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Life with the Dugans

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Traveling across country

December 22nd 2008 6:41 pm
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I'm traveling across the country with new parents! I have been with them for 2 days now, traveling for one. I'm quite timid, but I'm warming up to the new parents quickly. I was spayed 5 days ago and I'm a little sore from the surgery.

I'm the curious dog. I like to keep my eyes on what is going on at all times. I have a voracious appetite! I know important things happen in the kitchen and keep close tabs on it.

The first day with my parents I was so nervous I couldn't pee outside. Finally, after about 30 hours, I couldn't hold it anymore and peed on the carpet. :( I really didn't mean to. I just couldn't hold it any longer. Luckily my new parents understood and didn't make a fuss.

Today I peed outside AND I pooped twice outside. I'm getting a little more comfortable in this new situation. I'm very sweet, quiet and affectionate. Cushions and furniture and beds are a new discovery, and I think I like them!


Dinner time in Oklahoma

December 23rd 2008 8:15 pm
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Last night we were in Memphis. Ulli and I slept on the bed with ma and pa, not in our crates. We were able to stretch out and enjoy the softness. I jumped off the bed a couple of times when we were all getting situated and comfortable, but they coaxed me back up easily. Once we all got comfy, we all stayed on the bed all night long.

Today we are in Oklahoma City. We went on a long walk down the street from the hotel. Mom and dad found a field near an office complex and we ran around and around. After a few laps of running and playing, dad realized the ground was COVERED IN STICKERS!! The sharp needle-type kind! OH NO!! Mom, dad, Ulli and I ran to the paved area and they picked all the stickers out of our feet! I knew the stickers were bad, and I was not running as much as Ulli. We really appreciated the stickers getting picked out of our feet. Even if I do hate it when people touch my feet.

Since we didn't use our crates in Memphis, mom and dad thought it would be a good idea to just leave them in the car. Why use them at all? They got us some ground beef to mix with a little kibble for dinner, and attempted to feed us - without the crates. They put the food down in several places, they dragged each of us to the food bowls, but we WOULD NOT EAT!! We only eat in our crates! But we don't have our crates! We kept jumping on the bed, and finally dad got the bright idea that the bed WAS the 'crate'! When the food bowls were placed on the bed we happily ate every bit. We have pictures and will share.

A very good day for both Ulli and me!


Merry Christmas!! or, Happy Birthday to me!!!

December 25th 2008 9:42 am
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Happy Merry Birthday Christmas!! Which is it? Is it both? But what about me? I am celebrating my birthday today, I'm 2 years old!!! I'm solid and pretty quiet in nature. We are celebrating in New Mexico, in Santa Rosa. My sister and I have discovered both Oklahoma and New Mexico host the sharpest, prickly-est, meanest stickers/briars ever!!! They actually STICK into the pads of our feet! OUCH! We limp to let our parents know something is wrong!! Our parents fix us up right away and give us lots of loving! I have a phobia of sorts of people touching my feet, let alone feeling between my toes and pulling things out! Mom and dad assure me and one holds me still while the other examines my feet for any sharp things. I am grateful, maybe one day I'll get used to them touching my feet. Sometimes when they are thinking about looking at my feet it is like I can read their minds!!! Suddenly it is like I'm in the wild, I'm the prey and they are the predators! Feeling like hunted prey sure makes me nervous! I think I'll spend my day stretching out on the head of the bed and pillows napping!



December 27th 2008 6:49 am
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I gave my new mom a hug for the first time today! We were at a rest stop, walking around between New Mexico and Arizona! When we got to Arizona, I played and played and played with mom and dad on the bed! I was whipping around, showing my teeth and being silly! Mom and dad were in disbelief, they had not seen me this playful yet!! As we settled down I was hand fed by mom on the bed (the life of luxury...) and I stretched out on top of both mom and dad for a while! They laughed so much it was making me bounce so I found my own spot on the bed. I am so happy to be in my new home. Every day I am loved, I am specially paid attention to, and I'm important. I will never get lost in the shuffle again. I couldn't be happier.

I saw snow for the first time today!!! We saw a little bit in New Mexico and then we saw a BUNCH in Arizona! I'm a little unsteady in it and I don't want to get lost because I'm all white too!!

