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Born and raised here!

Mom wrote this haiku for me!!

December 28th 2004 12:37 pm
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A mutt is truly
a creation made by God
for us to cherish
--Sheryl Minter


Today I played with a little Snowman!

December 27th 2004 9:00 am
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Today Flurry and I Had carrots for snack and ran outside to play in the snow!
As we were running I looked over at flurry, through the powder we were kicking up, he looked like a snowman and I was a snow woman chasing after snowflakes, eating snow and making snow angels along the way!!


The New Garden

December 12th 2004 4:55 am
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Mom put in a new garden, lots of flowers and a Weeping cherry tree. I like the smell of the flowers. in front of the garden she put a pond, the water in that pond is far more delicious than my automatic waterer! Especially since mom put a spring loaded door on the bathroom formerly home to my water reserve tank!
During the summer I noticed the pond had new fish, bright orange fish. She said they were feeder fish. Hmmm, now I have my own sushi bar! They were delicious. Mom was not to happy I ate them. Anybody know where Mom can buy fish flavored dog food?


The day I was born

December 8th 2004 2:48 pm
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I was born on a cold day in March. My mom Vivian had a record breaking litter of 18 pups! We took turns with bottle feeding and moms milk. My mom was a pound rescue, she was supposed to be a spayed Belgian shepherd. So everyone was surprised by all of the pups! We had a lot of attention because we were the first pups!! Everyone woke up around the clock to help feed us. One of us did not make it. He was very tiny. All my brothers and sisters were taken to North shore animal League. They were featured in the New York Post and all had homes within hours! Only 2 pups remained behind because we had homes. My home returned me after only 2 days It really bothered them that I had 2 different colored eyes, one blue, one brown. So I lived my whole life with my mom and dad, they have loved me from the day I was born.
I was named by my Nanny. She said I was like a Gentile snow flake, sadly she passed away 6 yrs ago. I miss her.

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