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Life with the Dugans

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SO SO sad

January 19th 2014 11:54 am
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Well we are all so sad. SOOOO sad. Dogster has grown and grown and it’s too big for it’s britches and now there are no britches to hold Dogster. So it’s ending. Over. Kaput. Done.

We’re really sad. Mama says we’re going to have to move to the book of faces with her. There’s a COOL person there named ‘Stone Gang’ who is keeping a list of all the Moms and Dads of Dogster dogs so we can find them on that book of faces. Mama is working on asking for more Dogster furrends today. She’s almost done with the A’s.

Find our furrends, Mama!! Get on the book of faces, dogs! We will prevail! Message us for our book of faces name! Or look on Stone Gang’s page! We’re there! Be there or be SQUARE!



April 19th 2011 7:44 am
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Hello all! Long time no type!! It's tough to get to computers with typing abilities up here at the bridge - it's a tough compromise!

Squirrels, or type? Squirrels and play, or type? You see where this is going!

My Mama and Daddy talked to an ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR last week! We got to connect! Mama knows I'm around, but they wanted to hear it with their own ears!

I visit a LOT, and Joey knows it! I'm happy Joey still lives with Mama and Daddy. I miss her, but we visit a lot! I like to hang out at the bottom of the stairs - it gives me a good view of everything!

I told the communicator that I don't have pain, and that I was sick in my intestines with infection. I told her we said goodbye before I had to come to the bridge.

I don't know what's up with Frank - he sure is a piece of work! BOL! He's a little neurotic, I try to help calm him but he's his own master! BOL!

I have a JOB up here! I'm such a sweet-head, as we all know... My job is to help other animals without pawrents pass over to the bridge here! I'm kinda like the welcome wagon and help them adjust and understand what's going on.

I am a happy sweet girl, and again, spend a lot of my non-working hours here at the house. I smile a lot.

Mama was blubbery and Daddy even teared up too! We all sure miss each other, but this connection was REALLY COOL!!

I love all y'all! I'm kinda like Mother Earth, except, uh, Mother Rainbow Bridge! BOL! It's a good role for me!

Love love love, and peace to you all!


Holy cow!

June 5th 2010 3:52 pm
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I didn't know I could be diary of the day all the way from the Rainbow Bridge!!! BOL!!! I'm treated like a queen up here already, but now I'm REALLY the star!!

It has been four weeks and one day since I've been up here. Is that a month? I have made some GRRRREAT furrends and am having a wonderful time! It may have been a month, but it feels like just a few days!!

I got into Frankie and had him play 'got your nose' with Daddy! One of our favorite games! Frankie got 'em alright! I forgot Frankie hasn't got 'gentle' down yet and Daddy kinda looks like he hit pavement on his nose! BOL! Love ya, Daddy! Mommy too!!

NOT ONLY am I the pick, my bestest buddy Saphira is a diary pick too!!!!! That's like winning the lottery! Saphira is a GRRRRREAT dog and furrend! She's VERY pretty too! Here's her Dogster page if you wanna see her! I recommend!

Thanks to everyone for my congrats and rosettes! I really have the best of both worlds now! Love you and miss you all, I'm looking down on you lovingly and will see you all again!


I just wanna say...

June 1st 2010 12:25 pm
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I just wanna say a great big THANK YOU for the warm welcomes here at the Bridge! I have so many new doggie furrends, I can't even count! One even showed me how to get online!! BOL!! I really appreciate the love and thoughtfulness of my furrends both on the earth and at the Bridge with me. Thanks for the gifts, the candles, the rainbows, and the FOOD! Did you know I can still eat my Memorial Day BBQ here at the bridge? Thanks everyone for all the hot dogs and burgers and ice cream and watermelon!! I'm a stuffed and happy dog! I shared my gifts with my furrends too, food is better with furrends!

I led Mommy and Daddy to Frank, their new addition. Did you know his birthday is just 10 days after mine? He's an Aries too! That's NO coincidence! He's pretty young, but I'm suspecting he's also a plush coat - again like ME! I can't be replaced, but they made the right choice with Frankie. I'm happy for them. I just wish Joey would loosen up! BOL! She will, with time.

I'm off to sunbathe now, I'm kinda like a reptile that way, I eat, then need to lie on a warm rock! BOL!


We lost our Ulli today

May 7th 2010 7:36 pm
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Hi y'all. It's Joey. I have a sad thing to tell you.

Ulli went to the Rainbow Bridge today. She was held by Mommy and Daddy when she left.

They went to a specialist about her butt. It's a German Shepherd thing, bred out in the 80's. It's called 'Pizza Butt' and hers was the worst it could be. The doc said it sounded like she had it forever. There was nothing they could do. Surgery wouldn't work, the prognosis was 'poor'. The official name for it was 'perianal fistulas'. Boo.

She had been hurting for longer than we knew. The doc also said the dogs who have this are really mean. I'd be mean too if my bootie was perforating and infected. :(

Ulli is high up in the sky. She is pooping like me now - like a champ! She's with her friend Lily, her mama Greta (who no doubt held her down first thing and washed her face!), my mama Morgan, Tipper.... We know she is relieved. It was a hard life.

