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We Had The Most FURTASTIC Time With Bacon, Beanie and Izzy's- Mom...Our Aunt Mel

April 5th 2012 5:33 pm
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OMD!! We want to bark up a storm about the furtastic time we had from last Thursday afternoon up until Monday morning with our furiend's mom. But we can't get no computer time in between mom's photo uploading, her answering FB messages, e-mails and working outside trying to get that flower bed fixed up so it's purty. We promised not to trample over the stuff she plants, but sometimes Rosie furgets. BOL!!!

When Bacon, Beanie and Izzy's mom came to our house on Thursday evenings we lit into her like a long lost relative. Rosie hit her like a "tank" and knocked her over backwards. It was fun times fur sure cuz not many visitors let us jumps all over them and give kissies. Scooter gave tons of kisses to Auntie Mel, Rosie wanted all the attention, Jiffy wuffed her but stayed his distance while Bella barked to get everyfur in line. All them angel furs was grinning from ears to ears at the grand meeting of our Dogster pawrents. We know Ernie George and Spike kept the ugly weathers away while them mamas went on adventures to New Orleans, Lake Martin, Avery Island, Laura's plantation home, the welcome center and the gator farm. OMD!! The weathers was pawfect despite what the weatherman said about the rains. Good times were had by all!

We gotta run now, but will try to come back and write more and post some picfurs cuz we had the bestest of times. We wuffs Auntie Mel!!


Mom's Fired

December 4th 2012 11:05 am
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That's what Spike always woofed about while on the Earth and now he keeps sending that message down from above. It appears us doggies are too much fur mom to allow us a little Dogster time every now and then. Guess there are too many of us who would take up her personal puter time!! GRRRR!! Of course she's not on as much due to life's circumstances. Anyfur, we're just barking real quick today.

Bella & Rosie are still at odds with each other. Jiffy barks like crazy at them to stop when they even look like they want to attack each other. They were doing good until mom had to go run errands the other day. When she came back it wasn't even five minutes they started to light into each other. It could be because dad is sick in bed and they're not getting any attention from him except his hollering to get off the bed and leave him alone. Life's little ups and downs as mom says so she tries to keep us out of the room as much as possible. We sleeps with her on the pull out sofa bed at night now leaving dad all alone in the big bed.

Jiffy and Rosie are going to the vet tomorrow fur their annual check ups. That's a whole month over due, but again it's cuz of the unforeseen things going on in our lives. Then next week Bella, Scooter, Jiffy and Rosie get their hairs cut before the Christmasy holidays. They're looking quite shaggy right now. Because of the fighting issues with Bella and Rosie there won't be a group photo fur Christmas this year. Mom's trying to create us a nice card to get in the mail before this week's over. She started putting up our cards the other day when hooman brofur came to visit. Somefur grabbed the little box of Christmasy clothespins and took it in the yard. Thankfully Miss Rosie didn't get the box completely open and all the little pins is safe from her reach again. Of course, she got called "bad dog" a few times. BOL!!!

We gotta go...must help mom with some decorating. We're gonna have a Christmas tree this year! Whoo-hoo...first time in a LONG time!! Mom says the little sparkly lights are calming to sit in the darks and watch fur awhile.

We'll try to sneak back on before the holiday so we can send some pressies to our furiends.

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