and broke her other hip. Couple that with her dementia and sadly she can't move back upstairs. She's now at a place that will help her heal and be safe. The bad part is we can't see her anymore. Gammie used to come down almost every day and play catch with me. I miss that. And her poor kitties. They are living upstairs by themselves until Mom can figure out the best place for them. They are both 15. Mom feeds them twice a day and spends about an hour with them every day but they are so lonely. Mom was hoping they could live with Gammie at her new place but now Mom thinks it is too small and because Gammie is still using a walker they might cause her to fall again. Mom is so sad about this. They can't come and live with us because we are home alone during the day and I think we would terrorize them. Mom has some work to do upstairs before she can rent the upstairs out again so there is still time for a miracle.

It's so cold today - 4 below and only warming up to 10 by this afternoon. Coldest Thanksgiving in Minnesota in decades. But it is sunny which is something. I see the sun and think I can go outside and run around a bit, but as soon as my tush gets cold I need to come back in.

Have a great day my friends and stay warm.



70 and Sunny today - Mother Nature's gift for my birthday - Yay

October 24th 2014 4:19 am
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Hey Guys, long time no write. It has been a busy summer. Today is my birthday. Now that I am 6 I thought I'd better get back in the swing of things and not just catch the ball, catch the ball, catch the ball.

Who am I kidding. I'm always going to be a puppy. But I'm very saddened because my Grammie who lived upstairs and played with me almost every night can no longer live with us. Grammie fell and broke her hip over a month ago and then while in rehab fell and broke her other hip just 2 weeks ago. Poor Grammie. So Mom gave us the sad news yesterday that she would not be coming back here. Because Mom works Grammie has to go live in a memory care unit where she will be safe.

Mom visits her every night after work so Priscilla is more than a little upset that our dinner is later than usual. You know that girl and her stomach.

Mom's biggest concern is to find a great place for Mom and she doesn't know what to do with her two 15 year old cats. Mom would love to have them live with us but Priscilla has an issue with that and we scare the bejezzers out of them. They are way laid back.

Have a fun day - I bet Mom is going to get me a new ball.


Mom Says I Don't Know How Lucky I Am

June 8th 2014 1:52 pm
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What a beautiful day. The sun is shining on us and Mom is home all day.

Mom was cutting the grass out front and a car parked in front of the house had 3 cats in it. It's kind of a warm day and there was a litter box and food in the back and it was parked under a shady tree and the windows were partly open and Mom checked and it wasn't hot in there but it didn't look like there was much water in the bowl. The cats did not look like they were in distress but Mom was still concerned. This car had never parked here before. There was a woman cleaning up a yard across the street for someone so Mom thought she might be the owner of the car. Mom really doesn't like to interfere but when it's critters she does. It was the woman's car and she thanked Mom for coming to talk to her rather than calling someone on her. She said she was watching for when the sun came out. Mom told her she was just a little concerned because it didn't look like there was much water in the bowl. It turns out the woman didn't want to put too much water in the bowl because it might leak into the cage below with the guinea pig in there. Then she told Mom they were all living in the car right now. That is very sad.

Mom told us we should thank our lucky stars that we are well fed and looked after. It would be horrible living in a car. We will pray that their situation changes.

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