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We Got Izzy in Our Daily Pawrayers

November 9th 2009 5:01 pm
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We've been reading our good furiend Izzy's diary for the past few days. She's been sick with the vomiting and getting weak. We've all got our paws crossed that it is just an upset tummy. Here's hoping all our furiends say extra pawrayers for Izzy that all her tests show she is the picture of excellent health as she visits her dogtor tomorrow.
We also got Izzy's whole fambly in our pawrayers cuz we know how stressful and frightening it is when a fur gets sick. God Bless Izzy, Ernie G., and their pawrents Mel and Ezra.


Pawlease Light a Candle For Spike

October 31st 2009 6:05 pm
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Mom finally got around to starting a special candle for Spike. We wish all of Spike's furiends will Light a Candle for him here. Click on "Dedicate to Topic" directly under mom's name (Ramona, Lafayette, LA) to light a personal candle in his memory. Once posted everyone can view all the candles lit.


Gone But Not Forgotten

October 24th 2009 7:05 pm
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Since our last entry we lost our furbro, Spike to sarcoma. We all prayed for a miracle to happen and was hoping that mass would shrink or at least not grow, but it grew so huge within two months it seems unreal. It grew three times the size it was originally seen in August and was taking up 3/4ths of Spike's chest area. Mom's little buddy fought a courageous battle against that nasty C, but it beat him like it's done to so many other furs. Mom says life will never be the same for her again.
Two weeks ago today Spike turned ten years old. Mom thinks he wanted to make sure he made his tenth barkday before letting the C take over. Now Spike is up there in doggie Heaven with Sheba, his bestest pal whom he thought was his new mama. Mom's missing them both something terribly and wonders how/why both ended up with cancer within such a short period of time of each other.

God Bless our newest angel, Spike. We miss him here on Earth...he is gone from here, but will never be forgotten. We know he's watching down on us from doggie heaven. Until he meets mom at the bridge with all the other angel furmily members he will always be right here in her heart furever and ever!

We won a Snuggle Sack from the Pet Post Card Project. It arrived in the mail on Thursday and it's really cool. Bella is enjoying it cuz she loves to get under blankets. Check Out The Snuggle Sacks Here. Ours is red/white striped and really cool. Mom says she'll try to take a picture of Bella snuggling in it real soon.


Another Month Has Come and Gone

August 1st 2009 7:00 pm
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OMD! Here we are into the month of August already! We just can't believe the way time flies. Mom says it has something to do with age; the older we get the faster time flies, but we don't know about that. The most important times for us is when it's time to eat, time for a treat, time for play, time to run around outside, and time to sleep. Hey...we are dogs...we don't get the time flying thing, but we do know mom has been stingy with our Dogster time a whole lot! BOL! BOL!! And if anyfur is interested in knowing why it's because she has been farming so doggone much!!! What in the world is this farming thing? And, she's also decorating an apartment...OMD...our mom has become addicted to farming and yoyo land. What's a dog to do around here to get some Dogster time???

In June we had a visitor hanging around our front door. It was a cute little gray kitten which finally got adopted by the neighbor's kid next door. Mom was feeding Smoky for awhile, but was happy she's got a home.

Spike got a few teeth pulled in June, but he's doing well with no problems eating without those teeth. He was also a diary pick during he month of June and barked about it in his diary.

Sunny Lee's mama made a pawesome CD for our mom and included a big bag of delicious natural dog treats (Charlie Bears) and three small squeaker tennis balls for us. We are so lucky to have such wonderful furiends. Mom started buying us Charlie Bears...we got one of each kind last week and wuf them all!!

Spike was also chosen as diary for the entire week at one of his groups. He also barked loud about that. And, Spike barked loud about our gigantic Greenies we got from Ernie George & Izzy's mom. Aaaroooo!!!

We got some BIG news about winning cards in the Pet Post Card Project for the month of May. SHEBA had three winning cards, Spike had one and Bella had one!! Aaarroooooo!!! Some of our fantastic prizes already got here...the cleaning products we got earlier this year when we won before and a picture is in our photo album here. The rawhide chews arrived too, but mom is giving those away. It's fun winning prizes, but more exciting knowing we helped homeless pets get food.

Miracle was a diary pick on June 4th and Sheba was a diary pick on our dad's birthday, July 27th. We thank all our furiends for sending our angel furs special messages and rosettes when their diaries were picked.

