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I've Been Tagged

April 1st 2009 10:57 am
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I've Been Tagged Twice once by Gizmo and Once by Marjorie Madison.
Well her it goes..... 7 Things about me, then I tag 7 other Pups.

1. My favorite foods are cheese and chicken.

2. I love to Sunbathe and play in my Pool.

3. I dont like to sleep in my crate at bed time.

4. When I wag my Tail my whole butt shakes.


6. I was named after Sanford Stadium, where the World Famous Univerity of Georgia Bulldogs play Football.

7. I have had no more Pee-Pee Accidents in TWO WEEKS.

Pups that i Have tagged:


Crate Update

March 23rd 2009 8:37 am
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Sanford is doing very well on his crate training, Who says you cant teach an old dog new Tricks. He only Peed in it once and I think the reason why is that I put his Crate pad (Bed) in there. He is even going in and out all by himself and playing with his toys that are in there. Or he goes in to get the treats that he is hording, that we use to bribe him of going in when its time to go to bed or when we have to leave the house.



March 17th 2009 5:42 am
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Yahoo!!!!!! It worked. Took Sanford for two nice long walks last night and crated him at bedtime and this morning......No Potty in the crate and he woke up wagging his tail. No aggression and no Growling. I felt a lot less stressed out also. So from now on he gets Crated at bedtime and when we are away. I really think he needed to be put back into his place, think he was getting a little big for his britches and trying to run our Roost. Hopefully this will teach him no Potty in the house and will structure him more so he knows where his boundaries are. I will keep up with this routine and let ya'll know how things are going.


Going Pee inside house and being Aggressive

March 16th 2009 1:42 pm
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I posted a Thread in Behavior and Training.
Having trouble with Sanford going to the potty in the House. Its always where I sit or lay. Like he is claiming me or claiming territory. Well I tried correcting him one morning and All I did was show him the sheet and said "Bad Boy". Well every morning now he growls at me and Blocks my path to the living room or sofa and wont let me near it. If anyone gets a chance to read the thread and let me know what you think. I will gladley appreciate it. Going to start with the Crate tonight. Also going to take him the the Vet Sat Morning to see and make sure there is no medical isssues going on with him. So For now, No getting on the Furniture, crating at night, No Rough House play or tug of war. Plenty of walks at night. If he starts to growl at me in the Morning, just ignore him. Does anyone else have Any Ideas or Thoughts. Thanks soooo much. I would love any help or Advice.


Bissell Contest

February 17th 2009 5:41 am
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Well we are trying it again........
Sanford entered Week 6 of the Bissell Photo Contest. We enter all kinds of Contest and never seem to have any luck. I enter ALL the contest on this site and no luck, Photo Contest, No luck. Keeping Our Paws crossed this time. It would be kinda nice to place in something. If you are interested in Voting, its week 6. Thanks all


Pet Peeves

February 12th 2009 5:18 am
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I Dont mean to complain or anything, just wanted to make a General Comment or if anyone has the answer to this to let me know. Why Dont Dogs sometimes respond to Pawmails or Gifts when you send them? I Sent out 12 Valentines Gifts in the last few days and have only got 4 Thanks you back. Most of which are on here almost everyday.


7 Things about me

February 6th 2009 7:04 am
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I have Fursister Named Onyx. She is a little Black Dwarf Bunny.
I cry and Whine when Mommy and Daddy eat dinner and I want what they are having.
I dont like to be woke up in the morning when Mommy is getting ready for work in the morning, and she has to take me outside. She calls me Eyore in the morning.
When Daddy gives me treats, I let the Crumbs stay on the floor and wont pick them up.
Everytime I drink water, mommy has to dry my chin and neck.
I Like to play at night when everyone is ready for bed.
My Favorite Past time is Sunbathing on the Front deck when its nice out. And hate it when it rains or the deck is wet, cause then I wont go out.

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