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Another Period of Grief for the Hawley Family

April 14th 2010 3:55 pm
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Its seems like stuff just never ends.... Mom has been thru sooooo much this year and it just keeps making her sadder and depressed. As Many of ya know, Mom Lost her Job in June and then two weeks later her Daddy Died. Then her Nephew has gone thru some pretty major and needed Surgery and has many Complication. By the way he is doing much better and His Second part of his surgery is scheuduled for around the first of June to put his Colon and reconstrution all back together. Well today Mom got a call from my Hu-Gran mom and she said her Cat ( Uncle Nieko) has to put down on Saturday. He is about 18 years old and has been Gran-Ma's main Companion since Gran-Pa Died. She really didnt like cats until Nieko came around when Dad moved back to Ohio and they got remarried 8 years ago and she got really attached to him. The one reason the family is sooo upset is cause they feel like Nieko is the last real Connection that they have wiff Gran-Pa cause he was Gran-pa's Cat. The Family thinks its really funny cause they were not allowed to have Cats as pets when they were kids cause Gran-pa didnt like Cats and all these years later a Cat ended up to be his Best Friend and Pal. Goodbye Dear Nieko. We will ALWAYS love you and remember all the good times that we had and So happy that you were Gran-pa's best friend til the End. Rest In Peace my sweet Uncle Nieko.
Mom's sister is supposed to email some more Pictures of him to put on our page. As soon as we get them we will put them up.


Momm's Nephew is really sick.

February 17th 2010 8:33 am
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As Many of ya'll know, Momma's Nephew had Surgery for his Ulerative Colitis a couple of weeks ago. We got a texted this morning that he is being re-amitted in the hospital and not doing well. He has lost a lot of weight, down to 121lbs and is about 5'9. He is very week can hardley hold his head up and is having abnormal heartbeat. They are doing bloodwork and Re-hydrating him now. Mom's Hu-bro is keeping her posted throughout the day and could really use your Prayers. Her Daddy just passed away last June, so this is really tough on her right now. I wrote a Thread in POTP and will keep updates posted there. Thanks Pals for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.


UGA VII goes to the Bridge

November 20th 2009 11:38 am
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It is a very sad Day for My Family, Univeristy of Georgia and The Bulldog Nation. UGA VII our Dear Beloved Mascot Passed away Thursday 11/19/09 of Heart Failure.We only had him a total of 2 Seasons as a mascot the Bulldog Nation and Fans will miss him Dearly.
He was the Son of UGA 6, and he was only 4 years old. I'am wearing my Georgia Scarf today in the Memory of UGA and will wear my Jersey during the Game tomorrow. We will be without a Mascot for the rest of the Season and Year and a new UGA will not be annouced until Next Year. Thoughts and Prayers go out to the Entire Bulldawg Nation, The University and The Seiler Family. VII (Loren's Best) You will be greatly missed Sweet Dear UGA.



September 12th 2009 9:14 am
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Well we are in Athens again, and I'm having a Ball. I've been playing really hard wiff my Bulldog friends and Dont want to even go in the RV to take a rest. Momma said today was the The BIG DAY whatever that means. We Play South Carolina Gamecocks at 7PM at Home. I Hope the whole team shows up cause I love me some Chickens. Momma also took lots of pictures to show all you guys, I hope she can get them up Soon. Well, gotta run and go play some more before Hamburger and Game time. Talk at ya later,

Love San


Home From GA

August 24th 2009 1:58 pm
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Hello Fellow Dogsters, We just got home at about 4PM Est time. I sure wish I was able to get online more than I did this weekend. Momma got some pics but not a lot, she will try to put them up when she can cause she has unpack yet too. Daddy told momma to hold off on takin a bunch until the first Game against South Carolina when I am dressed in my tailgating gear and the RV is all decorated wiff Bulldog stuff. I got a new Jersey and Bandana too. Momma said that was cause I was a real good boy on our trip. I love our New RV soooo Much. I had a real good time. I got to play wiff My new best friend Larry, He is another B ulldog and made lots of new Friends. Momma also said that I played like a real gentleman and that she was very proud of me. Well off to nap. It was a long ride home...8 Whole Hours in the car, but we stopped a bunch for Drinks and Potty breaks. I even got to mark and PEEEEEE on everything in GA. :) Tata for Now.

