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December 1st 2008 7:04 pm
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George nominated Sheba for Emma's "Christmas Paws" Baskets!!

George's nomination says: "I nominate Sheba.
Sheba is a rescue who had back surgery over 5 years ago when she ruptured a disc and her regular vet said she would have to be put to sleep furever. Thank dog her Mom said no and she is a happy, healthy baby now."

Emma wrote in the P lus Fun Thread "Sheba....... we wanted you to know, that as part of our gift to you.... we are mailing off a donation - on behalf of you and your family - to Mica's IMHA Research Fund."

We're so thankful to George for this nomination because part of the gift is a donation to help Mica's IMHA Research Fund. Sweet Angel Miracle is smiling down on all of us right now! We're so proud and happy about this. God Bless every one and especially all the furs who were taken from us too soon by this horrible disease.


The Christmas Angel Tree

December 18th 2008 5:29 pm
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Elsa Our Guardian Angel has pictures of the completed Angel Tree on her page! The Angel Tree is BEAUTIFUL!!! I know Elsa must be beaming down on her mom and her mom must be proud to display this in their home. What a wonderful tribute to all the angel furs, including our angel Miracle.

A click on any of the links below will bring up the photos on Elsa's page. We posted a couple in our photo album too; those where we can see Miracle.

Our Tree of Angels

Happy Holidays Pals

Can you see me, Mom

Merry Christmas MOMS! These stars are for you

One beautiful angel tree

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Beautiful Angels

Angels We Have Heard On High

We Wish You a Merry Merry Christmas

Guardian Angels

Tree of Love, Bless Us Every One

For our dogster friends

See me, see me

Lit from within with love

Hi Everybody

Forever Together

Special Forever Friends

All so lovely

Everybody is a star

So many special friends

Do you see who I see?

For Our Friends Who Need Forever Homes

With Love to Our Moms, Our Forever Loved Stars

Forever Loved

God Bless all the Angels.


Guardian Angels

December 24th 2008 5:04 pm
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Throughout the past many stories have been told,
Some very new - some very old.
Stories of guardian angels may have been said to you,
Of Angels in many different forms, but all of these are true.
You see - guardian angels take the form of something close to you.

One may be wondering how they find that special one,
The one they care and love for, to play with and have fun,
What isn't told, is the simple fact that the angel chooses you,
The bond that you would share isn't made up, it is true.
They may finally choose to take your side - when you least expect it,
They will cheer you up when your depressed, their love - you can't avoid it.

When your together you feel free,
When alone you're lonely and sad.
The fact that their life is just so short,
Just tends to make you mad.
Love them while you can,
And be happy for them when they're free,
Because a pet's life is a precious thing,
A rare commodity.


We Got a Pink Ribbon For Our Enhanced Photo

January 1st 2009 8:11 am
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Thank you Lassie for giving us a pink ribbon rosette and "Certificate of Appreciation" for DC Christmas parade'08 Honorable mention (Enhanced category). We all wuf the Doggie Connection and Lassie is a super fur who continues to need all furs prayers.

We all got separate notifications and rosettes in the Christmas Parade as follows....

Honorable mention (Non-Enhanced category)
Honorable mention (Enhanced category)

Honorable mention (Non-Enhanced category)
Honorable mention (Enhanced category)

Honorable mention (Enhanced category)

4th place winner (Non-Enhanced category)
2nd place winner (Enhanced category)

Honorable mention (Non-Enhanced category)
3rd place winner (Enhanced category)


January Has Been Good To Us

January 23rd 2009 12:30 pm
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What a month it's been. We've won a few contests and had lots of fun here on Dogster.

Spike has been Comedian of the week a few times at the KKC, had a blast in the Secret Pal exchange at Schnauzers Rule and luvs Dogster very much.

Sheba has a few medical issues, but those are under control for the time being. She's still taking several meds and is on a special diet for her allergies.

Bella turned two this past Tuesday. She's one popular little girl now. She won KKC's best dancer last night with her pal Dugen. They were dancing up a storm!

Scooter's a diary pick today. He luvs to play and give kisses more than write, but he's in a photo contest which we hope he comes out the winner. If he does he'll win $100 to spend at Petco. We're all rooting for Scooter to be the winner HERE. Just for voting some other lucky pup can also win a $100 gift card.

We still miss Miracle a whole lot and wonder where she was this time last year. She is still here furever in spirit.

We support the Animal Rescue Foundation of LA and hope others will help the foundation win $10,000 to help keep doing the great work it does by finding pets new furever homes. Our wish is that all our furiends and lots more dogs here on Dogster will help by voting for this foundation.
With all the doggies in the house now this could also help us cuz our mom could win a $50 gift certificate for being a top recruiter. We are delighted to see some of our furiends have voted and we appreciate their help.

