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A First Entry

May 11th 2009 7:20 am
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Hi friends!

Mom decided she should put a little something up here since I'm DOTD today! Wow, what an honor.....I'm beside my red self. Maybe this will force Mom to quit slacking on my pictures?

I love it here on Dogster -- since I'm a Golden, I like most every dog I meet. And let me clear up a few misconceptions about Goldens: we're not fat. Now my old cousin, Champ, is in a photo here, but he's been on a serious swimming pool regime and upgrade on the food. He's gonna be svelte any day soon. So, I'm telling you dogs & your humans, Goldens are not fat. But we do have good smellers for food.

Another misconception: Goldens love everyone. Not true. We do not love serial killers or cruel people. However, almost all Goldens love the UPS man who brings boxes of dog goodies. We like to ride in the UPS truck. :)

Wow, I'm only 3-years-old, and I'm having a great life so far. I get to visit Florida, eat outside with nice people in Baltimore, and stay at a cottage in Maine -- which is doggie paradise! Here at home in Vermont, I have a brother & sister for wrestling, plus a Maine Coon CatBoy, and I get to bring home rotting deer heads & all the sticks I can get my teeth on. Pretty cool!

But the best thing has been getting to know all you cool Dogsters. I can't wait to me some of you in the fur! :)

Mom says I get a special treat today -- one of my favorite vanilla bones!

One last bark: think of those poor Goldens less fortunate than I. Check out the Golden rescues, such as Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue, as well as the Lab rescues (for my brother Lab), and all the great "bird dawg" rescues, like Illinois Bird Dog Rescue and ACES, Another Chance for English Setters.

Wags & Wiggles,


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