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Life with the Dugans

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January 1st 2012 5:34 pm
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Hoppy hoppy new year efurryone!

We are SO HAPPY to bring in the new year with DADDY-O!!!


We're SO HAPPY he's home!!!!

First thing he did was fix my computer! Oh, how I missed dog blogs! Blogging and reading both!

We've been in 'survival mode' for the past several months!




It might take awhile to catch up, but we'll DO IT! Onward and forward! Yay for 2012!!!


New routine!

August 3rd 2011 6:55 pm
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I have a new routine! I really like it!

In the mornings I walk with Mama and Buddha a mile, then I walk with Mama and Frankie for 2-3 miles! That makes for a VERY HAPPY JOEY!

We do the same thing in the evenings too!! It's GRRRREAT!

My Uncle Seth has come to stay with us and he has a CAT but she's away from us by a door. Sure smells interesting though!

I like Uncle Seth! I was really missing Daddy and thought what we needed around here was a little more testosterone! More men!

Now that the ratio of boys to girls is 3:2 again, I'm happy! Uncle Seth is interesting and he gives me treats sometimes!



July 26th 2011 3:18 pm
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What did Mama do with him???

Yesterday they left and came home smelling like medicine. EW! They also brought us treats!

Good Mommy! Good Frankie!

TODAY Mama left with him and then CAME HOME ALONE!


Mama says he's gone to a better place.


Mama says don't panic. He'll be home tonight.

She is 'opening his world'. He went to doggie daycare to meet furrends and get stimulation!


What will he smell like when he gets home?

I feel better now. Frankie is having fun. Naptime!


Words of wisdom

July 21st 2011 8:49 pm
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Did you pups know that instead of going outside to poopie and pee when the dog sitter comes, you can just GO IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME?


It's amazing! I feel like a newborn puppy for not realizing it sooner! Silly me!

Why go out in the heat? That's no good, we're wearing fur coats!

Evefurryone, know it! Do it! Embody the spirit of control and comfort! Go potty IN THE HOUSE, far away from your bedroom so you don't have to smell it!


Large and in charge!

July 5th 2011 4:03 pm
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I'm the boss! Since Daddy's gone for a while I have to work harder at keeping things in order around here! I must keep a VERY close eye AND short leash on Buddha - he's the only one of the two boys who listens to me!

That way if Buddha is too excited, I'll set him straight. Don't get too excited! If Frank gets too excited, I set Buddha straight. Don't let him get you excited, Buddha!

Frank WON'T listen to me! I TRY to tell him, but he puts on that 'dummy' face and then sits on me!

Frank is the master of denial! Ignorance is bliss! I think he's coming around with age, but he's got a long way to go!

Until then, I have everything under control! Mama thinks I'm a little harsh sometimes, but I know what I'm doing! I know what these boys need to keep them out of trouble! I was a puppy once too, and had little brothers!


I'm a goddess!

July 3rd 2011 6:40 pm
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I'm a goddess!

I knew it, Mama knew it, we all really knew it, but today I PROVED IT!

Ya know HOW?!


Well, I scampered across the solar cover of the pool this afternoon! Scamper scamper scamper!

I didn't even get very wet! Just, you know, the bottom of me and my tail!

Mama was of course outside supervising and saw the end of it. She said I can thank Daddy for getting a fancy solar cover that is thick! But the ONLY way I was able to do that was because I'M A GODDESS!

Please send treats, small squeaky toys, and any other tithes to my manager, Mama. Thanks!

(Mama says goddesses need baths. HAH! How could you THINK that?!)


Mama Undercover!!

June 9th 2011 9:14 am
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Do you know what my Mama did today? First she took me to the grocery and I guarded the car while she got EGGS and CHEESE! Nom!!

THEN I got to go to the vet with Frank! For moral support, you know. He had to get his heartworm test! He's a real freak at the vet and Mama said I could come too if I acted normal.

THEN, ALL OF A SUDDEN, we were at a GROOMERS!!! WTD?? I thought I was along for moral support!!! What is this?!?!

I had to get my NAILS TRIMMED?! I said, "NO WAY, LADY!!" Mama had to break the 'rules' and come in the back with me. I'm THAT MUCH of a Mama's girl! She held me tight and I was on a table with a strap CHOKING me. It was only for a second though.

Oh! My toes DO feel better! Whew! That was unexpected!

Can I ever trust Mama again?!?!



June 1st 2011 9:07 pm
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STRANGERS! Coming into our house!! WHA?!?!?!?

Does this happen to any of YOU???


I mean, these ladies came over and met us, and I let them pet me and everything, but I didn't realize they would come over when MAMA AND DADDY WEREN'T HOME!!!


Well, I did have to potty, so I went outside with Frank and we frolicked in the yard for a good while. It was nice to get out and stretch our legs!

THEN it was time to come inside. You know, the INSIDE is our SAFE PLACE! What was that LADY doing INSIDE?!?!

Since I'm the PACK LEADER around here, I decided to DEFEND!!!


Buddha did a good job of following my lead. Frank didn't understand why we were being mean to the nice lady!


Well, I CAN be bought! Nom nom!

The lady left Buddha uncrated when she left, but I kept him in line! He got the message and got in his crate anyway!

I'm the keeper of this house! I rule the roost!

What was that lady, anyway???? I like to go outside, but, um, it's WEIRD!


Talking in pictures!

April 19th 2011 8:12 am
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I got to talk to Mama and Daddy through a medium last weekend!

I told her I could talk, but I was on duty! Being the protector of the house is NO JOKE!

I don't need a lot of stuff, like attention. I'm busy, working! Making sure things are good and secure around here!

I don't like things moving. It taxes me because I have to shift my awareness! Why did that MOVE?? Mama says this explains how I hoard toys and put them in certain places. That way I know where they are!

I knew Ulli was sick for a long time before anyone else did, but that's a no brainer.

I take care of business stuff so Mama and Daddy can tend to these silly boys! I am happy Buddha is here and I get onto him because I know Frank won't listen! I can tell when they get a LITTLE TOO excited!

I visit with Ulli a lot, she comes to see me and we're sisters, not by blood but by spirit! It's great! It makes me not miss her as much. She rolls her eyes with me at Frank's antics! BOL!

I try to talk to Frank, but he's really wrapped up in his own world! One day he'll simmer down!

Whew! That was COOL!! I feel like Mama and Daddy understand me more! And I understand them more too! We're a happy family!


Squirrel Updates...

April 10th 2011 7:51 am
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No squirrel today.

I wonder if he took a vacation after the incident? Or had to go to the squirrel urgent care? Or maybe he's just staying with family while he recovers emotionally.

We keep looking, I have a feeling he, or another unsuspecting squirrel, will be back!

If we wish it, it will come! SQUIRREL! SQUIRREL! SQUIRREL!

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