P.S. Mom said in three weeks when we go back and she is going to get Pictures of all my new friends so ya'll can see them.


We're Off to Georgia!!!!!!

August 19th 2009 10:20 am
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Hello all Pup Pals. We are going to Ga this weekend.....YAY!!!!! We are leaving tomorrow morning, and taking the RV to Athens and leavin it for Football Season. Sooooo Mommy is off gettin it ready for the road, making sure its packed and ready to go. She even said I have to get a bath to keep the shedded hair of mine down to a bare Minimum. Oh No, I Dont want to be bare..Not sure what day we will back, maybe Sun nite or sometime Mon. We Dont have Internet at our lot, but there are lots of places that have HOTSPOTS, so I Might be able to Pop on Fri for a little while. Mom Said she is going to try her best to get to lots of new Pics of me and some of the RV on our lot all set up. Off for Now, Mom is gunna try to pop on tonight for a little while but has lots to do before we leave. Clean me and Sissy Onyx and vacuum the RV and that kind of stuff. See Ya'll Later.


I'm Home

June 28th 2009 10:16 am
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Hi Guys, I'm finally home. I got home late Saturday Night. It has been a very hard and emotional week. Its funny, Sometimes you just know or realize how much you much you miss your family until you see them when everyone lives out of state. My Nephews are just the greatest Kids. They are so talented. They Played their Music on Fathers Day for Dad and again at his service. My dad said when he listened on Fathers day it was like listening to the Angels. I guess that was a sign. I posted a couple of pictures on our front page of a Rainbow. It had been raining during the service, and this rainbow came out after. It was the brightest and prettiest Rainbow I have ever seen. I guess its another sign that he made it to Heaven. The Pictures really dont do it justice. It looked Awesome live. We were all just in Awe when we saw it.


Very sad Day

June 23rd 2009 7:58 am
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As many of you know, I had to Fly to Cleveland on Saturday to see my Dad as he was very Sick. I had said that I would keep ya'll posted. Well. He seemed to be improving on Saturday and Sunday and he had a very nice Father's Day with the Family. I'm very Sad to report that he passed away on Monday at 512Am. Thanks to everyone for their Thoughts and Prayers. I will be returning on Sat butvery late. I will try to pop on sometime during the week to just kinda escape for brief periods of time. Thanks again everyone for thinking of us in this time of Grief.


Summer Gifts

June 3rd 2009 5:15 pm
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I recieved my Summer Gifts Today from the Gift exchange. My Pal Rocket is my Partner, she sent me all kinds of stuff. I got a red and white football that matches all my Georgia Bulldog stuff and it floats so I can play in pool wiff it. I also got 2 really long Bully sticks, that I LOVE to chew on. And last but not least a really nice card and some Watermelon seeds to plant. we will have fresh Watermelon to eat this Summer.... YUMMYLICIOUS. :) You can see how much I'm enjoying them on my page. I will get more pics wiff my football and pool when its nice enough to go swimming. It has been raining lots here and havevnt been able to play outside alot yet. Its supposed to be really nice this weekend so maybe then. I want to also let everyone know that Mini and I are getting married tomorrow in The Vegas Forum so join us if you can. everyfur is invited. Its between 12:30 and 130 PM Dogster Time. Hope to see every fur then.
Tata for Now
San Man



May 1st 2009 8:16 am
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We got great news this Morning. We finally got approved from the Bank today to get a new RV.. Yeah we are sooooo excited. This new one is great. It has 2 Slide outs. So now when we go places or when we go to Athens this season for football we have lots more room for Sanford. He is has own little Space and area. He Loves being in the RV he gets soooooo excited and happy to go places. we are going to have lots of fun in this new one with San-Man.

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