Please think of us and send us peace. We appreciate all the support we've gotten from you all more than you know.

Love love love love love love love forever.



May 6th 2010 9:49 am
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I know that thanks to my furrends thoughts and prayers I have DODGED a terminal illness!!!

The biopsy results came in today, the doctor said it just showed a really bad infection, an ulcerated something in my rectal area. He said due to the location and severity of the infection it will be a long road to recovery, so please keep praying for me!

Despite this turn of events, I'm still pretty sick and expecting just as much TLC from Mom and Dad as when they thought I was a goner.

Joey has been a wonderful supportive sister through all this. She's only stepped on my rump once. She has taken over as protector of the house, even though I think I'm still able! I haven't lost my voice!!


and a great big thanks to my beautiful buddy Saphira, my Prayer Warrior!!



May 5th 2010 11:28 am
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Let me go ahead and tell you, if you get your bootie cut open, get some pain pills! Okay?! I have a generic Rimadyl I've been taking, but c'mon! It's my poop chute!

Mama called the doctor this morning as soon as they opened and asked for something strong for pain. Thanks, Mama! I've been a little restless and haven't gone potty for 24 hours. Mom and I are just hanging out, cuddling on the bed. I require her full attention.

Daddy went to town and got my additional med, Tramadol! I got it 30 minutes ago and Mama says if I fall asleep maybe she can read or something. She's a good nurse, Mama. I want to catch up on all my Dogster furrends now! It's the purrfect opportunity!

On the upside, I have a GREAT appetite! I'm hungry! Gimme food! Gimme hot dogs! Yum yum!

We're all wondering, how often is a 'mass' (or tumor, we're guessing), not spreading and bad? Seems bad. Keep your paws crossed!!



Good news first, bad news second!

May 4th 2010 12:40 pm
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Hello my doggie furrends!

Boy, have I had adventures lately! Whew! I’m happy to report that Mama is mine-all-mine! She says she’s a full time student, but I know it really means she’s full-time-mine! BOL!!

On the training front, after meeting my super dooper mentor, Charlie, I have made some real improvements! Just a few specific tips really help! Who knew? I participated in knit night last Friday, I fell asleep with my head on Mama’s lap and then dozed in my crate! Altogether I spent about 4 hours downstairs with Mama and her knitting furrend! Everyone was super amazed!

On the poopie side, I had what they thought was rectal polyps biopsied yesterday. They had to put me to sleep and shave around my poopie hole. It turns out I have two masses on either side of my rectum obstructing my poop! So THAT’S what must have happened when I got all constipated!

The biopsy results should be in by the end of the week. Mama thinks I’m terminal and Daddy is trying to wish it away. I guess they balance each other out! Mama says they just want me to be comfy. We do think it has been slow growing since I have walk/pooped for a long time – obviously compensating for the smooshed rectum!

Needless to say, with stitches in my bootie Mama AND Daddy are waiting on me foot and paw!

I promise I will be on Dogster more now, I can’t wait to ‘catch up’ with all my buddies! I’ll keep ya posted!


HELP! I need somebody, HELP, not just anybody, HELP...

April 13th 2010 7:08 pm
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Guess what everyone? My mama says she found a real good dog trainer / behaviorist who might be able to help me! She says he will help me for sure, he has a 100% success track record! Before y'all think we're buying into something weird, she has checked her sources!

Friday I have a 'consultation' where I meet this guy. If I'm lucky I get to go live with him in July for a week or so. Eek! I'm so excited! My pawrents have been trying so hard, but they just can't seem to make me okay with other people and animals.

Mama even says he does a LOT of therapy work - she wanted us to be therapy dogs to begin with! Am I going to go from being a scaredy cat to a therapy dog? Oh, just imagine it!

Mama has 2.5 weeks left of her job and says she has a lot of grand ideas of doing therapy work. She says that when I'm done, it's Joey's turn! Joey would make a good therapy dog, she's a smiley clown! BOL!

I'm kinda nervous to meet him but Mama says it will be good. What will I do? There's no telling!

I'll keep y'all posted! Happy noises!!!



April 3rd 2010 3:06 pm
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Pfffft. No knit nights for me! Mama says I did pretty well at knit night, the time I was there. I was attached to her belt with a 1 foot leash and had my muzzle on. I barked a great majority of the time for about 30 minutes. Mom said before she got frazzled it was time to use Plan B. She put me in a crate in the garage! I sure was more calm there, but I did bark to let them know I was still there! BOL!!!

Mama said maybe that was too fast for me. Considering I'm afraid of PEOPLE, not only was the guest a people, she was also in MY HOUSE!

Daddy is frustrated but both Mom and Dad are excited. 4 weeks and Mommy says the ONLY option is for me to be rehabilitated. She says as much as I want to be a junkyard dog, she won't let me. She says they don't sleep on nice beds with people at night. I'm far to snugly to give that up!!

Mom says I'm so pretty and sweet, one day, SOON-ish, I will be able to be appreciated by other people and doggies too. It's like a life change!

I wonder if I'll get a graduation cap? Or a graduation present? Hmmm..... :)

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