We have to bark about Mica's IMHA Research as it is so dear to us pawsonally. All of our furiends know it took Miracle away from us all too soon just as she was starting to enjoy her new life here. Mom still misses her a whole lot and it's hard to believe it's coming upon a year since she went to Rainbow Bridge. And now Sheba is there with her sprinkling angel dust on mom every night while she sleeps to help heal her broken heart. Mom's doing better and will be okay cuz she's farming these days. We are happy she has something that is helping to heal the constant sadness that overwhelms her.

Big hugs, licks and tail wags to all our wonderful furiends.


Dogs Live Here

June 16th 2009 8:27 pm
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Dogs Live Here

If you don't want to be greeted with paws and swinging tails
Don't come inside, because DOGS LIVE HERE.

If you don't like the feel of a cold nose or wet tongue,
Don't come inside, because DOGS LIVE HERE.

If you don't want to step over scattered toys,
Don't come inside, because DOGS LIVE HERE.

If you think a home ought to smell of perfume,
Don't come inside, because DOGS LIVE HERE.

But if you don't mind all of this,
You will be instantly loved when you do come inside,

David Lester
Plainfield, NJ Area Humane Society


So Many Things to Catch Up On

May 12th 2009 8:57 pm
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Mom became very depressed after Sheba's bridge crossing on March 11th. Yes, it's already been two months since our "Pretty Girl" left us. It's been such a sad time for mom, but the rest of us have been working hard on cheering her up. We also want to extend a great big thank you to all the pawrents who have sent special messages, cards, etc. reaching out to our mom during this most difficult time. Anybody who's lost a fur knows how hard it is; losing two in less than a year took a toll on our mom. Losing Miracle was a crushing blow cuz mom fell head over heels for that sweet little girl who seemed to be improving and doing well. Miracle was so happy here then that nasty AIHA had to latch onto her. Thank dog she came to know love and happiness in our home before she crossed Rainbow Bridge.

Sheba was mom's special baby who slept beside mom on the bed every single night. She's been sleeping there for thirteen years so you can only imagine how lost mom is without that big furball next to her. Spike was showing signs of grieving also and mom was worried about him, but he is doing better now. Mom always said she believes Spike thought Sheba was his adopted mama cuz he came to live with her as a baby. She was almost four years old when Spike got here and Sheba mothered him from day one. They had a strong bond and each would become upset when separated from the other.

Dogvice got a overhaul and is called the Pet Postcard Project. We have been blessed that most of our cards have been accepted and posted on the site. It's great that we helped feed homeless pets. Mom plans to do some more cards real soon. We have also been very blessed to have one of our cards chosen as a winner for the month of March. Today mom got two boxes delivered by Fed-Ex. They contained what Marley Bob called the "Dingo Motherload" cuz there was a whole bunch of Dingo treats, along with shampoo, conditioner, some spray, bath wipes, and Natures Miracle. We posted a picture for all to see. What a wonderful surprise.

Power of the Paw to our dear furiends Hanna Banana and Monnie. We pray they and any other furs who are ill will soon be well and back to normal very soon. We are happy to hear that our other furiend Ernie George is doing well again. He gave us all a scare cuz he was sick all weekend.

Pawlease Light a Candle for Sheba here. Click on "Dedicate to Topic" directly under mom's name (Ramona, Lafayette, LA) to light your personal candle in her memory.

Pawlease Light a Candle for Miracle here. Click on "Dedicate to Topic" directly under mom's name (Ramona, Lafayette, LA) to light your personal candle in her memory.


We're All Over Dogfessions and Dogvice

March 22nd 2009 11:57 am
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Wow!!! We are so honored to be on Dogvice and Dogfessions.

Today Spike, Bella and Scooter are on under the caption "Pack has your back". If you go further into the site you'll also see Spike on the second page under the date March 16th with the caption that says " I confess . . . I need to taste it" and Sheba under the date March 13th dressed in her pink Tutu costume with a caption that says "Maybe Dog Lake."

Bella's on Dogvice under yesterday's date. You can see her on the back of the couch in an enhanced photo mom made using the Blingee site to celebrate her barkday. Miracle is on Dogvice under March 13th with the caption "For BillieBob and Family."

We've been seeing a lot of our furiends from all over Dogster on both sites too. How exciting that we are all helping a great cause. The site's card goal is 6,000 and the current card talley is 993. Mom said she will be printing and sending some more real soon.