Everyfur should Click on the Animal Rescue Site to Help Feed Homeless Pets every single day!!


One More Day to Vote For Scooter in the Pet Photo Contest

January 30th 2009 8:43 pm
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Pawlease VOTE for Scooter Here so he can win a $100 Petco gift card. We all get to share in his good fortune if he wins so it means a lot to us!!! BOL!!
Just for voting you can also be in a drawing to win a $100 gift card.


Watch The Videos and Help Feed Dogs in Shelters

January 31st 2009 11:49 am
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Every time you watch a video ad at Pedigree's Site it donates a bowl of food to dogs in shelters. These are funny videos too so what a great way to feed doggies and have fun at the same time.

Today is the last day to VOTE for Scooter so he can win a $100 Petco gift card. I'll get to share in his good fortune if he wins so it means a lot to me also!!! BOL!!
Just for voting you can also be in a drawing to win a $100 gift card.


We're All Rooting For Miracle's Entry in a Contest That Ends- Feb. 9th

February 5th 2009 9:12 pm
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Pawlease take the long way around to vote for Miracle. You can access mom's profile page then click on the "View and Vote" button under the "Campaigns" box in the upper right hand corner of the page. Then click on the "View and Vote" button. Miracle's campaign entry will load and all it requires is for you to click on VOTE for Miracle's Entry Here. If you have time, pawlease leave a review cuz mom heard rumor it helps boost the entry. This contest ends on February 9th.


We Wuf Miracle and Our Dogster Furmily

February 13th 2009 8:46 am
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THANK YOU to ALL our WONDERFUL DOGSTER PALS!!!!!!! You truly are the best! Miracle is smiling down from Heaven above at all the outpouring of love. It is truly amazing how we were at number 235 last Friday, but after posting here on Dogster we ended up at number 19. The power of Dogster furiends is pawesome! We asked for help and everyfur came through, but we should have asked sooner. Mom entered another campaign with Miracle's beautiful photo.

Mom was so touched by some of the nice comments left about Miracle. One said, " can see the love in those eyes." Another comment came from the mother of an entry mom had been supporting. She said, "This picture really captures the personality and heart of this little one!!!" That brought tears to mom's eyes, but she went back and posted this reply: "Thank you for the wonderful comment about Miracle's photo. I guess that explains why it's my favorite photo of her. It was taken approx. two weeks after I rescued her. I was sitting on the couch talking to her while taking pictures. Needless to say she stole my heart right away and I still miss her so much." The photo is still one of her favorites. She thinks Miracle was saying thank you for saving me, bringing me into your home and I wuf you already.

The comments came from our furiends here on Dogster, from mom's fellow Toby Warriors and from strangers. What a great place to reach out to others and bring awareness for the pets like Miracle who end up in a pound somewhere wondering if they'll get another chance before they're number is called.

Our new entry is also getting attention as it is at number 31. Mom entered another campaign to bring attention to the Animal Rescue Site... to those who may not know about feeding homeless pets by simply clicking the purple button. Most everyfur we know already is aware of this pawesome site so we won't go posting all over Dogster to drum up votes for this one. Mom is passionate about this, but is not excited about the prize this time around unless it can be turned in for cash. It's a makeover trip to L.A. for herself. She would rather be home with us doggies than travel anywhere again. If there's another campaign with prize money she will post more vigorously here because a portion of any monetary winnings will go to Mica's IMHA Research fund in Miracle's memory.

One of our dear furiends Rufus posted a special review on the new entry. Thanks, Rufus. You will always be special to us too.


OMD! We Are A Diary Pick Today

February 17th 2009 7:43 am
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We are all running around barking and arrooooing like crazy cuz we're a dairy pick today. Mom says we are quite a bunch of barkers when we got something to say!!! BOL!!!

We only got one thing to bark about right now and that's Miracle's message.

Miracle's Message:

Thank you all my wonderful furiends! We came in at number 11, but now mommy decided to enter a new campaign to bring awareness to the Animal Rescue Site and now hopes to win. My new entry is under "What are you Passionate About?" Most of you know mommy is very supportive of the AIHA/IMHA research fund and our local animal rescue foundation. She has no intentions of going to L.A. if she wins (that's the grand prize). She hopes it can be cashed in or she can raffle it for money for these two causes. Same with any other winnings from this campaign; if we win one of the makeup gift packs it will be raffled to help the causes.

The voting ends on March 9th, but furs can vote more than once a day. I am currently at number 33, but with the power of Dogster furiends we're sure to win. After all we went from number 235 all the way to number 19 within four days during the first campaign!!!

If you choose to help me win go to Miracle's Campaign and vote for me as often as possible. It will tell you once you've voted how many hours you have to wait before you can return to vote again.

And if you would pawlease leave a review; brief comment or long review cuz we believe it helps with the rating. This has not been confirmed, but I was told this during the first campaign.

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