I am an itchy girl! I guess all this polar bear fur I have can house itchy things. I'm a sensitive girl too, so the parents are looking forward to scrubbing every inch of me in the bath tub!! I hope that helps my itching. If not, I guess I'll have to see a doggie dermatologist. I guess worse things have happened.


California or bust!!

December 27th 2008 11:05 pm
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Ulli and I finally made it to California! Whew! It was such a long drive!! When we woke up this morning for our walk, it was zero degrees outside! There must have been a foot of snow on the ground. I didn't really like the snow very much. I would fall through it a lot and it made me too nervous to pee. Leaving Arizona was a little treacherous because of all the snow and ice they had.

The drive took us though the Mojave Desert and we watched the longest trains go by. There were lots of hills and we kept going up and down and up and down, and I didn't even get carsick! When we got to Ft Irwin, we got to the hotel and there's so much more room! There's a living room and a bedroom and a kitchenette! For dinner we had raw chicken thighs with sardines. Yum yum!!

We went for a long walk and now I'm really wiped out. I decided to take over the couch while my sister Ulli has spread out on the bed. Well, I guess I should wrap this up before I fall asleep at the keyboard! nighty night!!


The Day of Bath

January 2nd 2009 2:08 pm
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It’s a little hard for me to talk about this, but since I’ve slept since it happened, it’s a little easier. I’ll go quick. Mom and Dad gave Ulli a bath yesterday and I listened at the door the whole time. I had NO IDEA what was going on in there!! What a scary mystery. Ulli came out of the bathroom all wet! I hate water, and I know hate is a strong word, but I really really don’t like water. I think that constitutes as hate. Anyway, I was slinking around trying to look small and invisible when Dad came and picked me up! OH NO!!! We were headed to the bathroom!!! I was so nervous I could barely stand it. I was placed in the bathtub and Dad held onto me tight. I was SO scared!!! I wasn’t sure it could get any worse, but it DID!! Mom decided I should get WET!! Did I mention I hate water? Oh my…. I’m getting a little worked up about this. I’m going to take a deep breath and relax……

I stayed huddled in the corner of the tub while Dad held me and Mom scrubbed my fur with soap! I cried and cried, moaned and groaned (I’m getting to be a pretty vocal dog in general). They tried to soothe me and talked nice and sang to me. That was nice for a little while, helped me get my mind off the situation a little. After TWO soap ups and a conditioning rinse WE WERE DONE! It took FOREVER. I thought it would never end. Really. They blotted me with towels and let me loose in the apartment/hotel room. I didn’t want them looking at me, touching me, blotting me, nothing! It was as if all that progress we made toward me accepting them was reversed! I was pretty shaken up.

We did get to eat a little while later, which made me feel a lot better. I have a great appetite. We snuggled up on the bed with Mom and Dad and we all went to sleep. After such a busy day, we were ALL so tired!

This morning I woke up and I felt like a new dog. My fur is so dense they call me a polar bear. Now? Now it’s like VELVET. I’m like a clean fluffy soft polar bear, I’m like a cotton ball, a snow flake! I feel great and my parents can’t keep their hands off me. I love the attention. I think I’ll forgive them, this time.


My nerves are shot

January 2nd 2009 2:10 pm
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Well, we’re in a house now and Mom and Dad say we’re going to be here for some time, so get used to it! oh, it makes me a little nervous. We’re not moving. Being a nervous dog I know that to stay moving is to stay safe. There are SO many rooms in this house, upstairs and downstairs… I realize I can only be in one at a time and HOW am I supposed to know what is going on everywhere at once? It makes my tummy a little queasy. Last night was the new year, and mom and dad went to bed early. I had to pee and being the quiet dog I wasn’t able to wake them. I didn’t want to bother them or make them mad. I got downstairs and I really had to poop! So I pooped a big poop on the brand new carpet. When I came back upstairs to go to bed I was so nervous about it I woke everyone up. Mom thought I needed to go out (too late!!) and went downstairs. Oops!! She smelled and found the poop right away. Oh, drat. I didn’t want to bother them but now they had to clean up poop with limited resources since we only have luggage!! Oh fiddle sticks. They closed us both in the bedroom with them after the incident. Happy New Year! Ha ha! it was kind of funny, even though it was kind of bad. Mom and Dad thought I might be wild – so wild I am not potty trained? Well, when you have diarrhea there’s really no stopping it!! goodness me. Dad walked us both today while Mom slept in. we have many admirers when we walk. Mom and Dad are spending some of the day outside in the back yard and garage. We are with them and I have decided the best place to be is in the SUV!! Dad let me in there and I’m snuggling in the seat watching out the window. It feels safe to be in the car. I found a slat missing in the fence and almost squeezed out of it. I’m like a cockroach! Or a mouse! Or anything that can squeeze into or out of very small spaces! Luckily Dad blocked the opening with the trash cans. I don’t really want to run away!


