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Puff the wonderful

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Introducing Yi-Tan Jade

August 29th 2015 7:25 pm
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Hi pals, Mei-Ling Star, here. Momma has been trying all day to post my pretty pictures and my tiny baby fursister's on Dogster. She was successful on getting a photo of Jade on Puffy's page, but can't seem to post any others. Momma even created a page just for me, but since it isn't accepting any of my beautiful photos, Dogster will not show my newly created page until a photo is attached.

This is quite a challenge, as I now have my very own Dogster page, but it's invisible.

Anyhow, it's nice to see all of the issues still continue on at Dogster. DANG! Why aren't they all fixed by now? What's the hold up? Do I need to send my daddy to San Francisco to help you all out? He is quite knowledgeable about computer programming. Even better yet, Abby and Buddy's daddy can do wonders on the computers. Maybe both daddies can come and help you out.

Hey, Watchdog, and Technical dog, are you both still working at Dogster? Can we bribe anyone to help post my beautiful pictures? I got lots of cookies that we can wave in front of their noses

Mei-Ling Star


My new fursister Mei-Ling

September 11th 2014 12:56 pm
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Hello pals,

Ever since Coco went to the Rainbow bridge, I have been in a deep, dark funk. All I did was sleep and wasn't interested in playing with my stuffies or the neighbors two small pups. Momma too was depressed because we both missed Coco so much so momma tried to find a female Shih Tzu that was about 5 years old and in need of a forever home. Momma searched and searched Petfinder and Craigslist in Mew Mexico but all she could find was rescued breeder dogs that hadn't been socialized or allowed out of their cages. Momma did find a beautiful black female that was five years old who had been turned into a rescue group because she bit someone twice. Just when momma decided that she would give this pup a chance and adopt her, someone else swooped in and adopted her.

After searching for several months, momma decided to contact a Shih Tzu breeder in Arizona and put in a request for a black female puppy, but the more she thought about it, the more momma decided maybe it would be better to get a Shih Tzu that looked completely different than Coco, so she opted to take the gold/bridle/white puppy. The breeder told momma that most likely this puppy would end up being a gold puppy when she is mature since the puppy's coat will change coloration during her first year.

Momma named the puppy Mei-Ling (pronounced May-Ling), which means intelligent red gem. Mei-Ling isn't red, but it was the only name that momma could pronounce and she liked how it sounded so that's what she got stuck with - BOL. Here full name is Mei-Ling Star, you know momma is big on giving use middle names.

Mei-Ling is now 13 weeks old and boy is she a handful! She has very sharp puppy teeth that does some real damage. She is continually biting on my tail, ears and face. She even tried to bite my wee-wee hose but luckily momma saw what was going on and rescued me. And yapping - let me tell you this is one pup that yaps all the time. Coco would be very proud of her.

The first week she was here I was growling and snapping at her all the time, now I just try to ignore her but usually I play with her for a bit until I get tired out - BOL. She loves to eat and play with MY stuffies. If I start to play with something she comes running over and takes whatever I have away from me. I let her play with it for a little bit, but then I go and take it back.

Momma says I have been a real good big brother, however, I have to tell you that it is a lot of hard work. I still miss Coco and wish she were still here, but something tells me Coco is up in the clouds whispering things in Mei-Ling's ears instructing her how to be a royal pain.

I haven't been too active on Dogster as the site still has fleas. Momma think i5 Publishing is a much better fit than SAY Media was, but she wants to wait to see what kinds of changes the new owners make before she decides if she wants to come back here again. We are still over on Blogger because we really do like that we can post photos of just about anything and not just of us pups.



Diary pick and sick humans 03/28/14

March 28th 2014 4:57 pm
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What a surprise - I'm one of the daily diary picks! Coco and I haven't been around much lately because momma has the flu real bad. We keep on waiting for her to hack up a lung but as of yet, that hasn't happened. Twice, momma almost had daddy drive her to the emergency room, but said she felt too "bad" to endure the ride to the hospital and changed her mind. The good news is that most of the hacking has subsided and things are slowly getting back to normal. Momma says she has lost 10 pounds but doesn't recommend having the flu as a means of loosing weight.