1 card received = 1 pound of dog food!


Thank You Dogster for Giving Us Bit-O-Luv

March 2nd 2009 9:00 am
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How cool is that! We sent all our furiends some Bit-O-Luv Dog Treats with an extra special "friend" graphic before we did anything else this morning.

We will all be barking individual bits of luv all week long!!!


Another Month Coming to an End

February 27th 2009 6:58 pm
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What a month it's been. It all started out with Miracle entering the Brickfish Campaign then ending up in 19th place despite a big boost with help from her Dogster furiends. She's now in a new campaign to bring attention to the Animal Rescue Site in hopes of educating more people about a click a day helps feed & care for homeless pets. If we win any monies will be distributed to Mica's IMHA Research Fund and our local rescue group in Miracle's memory. She continues to do good as a very special angel. Current ranking in the contest is number 3 with a total score of 5367.73. We have a good chance at winning this one for Miracle.

Bella & Scooter spread Kleenex tissues all over the computer room on the 5th cuz our pawrents left us all alone for about two hours.

Spike and Bella are part of the KKC Aarroo Band. Spike plays guitar and sings while Bella is the lead singer.

We all got tagged, some of us more than once, and we all barked about it in our diaries. We even barked in here!

Bella got a surprise package in the mail from her boyfuriend, Dugen. She wanted to keep everything, but the collar was way too big for her so mom sent it back. It was very pretty with rhinestone bones...perfect for Bella. Her Valentine entry in the Schnauzers Rule group tied in third place. She wrote it for Dugen.

Spike asked Kady to be his girlfuriend on the 12th and she barked "Yes." Sheba won 3rd Prize in Spreading Love in the Nannerlicious-Contest on the 12th!

Bella's Valentine and boyfuriend is Dugen. Spike's Valentine was Kady. Sheba's was unofficially Ernie George, and Scooter had two Valentine's (Lilly and Sophie Bean). What a month it was with all the wuf going around!

Our diary was a pick of the day on the 17th. Spike was also named the Kit Kat Club's Comedian of the Week on the 17th.

Sheba was a diary pick on the 18th!!

Scooter is entered in the Spay Day 2009 Contest.

One of our dear furiend's, Lassie, crossed Rainbow Bridge on the 22nd.

Scooter turned two years old on the 22nd and Sheba turns 13 tomorrow!!

And we now all have our very own Kong, which we barked about yesterday. Sophie Bean barked at Scooter and told him to call the police cuz it must be a crime against doggies not to have Kongs!! Now you can send 'em back cuz mom came through. She's pulling down recipes from the Kong site. She put those few little biscuits that came with the Kongs & the peanut buttery stuff in them earlier this morning and she said we were all "quiet as church mice" for a change.


We All Got Some Goodies Yesterday

February 26th 2009 8:57 pm
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We've been wanting to bark in our diary since yesterday afternoon when mom returned from Petco. She didn't even take one of us with her. Shame on mom! We heard the ad on TV that says Petco is where the pets go so how come we couldn't go?? We barked for an answer, but mom says we're too much of a "handful."

Thanks to Scooter's furiends for making him the winner of the January Luv My Pet contest. He got two $50 gift cards in the mail earlier this month. Mom finally cashed them in for a big bag of dog food for him and Bella, one strong tough Kong for each of us with some of the peanut butter stuff that goes inside, some of the Halo treats she said she'll stuff inside too, and each of us got a St. Patty's Day bandana that says 100% Irish with big red lips, and Spike got a St. Patty's tie that says "Kiss Me I'm Irish." He really is the TB cuz he's the only one who got a tie. Mom said it's cuz they only had one and she couldn't resist not getting it. She also said Spike can share that with Scooter. Scooter's got a picture on his page posing with everything. There's also one here of Bella & Scooter. We're so excited to have Kongs cuz we've heard so many pups bark about them. Sophie Bean shared some recipes with Scooter and we can't wait to try some of those with cheese, with yogurt, with peanut butter....yummy, yummy. We wanted to try them all in one day, but mom says no; one at a time! Sometimes mom is no fun but we are so happy we got Kongs!!!!

Aaaaroooooo!!! Aaaaroooooo!!! Aaaaroooooo!!! BOL!!! We all got KONGS!!!!

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