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What Does "No" Mean??

All Day With Mom & Dad!

December 26th 2008 4:12 pm
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I don't know why, but yesterday Mom & Dad were home all day long! That's nice. I didn't have to go to my bed. That makes me sad for a while. A little while after Dad got up, he gave me & Seven these GIANT bones to chew on! He looked very happy. There was one for each of us, but I wanted the one Seven was chewin' on. She started chewin' the other one & I wanted that one too! We settled in our chewspot with an end for each of us. Sometimes Seven would tug it away from me & I'd yell at her.
I figgered somethin' out this mornin'! Mom was puttin' on outside fur. And cloppy things on her feets. I knew she was gonna leave! This made me sad. I like Mom. But Dad's spendin' all day with us, so I can't be too sad. I'll be happy when Mom comes home. She smiles a lot when Seven & me say hi to her when she comes home from being away for the longtime.


Busy Days!

December 24th 2008 12:58 pm
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Sometimes I want to run around outside for a long time like normal, but it's too cold. Mom & Dad have started putting goop on my pads because they're cracking. I don't mind 'em, but my humans just want to fuss over us. I keep tryin' to make friends with all of the cats. Fred's just a meanie. He won't even let me near. He's fun to tease, though. :) Ricky sometimes lets me get near him, but I'm still to scared to try to give him kisses. Sometimes he swats @ me still. I think sometimes he's playing, but I can't ever tell! Sam lets me give him lots of kisses! Mom makes me stop after a while, though. I think she worries that Sam'll get fed up & hurt me. I keep getting smelly icks in my ears & Dad keeps cleaning them! I don't like to hold still while he does it. I'm gettin' almost as big as Seven & I get so worked up just 'cause she's there. I yell @ her a lot. Mom & Dad don't like my barking. Well, I guess they don't mind for a while, but then they tell me "stop" & "uh-uh" & "enough". I don't know what this means & I really don't listen, 'cause I'm talkin' to Seven. I've been playin' more with Mom & Dad, along with Seven. When I'm sleepy, I have to cuddle up close to whoever's nearby. If they move away, I scooch on over to cuddle again.


I Have So Much To Say!

December 18th 2008 5:27 pm
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Dad got up before the sun did. When he left the sleep room, I got sad. I got off of the bed & cried @ the door 'til Mom let me out. Seven came with me. Later Dad went back into the sleep room & we girls came too. Mom was still sleepin'. Then Dad left the sleep room again! Without me! I was on the bed with Mom, but I cried a bit. Mom petted me & told me to be quiet & go to sleep. I tried, but I heard the big door close. This made me sad so I cried again. Mom petted me some more & I went back to sleep. When the sun was up, Mom sat up. Seven jumped up & went to the door. She was happy to see Mom up. I was comfy. I didn't want to get up. Mom went out of the sleep room but I stayed on the bed. She closed the door! A couple of minutes later, she opened it again & I ran out! I followed her until she sat down. She wasn't doing anything fun. I went to the warm little room. Sam was there. He let me sit behind the door. I like Sam. He's nicer than the other boys. Those big boys can be scary. Later I went outside with Seven. She plays rough when we're outside. She's always knocking me over. I know she's only playing, though. When we came inside, we played some more. Sometimes she makes me mad & I yell at her. I yell at her a lot. Then I hopped on Mom & tried to kiss her & tug on her head fur. This makes her laugh. I like to make Mom laugh. Then Sam came out. Seven & I were so excited to see him, we wanted to play with him! But he went behind the couch. Seven can't go behind the couch, but I can & I tried to make him come out. He didn't want to & made scary noises until I went away. Then I tried to chew on the firewood & Mom made the "uh-uh" noise. I don't like that noise. I tried to chew on the papers that make the fire & Mom made the "uh-uh" noise again. What CAN I chew on? There's lots of toys around, but I've chewed on THOSE before! Mom went into the little room & I took my chance to chew on a little cord. Sometimes Dad puts his little talkie thing on this cord. Now it's in little pieces. It was fun to chew on. When Mom came out & saw that it was chewed on, she said "Oh, no! How sad!" & she looked very unhappy. I don't really understand, but I don't like Mom unhappy. Seven REALLY doesn't like Mom unhappy. She got on the couch & put her ears down. I don't ever do that. Then I went to get treats out of the litter box. Mom got sad again. Now she won't let me kiss her. I do lots of stuff that make Mom & Dad upset. I know that when I come to them when they tell me to it makes them happy. I learned that sitting down makes them happy & I get treats! I learned that if I put something down when they make the "uh-uh" sound it makes them happy. But all of these things are so fun to put my mouth on! Maybe soon I'll learn how Seven doesn't get "uh-uh" noises...

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