Coco and I just want to start sleeping on the big bed with momma again at night instead of being banished to our dog beds.


Momma is sick 03/20/14

March 20th 2014 4:53 pm
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Hi pals,

Coco and I haven't been around here or on Blogger too much lately because momma has been sick. She once again has that nasty cough that continues all night and day. Daddy called the doctor on the back of her Humana card and found out that he isn't in practice anymore and that momma would have to sign up for a new doctor but it wouldn't take effect until April 1st (do you think that was an April fools joke?)

Anyhow daddy argued with Humana and they allowed daddy to change to a different doctor but unfortunately the new doctor is 160 miles from home (round trip). Momma wasn't all that keen on sitting in the truck hacking out her lungs for a long car ride and then having to do follow up visits at that distance so they once again are going to have to change to a different doctor.

In the meantime. Coco and I are having to listen to momma bark and bark so she better NEVER say anything about our barking again.

Puff Darby - Nurse in training


My 10th Birthday - 02/20/14

February 20th 2014 6:53 pm
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Five years ago, I was a homeless pup for the fourth time. My future wasn't looking too good as I sat in the kennel of an animal rescue group but everything turned around for the better. I finally found my forever home two weeks before my fifth birthday, got medical treatment needed for various ailments and inherited my fursister Coco Rose who I love. Over these five years there have been various times my new humans thought I would not make it another day due to illnesses but here I am, still playing with my stuffies and stealing Coco's cookies whenever I get a chance. Life is good and I am looking forward to spending more years with my family.

Coco and I haven't been on Dogster too much lately due to internet issues and momma liking the BLOGGING thing. She says it's actually nice to be able to post other types of photos not just those of Coco and me. For those of you who have been wanting to see pictures of our home, there are one or two posting that show some of our house, not all of it as momma wants to clean our bedroom before she takes a picture of it - BOL, She also posted a blog with photos of some of the quilts that she made.

Coco and Puffys Blog

If any of you are into knitting you should check out Zoe's Blog - It's a real eye opener on the BLOG she barked about knitting.

Zoe's Blog

For those of you who might be interested in starting your own BLOG but don't know how to do so, Finley and Whitley have been instrumental in helping computer challenged humans set their BLOGs up. In fact, if you go to either of their BLOGS they even have helpful hints with instructions on how to do things.

Finleys BLOG

Whitleys Blog

We admit we are still having some issues as to how to follow some of our pals blogs when they don't have a FOLLOW THIS BLOG button. We can't seem to add Hershey and Winkie to our circle to follow but I'm pretty certain Finley and Whitley have address such issues in their hints and tricks section so we need to go there and see what can be done so we don't miss anything that they are doing.

At this time, we aren't sure if we will renew our Dogster Plus membership as they cancelled it when we deleted Simba's page and refunded our monies. We are going to kind of stay in the background and see what happens with the community pages before we make any commitment.

I'd like to thank everyone for the wonderful Birthday pressies and well wishes.

Puff Darby


Local newspaper add 01/28/14

January 28th 2014 9:22 am
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I saw a VERY interesting add in the local publication:

WANTED - Free cats, kittens or those that won't run away, I will care for them, thank you! Call Lucille 505-803-XXXX or 928-688-XXXX.

"Hey, Simba - do you want to go for a ride?" - BOL, BOL

Does this prove that we live in a rural area or what?!

Puffy - running off to find the phone to call the listed numbers


Memories - Chapter 4 01/29/14

January 27th 2014 2:32 pm
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For today's installment with our walk down memory lane I am going to talk about some pups that made us laugh. The thing about humor is it is subjected as what might be funny to me, might not be funny to the family that is experiencing the thing(s) that they wrote about.