I’m a good dog with a conscience

January 4th 2009 5:03 pm
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I have a sense of right and wrong. I have been pretty loving lately, hugging my parents and doing the ‘worm’ – that’s when I get on the bed and pretend I don’t have legs and I worm my way around. I guess you could call it my ‘mole’, but moles use their feet – and I don’t. anyway, my little sister Ulli is a picky eater and last night she didn’t finish her food. I quietly walked into the room, looked over at Dad – who saw me and I didn’t know it – then snuck into Ulli’s crate and started eating her leftovers!! Dad made a noise and I was out of there so quick! I knew I wasn’t supposed to be doing that!

This morning Ulli didn’t eat all her food again. No one was looking and I proceeded to polish it off for her. Mom saw and made a noise like I should not be doing that. I slunk away, and spat out all the food that I had in my mouth!! Not only did I go away, but I spit the food out as I did it! there was a line of kibble leading from her dish to me. I obviously know the difference between right and wrong!! I’d do anything to go for a ride, I love going for a ride! Mom and dad are taking us to the city today!! Yea!! We can’t wait.

I’ve been a little more dominant acting lately, I got on the bed the other day and when Ulli came to join me I growled at her! She’s no dummy, she took the hint and laid on the floor!! Yeah, I did that. I used to be on the bottom of the totem pole, and now I’m getting a taste of being on top! Or, close to top!! I’m a happy dog.


Comin’ out both ends

January 4th 2009 5:05 pm
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Mom and Dad took us for a ride today. We were so excited, it has been about a week since we’ve been in the truck – and that’s when we were driving from Tennessee to California! Anyway, we went for a long walk, we rested for about 2 hours, then hopped in the car to go!! Boy do we love riding in the car! As soon as we got in, Ulli and I both fell asleep. It was nice. When we got to the town we were going to Mom and Dad sounded lost and the car kept slowing down, stopping, and speeding up over and over again. It didn’t take long and I started feeling real queasy! I stood up and picked the most hidden corner of the car seat to regurgitate my lunch. Yuck!!! I felt bad and Mom immediately scooped up the vomit (which all looked just like my kibble breakfast) with a poopie bag. Oh, it was bad. We drove around in a horrid way for a dog who is carsick, Ulli swore she was going to get carsick, as did Dad. Eventually things slowed down and bit and Ulli was so grossed out by my puke she refused to sit with me in the back seat. She would not budge out of the passenger seat!! Luckily, dear ‘ol Dad sat in the back with me and stroked my head soothingly. We had some water and walked around a bit, Ulli has joined me in having the mucous runs and then we took a ‘calming pill’ and slept most of the way home. Mom and Dad gave us a new batch of de-worming medicine today, they think that is the mucous stuff. Being that we are eating well and are really perky, we’ll wait until our Monday appointment with the vet. Since Mom put the worming medicine in some fancy canned dog food we ate it right up. Even though I have diarrhea and vomited today I’m ready for dinner!! Is that all I get? I could eat a horse!! Ha ha!


Better nervous than wormy

January 9th 2009 1:30 pm
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Well, mom registered us at the vet and took in those mucous stool samples. After telling the vet people that we were spayed, then adopted 3 days later, then drove across the country and got a house in such a different climate (the desert) the vet people said it had to be stress. That is a lot of stress for us to be enduring and it’s bound to affect our bowels! Mom was happy, and sad. She’s giving us some enzymes and probiotics to try to help us, and has been brainstorming with dad as to how to get us to relax more. The funny thing is, I appear to be relaxed much of the time! This is a good step. Perhaps time will heal this wound. I’m no longer allowed in the poopie room (coined by me) anymore. There’s a barrier and I can only come in when mom or dad are in there too. Dad took us for a little run this morning, trying to get that anxious energy out. It freaked me out a little bit, but I sure felt good afterwards!! I hear mom got a bike to ride with us, but I haven’t seen it yet. We’ll see!!

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