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Oh boy , I've been tagged

January 24th 2009 6:40 pm
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I've been tagged by Bunkie & this is my first time with anything with this so here goes:
Ok, now I gotta write 5 things about myself

1. Mom rescued me from the Wpg Humane society just before I was there too long. I picked her, she needed me so much & she gave the best life anyfur could have had.

2. I luved kittty cats. any size or any age they were all my furends but little bitty babies were my favorites I was a very special anutie.

3. I luved to play in the snow. Anytime- I would get Mum up early in the morning(stillnight) to go out & then I would play in the snow --she allways let me.

4. I tried to play with a kitty one night but I couln't see good it was no kitty It burned my nose It smelled bad - a skunk ewewew...I smelled bad Mom couldn't stand it. Then I got bathed & bathed &...

5. I was really old when I passed, Mom can't add too good (she forgets how old she is) hahaha. I was really tired & my leg hurt & my chest hurt. My Mom & her friend Karen gave the best life an doggie could have had .

If ya readin this, ya been tagged, an now needs to do the same thing in your diary, sends me a pmail to lets me know ya in da game, an sends a pmail to each fur ya tag. It can be a fur from anywhere. Make sure ya list who ya tagged too. Has fun!

I tagg :
Brook, Morgan , Bananas, Truman, Sheleg

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