Let's start with
Little CoCo Puff
Is a Pomeranian with a huge personality. She loved her fursister China but the two of them kind of had a rivalry and CoCo wasn't afraid to voice her feelings regarding her fursister. Although there are plenty of ZINGS directed towards China, it was actually a diary entry regarding the making of homemade cream of mushroom soup that made us laugh and laugh.
Why don't you click on the link and find Magic Mushrooms? June 21, 2009. Let me warn you, you will never think of cream of mushroom soup the same way again, or at least never attempt to make homemade yourself.

Our pal Chipper who is now residing at the Rainbow Bridge wrote a diary entry regarding a neighborhood cat.
Chipper showed great grace by "Walking away" without causing trouble for the cat. See his dairy entry entitled LIAR - November 28th, 2011

Dogs that cause destruction are no laughing matter for those that own them, but to read about the things they do when left alone, their diaries can be quite entertaining for others.
is one such pup. His diaries stopped suddenly so I don't know if the humans ever got Dent's issues resolved but they sure did try.

There is nothing funnier than the
The Furbulous Beesum Brothers
Yes, they are quite a handful and their diary have given us many laughs but quite honestly their energy level would be way, way, WAY too much for our household - BOL, BOL.

Well that's it for today, I have to head to the kitchen and see what's cooking - I hope it's not Cream of Mushroom soup - BOL


Memories - Chapter 3 01/26/14

January 26th 2014 12:35 pm
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Chapter 3 is devoted to pups that hopefully are still alive but have chosen to leave, or at least seldom post updates here on Dogster:

One of the very popular pups that I can think of is Afro Ken. Yeah, you all know who I'm talking about. His name was suiting and he had a personality to go with it. I loved reading his diary and hope that he has a BlogSpot.
Afro Ken

I really miss Ellie and Helga the sassy A Pair A-Dox. They cracked me us when they said "Excuse us while we pick ourselves up off the floor.....good thing we aren't to high off the floor to begin with"!!
Ellie and Helga

One of the most photogenic pups around was the beautiful Golden retriever/Poodle mix
OMD!!! The humans who saw him just wanted to snuggle with him although I really don't quite understand their fascination because everyone knows us small pups are much more comfortable to have in ones lap, but to each his own. It was a sad time when he started tapering off his diary posting and pictures until he stopped altogether.

We were left feeling quite lonely when Tiberius, Dylan and their DIVA sister Jia stopped coming around. Oh sure they did post a picture once or twice a year but they were still missed.

I don't really know what happened to Petey and Pippin - they just stopped writing their diaries - We send them our love and thank them for being our pals.

We have a German shepherd pal who just happens to live with three smaller sized girl pups. Poor Celestun (Celo) was out numbered and his last diary entry was regarding the addition of the third female pup. It sure would have been nice to know how he was doing.

We loved following our three legged St. Bernard pals diary. Sending you lots of love and hope you are enjoying life to the fullest.

The only thing I can really say about Halo is that I love, love, love her photos and wish she would have continued on with her diary. I guess it's too late now...

Okay pals, it's nap time for me so I'm getting off the computer because my eyes are tired. Stay tuned for Chapter 4.


Memories - Chapter 2 01/25/14

January 25th 2014 6:39 pm
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So are y'all ready for another walk down memory lane?

One of the most heartwarming diaries was Wheelie Boy Babybear. He was a young Yorkshire Terrier when he jumped off his momma's lap and broke his neck. The later part of Babybear's diary told about his struggle to walk and how his humans wouldn't give up on him. If you have a lot of Kleenex handy stop by and see his video and read some of his diary. I guarantee that you will not be able to read it without crying.
Wheelie Boy Babybear

Special memories go to Redford and pack. His family has always found the time to make the award picture frames for Coco and I and I'm certain that they made frames for other pups too. It takes a lot of time to do these frames and it would be wrong of me not to mention Redford and his pack. Thank you buddy we love you and the rest of the pack and hope we can always stay in touch.

