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Diary pick today!

November 11th 2012 6:03 am
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Oh My Dog I am a diary pick today! Whoah! I'm awful glad I'm feeling better! That means I'm perkier and prettier for my public! BOLBOLBOL!!!

I am feeling better than I was! Mama says it might take a few days to feel ALL the way better. I want to play, I want to go on walks, and I'm eating most of the time!

Except I don't want that weird dog food the vet gave us. It's weird and gross. I'll stick with the good stuff! I even ate most my food this morning!

Daddy says I'm the BEST dog to pill EVER!!!! Well, I am above average!

So far I have not given my sickness to my brofurs. Call me greedy..... :)


Bein' sick

November 9th 2012 8:23 pm
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Bein' sick isn't much fun!! Boo!

I went to the dogtor today and I had a temperature of 104!! My X-rays looked okay except maybe a LITTLE inflammation in my gut. My labs were good except for low white blood cells.

The dogtor said somethin' viral was goin' round and she thought it was that. I got antibiotics and nausea medicine. I go back Monday for a check up.

I ate dinner tonight, too. Special food nice to my tummy!

I'm feelin' generous, too. Should I give it to my brofurs????


I'm not hungry

November 8th 2012 6:50 am
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I'm not hungry. I wasn't hungry last night. I didn't eat dinner last night, and I didn't come down for breakfast this morning.

Mama says when dogs don't eat something is WRONG! I did get a bone about a week ago. Are my insides stopped up? I've been throwing up a little bit of juice and grass. :(

Mama says she's calling the dogtor SUPER SOON! And she's making me rice and says she'll make me boiled chicken. Hmmm! That could be good if I feel better!

I don't wanna do nothin. No eat. No drink. No walk. No play.

How unlike me!


All by myyyyyseeeeeellffff

November 4th 2012 4:03 pm
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Mommy and Daddy went on a vacation! For almost two weeks! They got the boys out of my hair (thank you Mommy and Daddy!) and Uncle Seth took care of me! They all said it was because I'm most like a cat, and he's a cat person! BOL!

We went on walks EVFURRY DAY to new and different and interesting places! He pet me a lot and tucked me in at night! It was nice having my own personal person, but it was kinda weird too.

Then I was locked in the bedroom and I heard a STRANGER with Frank and Buddha! The boys came home! Yay! I guess....

One night the front door jiggled and unlocked and TWO PEOPLE WITH BAGS CAME IN! I was scared! I thought, WHO IS THAT? I cowered in front of them. If my pawrents and my brofurs aren't here to protect, what use is barking????

Then I heard Mama! And I smelled them! MAMA AND DADDY CAME HOME! JUST FOR ME!!! MEEEEEEEE!!

We had a happy happy reunion! I love my pawrents! And I even missed my brothers! Especially Frankie......

We are reunited! I'm so happy, I'll BARK!!!! And SMILE! And WAG!!!


WHAT is going ON???

August 15th 2012 4:36 pm
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My pawrents are WEIRDO CRAZY!!! FYI!

They decided I needed SHORTER TOENAILS.

What kind of CRAZY pawrent does that??? SOOO random!

Anywhoo, I utilized my fast and slick moves to get out of their grips! I won't be caught that easy!

Do you know what they did????

They put ME, AND THEM! ALL THREE OF US! In Frank's big crate! And LOCKED us in!

I must admit, I did feel better in there. Got my toes did and we were all done!

It seemed so wrong at first, but I have to give them credit for thinking of that! They must get their smarts from me!


I'm a REAL dog! A GOOD dog!

May 21st 2012 2:51 pm
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Yesterday I got to be like a REAL dog!!! ALL DAY Mama and her brofur were digging a BIG HOLE in the yard. They (obviously) needed protection, so I got to come outside with them and make sure they were safe!!


I was on a LONG LONG LONG leash on a tree! I could go almost anywhere! AND - the best part? There was GRASS!!! GREEN, LUSCIOUS, SOFT, SPRINGY, COOL AMAZING GRASS!!!

We don't have grass in the back yard!

I sniffed and rolled around and laid and enjoyed it!

Any time another person or dog came within view I quietly let my peeps know with a low growl. Mama thanked me! Then I'd just keep an eye on the strangers until they left!

By the end of the day I was SO TIRED! I was falling asleep in the REAL GRASS!

Can we get real grass in the back yard? Please? It's NEAT!!!


Bath time!!!

April 11th 2012 4:50 pm
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Oh my gosh we ALL got baths yesterday!!! HOLY MOLY!

It has been a LONG LONG LONG LONG time!

I had started taking dust baths in the back yard, rolling around in the dirt in order to refresh myself!

But Daddy, oh Daddy, he picked me up and CARRIED me to the bath tub! There wasn't much dirt until he used the soap, then MUD ABOUND!

I wasn't too happy about this bathing thing, but everyone wants to touch me now! They pet me and give me compliments way more often!

I like that!!

Fluffy like a spring chicken!


Slip slidin' away....

March 10th 2012 9:24 pm
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I'm slipping more on my back two legs!

Mama is SO distraught! Daddy bought joint supplements for me and Frank and Buddha too!

Daddy ALSO got us CARPET!!! Carpets we can lay down in high traffic areas mean TRACTION!!!

We had TRACTION PARTIES for DAYS!!!! Traction is FUN! We can play HARDER and FASTER and MORE with TRACTION!

We like traction!!! Traction is SO helpful!!!!


Five is old!

January 23rd 2012 12:07 pm
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Is it? Is five years old, OLD???

Today I slipped and stumbled on the bottom stair and Mama THREW A FIT! She said I'm starting to CIRCLE THE DRAIN!

She told Uncle Seth NO MORE RUNNING for me! I'm on light duty! THEN she told Daddy we're switching back to feeding raw!

Mama says big dogs and pure dogs die sooner, and for that she is very sad! Is five like, eighty? Was it a fluke? Did I just pull a muscle?

Oh, Mama. She's such a nut! How about we hang out in the bed and you can pet me? Okay? Okay!


I went to the VET!!

January 9th 2012 7:23 pm
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Daddy took me to the VET this morning!!! OMD! Good thing he was there, because I was NERVOUS!

First, I weighed 77 pounds - the vet said that was PERFECTO! Yeah, that's right! Perfect!

THEN it was time to get SHOTS and my EXAM. They feel you all over! And poke you! OW!

Daddy held me the whole time! I was SHAKING LIKE A LEAF in big strong winds! But I trusted Daddy and let them poke and prod!

THEN the nice vet looked at my TEETH! She said that for my breed and for my age they look pretty good!

I'm in good shape!

When I got home I was full of energy and was a little snappy toward Buddha, but it wasn't long before I calmed down.

Whew! That was exciting!

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