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Life with the Dugans

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April 7th 2011 6:45 pm
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We all have our own hunting methods. They're as different as personalities!

I am a patient, quiet hunter. I am the White American Shepherd. We know how to hunt, like professional style. I try to tell the boys this, but they get so excited they can't contain themselves.

I can sit and watch and wait for HOURS. HOURS.

Buddha is also patient and still, but he'll get caught up in the moment and whine and cry like a little baby! SHHH! You're giving away your position! Then he'll be quiet and still again, stealthily following squirrel movements with me!

Frank, oh Frankie-poo. He wants to play with that squirrel. He wants to talk to it and play tag. Oh, sweet Frank. He barks and yells and talks and jumps. THAT isn't going to get you anywhere, Frank! Unless you're trying to make furrends!

BUDDHA GOT THE SQUIRREL! How did THAT happen?!?! That squirrel obviously does NOT make very good decisions!

Then we had to go inside. Frank and I played SQUIRREL! I got to be the squirrel and laughed and taunted Frankie, like the squirrel had done to us ALL DAY TODAY!

It was FUN!! Let's eat, I've worked up an appetite!!!!


Boys will be boys

April 4th 2011 6:58 am
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Am I the ONLY calm, mature female dog in this house?

Oh wait, I am! That question was really for effect, but now I realize the harsh truth.

These boy dogs just wanna play play play! Play and tumble and nibble and they want everything I have! Sheesh! They wear me out!

I just wanted to take a nap in the sunshine!

Boys boys boys. All young and frisky! They want to play play play!

I'm going to try to retreat to my comfy Mama bed for a morning nap, wish me luck!


I'm a princess!

March 12th 2011 7:16 am
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I'm ALWAYS a princess, but now I'm a clean one!

I REALLY REALLY REALLY didn't want a bath.

Daddy carried me in the bathroom and I did this move I saw on TV - I stuck out my bottom legs and caught the door frame with my feet! It's a cat maneuver, but I was desperate!

Because I'm white I get washed TWICE. Oh, dog help me. Mama sung to me and I sung with her.

Luckily it was over kinda fast and we were DONE!

This morning I feel like a queen! Royalty! I got brushed and I'm so soft and lovely, I'm even walking more like my royal self! Oh, it's been so long!

Mama says if I roll in the dirt today she's gonna... oh, I can't tell, but it's bad! No rolling in dirt for me! Okay Mama, I'll try to remember! BOL!


Doggie PINKEYE!!!

March 3rd 2011 10:04 pm
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I have doggie pinkeye!!

Mama noticed I was a little squinty. I told her it was 'talk like a pirate' day and my pirate accent is awful! So I needed me an eye patch to look like a pirate instead!

I got a first class trip to the dogtor! She put this cool glowy stuff in my eyes and said doggie pinkeye is the rage around here! Everyone's got it! No surprise, my paw is on the pulse of the trend!

The dogtor said I was the (are you ready for this?) MOST POLITE dog she's EVER met!! That's the way I take treats, anyway. Mama said that was a BIG BIG compliment, because she sees dogs all day long for her job!!

I'm a delicate flower.

This doggie pinkeye thing is SOOPER contagious! You don't even have to have eye-to-eye contact to catch it! A dog can sniff a plant, leave some goop, I sniff a plant, and POOF!! I have pinkeye!

Frank and Buddha are already exposed. Too late, suckers!! Mama noticed Frank had some bigger eye boogers, but nothing that looked like infection!

You know, I think what would help would be those eyedrops and MORE TUNA with our food. Vitamins! Protein! Good for healing! The immune system! I NEED SEAFOOD!!!

(Think they'll buy it?)


Have you ever played BALL???

February 1st 2011 8:42 am
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Guess what Frank taught me? He taught me how to play ball! The ball is like a little yellow round squirrel, bouncing away from me!

I've started chasing after it! I bat it with my feet, like a cat! Yeah, I have cat-like reflexes.

The funny part is that for the past two years I've been SCARED STIFF of the ball! Balls start moving and I run away! Eeeeee!

When the ball comes at me I squeeze my eyes closed and open and close my mouth! When I hear it has landed I peek and go after it!

I've learned that it's VERY FUNNY if I get close to Mama holding the ball, but run away from her! I'm sneaky like that! I don't fetch, but I like chasing the little round yellow bouncy squirrels!


I got my Frankie back!

January 26th 2011 5:00 pm
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Frank came home! He looked WEIRD! He was wearin' a weird thing around his neck, and his eyes are REALLY DROOPY! Like, REALLY! He's sleepy!

I was very careful and sniffed all over. Mmm-hmmm, mmm-hmmm, oh! The vet... Mmmm-hmmmm...

Oh Frank! You've been through so much!

We all sat in front of his crate for hours when he got home, making sure he was breathin' and so he knew we were RIGHT HERE.

Frank is gonna need some TLC! Does this mean we get treats too? When do the treats start? Tomorrow maybe? Maybe? Maybe... yes?


Where's Frankie?

January 26th 2011 9:34 am
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Where did Frankie go?

Mama and a sleepy Frankie (I think he was DRUGGED!!) left this morning, and Mama came back ALONE!

Where is Frankie? What did you do with him? Did you get him put down? Did you give him to the ZOO??? Is he having fun without us?

I'll pace the house and sniff sniff everything to see if I can find CLUES.

Mama says he'll be home in a few short hours. What is he DOING? Where is he? Is he okay? This makes me a wee bit nervous!


Treats are comin', do-dah, do-dah!

January 25th 2011 2:54 pm
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Frank is getting all manly on us! It's weird! He's playing harder and even trying to take Buddha's spot in the pecking order around here! I kind of like it, because something about Buddha sometimes makes me nervous. But I'm a nervous girl.

The good news? Tomorrow we ALL get yummy treats! If one of us has surgery, than EVERYONE gets treaties! NOM NOM NOM!! I'm so excited!!!! Treat time yet? Now? Now? Almost? Now?


Squirrel or cheese?

January 24th 2011 4:34 pm
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Squirrel or cheese?

Squirrel or cheese?

It may seem like a very difficult decision, however the cheese is USUALLY in the house. The squirrel is only SOMETIMES in the tree.

I choose squirrel!!


Winter Treats!

January 11th 2011 3:03 pm
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There are treats for poopie-eating dogs that are only available in the winter time!

I think they should be available year-round, so if Dogster gets up a demand, maybe we can open a market for it!

First, YELLOW SNOW! Nom nom nom! That is SUCH a GREAT treat! It's a yellow snowcone!

How fun is THAT? I am overwhelmed with the newness and happiness of it all!

Second, frozen poopie-pops! I've been eating sticks with Frank, and poopie-pops look a lot like sticks from a distance to the Mommy! Not only are they delicious, they are a frozen treat that looks normal! Nom nom nom!

Maybe if I'm good Mama will freeze some poopie for me in the summer. Oh wait, she just saw that, and she said NO! Maybe frozen bones, frozen cheese, frozen broth, but NOT frozen poopie! Spoil sport!

Oh well, I will enjoy winter as much as possible while I can! Who wants to play outside before Mama picks up poopie? MEEEE!

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