We would also like to say that we loved the humor and outspokenness of Demon Flash Bandits diary. The big guy, as I like to call him, was never one to shy away from saying what he thought. I learned over the years that he loves hamburgers (by the way, we will make sure there are plenty of them at the Valentines party), and hates birds. Loved when he compared SAY Media to birds - BOL, BOL
Demon Flash Bandit

We are lucky to be able to call Zoe a really good pal. She has a bark like none other and loves to sit on the back of the chair and watch to make sure nothing is amiss. Momma wants to tell you that she is still planning to get some chickens but it has to wait until the house is done and there is no telling when that will be - BOL, BOL.

Maxwell deserves mentioning because he is funny. There is always something going on over at his house. He likes to go out jogging with his daddy but often times ends up finding stickers and has to have his gorgeous ear hairs trimmed or cut off. He says he gets "no respect" - BOL, BOL

We didn't really get a chance to know Harri very well. He was a handsome Irish Terrier who lived in Australia. If you read his diary he was a Fly ball freak. One of the things Harri seemed to say a lot was "Sure as I'm Irish it's true". BOL, BOL. Harri passed away last year - Rest in peace Harri - I hope to met you up in the clouds someday.

If there were an award for a pup with the most beautiful ears, I would give that award to Sox (sorry Maxwell). Sox bio lists her as a "breed unknown", but in my book, it doesn't matter what her breed is because she came out with great looks. Check out her photos if you don't believe me.

I'm mentioning Big Daddy here because I love the photos of his daddy kissing or cuddling with him. He wasn't very active on doing his diary but those pictures say a lot.
Big Daddy

Buttercup will always have a special place in our hearts. She had a heart condition and time and again she pulled through until last year. Read her diary and you will see how much love her humans have for her. We will never forget you Buttercup.

If ever there was a pup that I was envious of it would be Tinkerbell.
She has everything a small pup could desired. I really, really, really want one of those booster seats that she has that allows her to sit right at the dinner table - BOL, BOL.
Tinkerbell Forever

Well pups, I'm getting tired so this is it for this chapter - stay tuned for Chapter 3.


Memories - Chapter 1

January 24th 2014 11:07 am
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Since Dogster is closing it's community pages I thought it might be nice to look back on some of our pals diary entries that really touched us either with laughter, tears or maybe a stunning photo:

My very first and most memorial diary entry came from Ernie George.

Ernie George

Ernie's momma has a very unique way of writing and momma felt a kinship with Ernie when he had taken ill, since I too was having health issues. When Ernie posted the words that momma will never forget "We got the telrgram last night. Ernie were in". She cried and cried because Ernie had lost his battle for life.

One of my bestest pals here on Dogster was my buddy Josh. He and his brother Bukka were supposed to guard the alpaca's from the Colorado wild animals, but Josh wasn't content to stay home, instead he liked to wonder the land and see what else was out there. On one adventure, he ran into a porcupine that didn't want to be pals with him.

Many of you don't know that I had a girlfriend named
Yup, I had a pretty gal to call my very own. We were just getting our stride on when her Momma passed away. Merilee (the human momma) was sick and after she passed away, my sweetie disappeared. This was one of the hardest times in my life. No one knew what became of Mallory or her furbrother
We had heard a family member adopted them, but you know how rumors are.

Now one shouldn't limit themselves to just one BFF so here are two more

Fluffy Lee
and his fursister


These two were here for momma when she cried and cried about Logan's passing. After the tears dried up, the friendship continued. We owe a lot of "THANKS" to your momma for being here for our momma.

We were proud to be enrolled in Professor Chester's school. There were lots of fun lessons and Coco and I almost always received an "A" in each lesson. Once the Professor said he would give anyone an "A" if they kissed a turtle. Well he didn't say it had to be a LIVE one and we just happened to have a turtle stuffie so momma took pictures of us with the stuffie and we got the "A" - BOL, BOL. Sadly, Professor Chester has not held class or posted an diary entry in quite a while. We hope everything is okay.

Professor Chester

Well this is it for Chapter 1 - there will be more to come in the in the days to follow. As always, we thank everyone for being our pals.

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