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When Irish Dogs Are Smiling


September 5th 2009 2:39 pm
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I am leaving on my pirate ship to Ireland.. My name and ship are:
Red Mischief Styles
Ship Name : Miss Rescencia The Cruel Sea


Happy Weekend

July 24th 2009 5:27 pm
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Woof Woof
I have made alot of new friends this week. I have had all my things blown away in a storm, but we found them in the cow pasture.
Speaking of cows. We are in a extreme drought here in Texas. I was let outdoors in late evening and Mom and The Boy (I love The Boy so much) were filling up my water dish for the night when all these cows next door came running over to the fence mooing and snorting and flinging cow snots all over(Mom gagged BOL). So The Boy held the hose over the fence and those cows drank from the hose. So funny, well till they all got excited over that water. Mom and The Boy had to put my swimming pool under the fence and fill it TWICE for those thirsty bovines! They drank and left. I will make sure to bark at them next time they venture into our yard.
I will be glad for fall as I get to stay out more. I have all kinds of critters I am friends with. Mom says we have to BE CAREFUL shots and all since there is a rabies outbreak here.
Gotta run and chase kitties!
Woof Woof
Doyle O Doggie


Woof Woof Too Long

June 19th 2009 1:31 pm
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Woofs n Wags
I have been gone awhile but now I am back. I must say it is hot here in Texas! Trips are fun!
I had a bath with some new shampoo and some treats. I am very good in the tub for Mom!
I found a new feral kitty outside. He belongs to Sybal, the really feral momma cat. The kitten drinks from my outdoor waterbowl when I am not around. Now that is ok with me. I like the kitties!
Now I am off to bury my treats. And roll in the grass. BOL.. I will be woofing here more now!
Doyle O Doggie


Today Is My Barkday

March 17th 2009 3:10 am
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Woof Woof
I am 5 years old today...I will have steak and a doggie bisquit, a big old doggiee bisquit like always...The kitties will help me celebrate.
I am so excited!!!!! Also it is St Patricks day, and I have chased my fair share of snakes off my home soil too. BOL.
Doyle O Doggie


Stew Stew I Love Stew!

December 21st 2008 4:48 pm
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Woof Woofs of joy!
I got warm stew for my dinners tonight. I love stew. I love veggies. I love venison. I love mom! I do not like sharing tho, so the feral Kittys got their own stew.
I got stew. Stew Stew Stew! I love stew! I love veggies! I love venison! I love mom!
I am a Happy Doggie!
Woof Woof and dreams of more stew!
Doyle O Doggie


Where Did The Summer Go?

December 15th 2008 12:10 pm
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Woofing and Shivering
Alot of things have happened since I visited here. We got snow and we played in it and I ate a snow ball Mom tossed at me. It was very pretty but I was glad when it melted.
BOL. I had all my food heated up and new hay added to my igloo and yard, tho I have an indoor bed too I throw a fit if I have to stay indoors. It isnt usually so cold here and then it warmed back up and now cold again. That is Texas weather, tired of it, wait 5 minutes and it will change. BOL.
I chased the feral cats up my Huisache tree and would not let them down and Mom and The Girl fussed at me a bit but gave me doggie treats and rescued the kittys. They were never in danger it is just fun to chase them up the tree and good excersise for them and me too. BOL BOL. Plus it is a reminder that I am Top Dog in this yard. The cows visited me again. They were after the hay but I chased them off, they wont climb the tree tho.
Christmas is nearing and we all get presents and I hope I get rawhide chews and peanut butter biskits and pig ears and a new ball. I buried mine.
Woof Woof
Doyle O Doggie


Cow Dog

November 18th 2008 6:02 pm
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Woof Woof
I had a visit from a calf today. It came thru the fence and right into my area. I was not amused. Nosirreee. I barked like mad, not rabid mad but just doggone mad and Mom and My Boy came to see and the calf which mom says was about 6 months old nearly kicked me in the head. I was not afraid. It ran and My Boy Chased it, he has long legs and for a minute I thought he would catch it and visions of steaks done med rare danced in my head. BOL...But the bovine escaped and found its silly way back into the pasture. I liked chasing it but it would not climb the trees like my feral kitty friends, so it goes on my list of amusing but boring.
I had a nice dinner of my favorite dog kibble and Mom put some broth on it like I like. Yummy. Now it is off to my bed.
Woof Woof
Doyle O Doggie


My First day

November 11th 2008 2:54 pm
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I have already made some friends today. My mom had to make sure it was OK with The Boy to put me out here on Dogster. She said I would have alot of fun. I am too!
I am a Paddys Day pooch. I have Irish Eyes too. Warm and full of fun and love of life.
I grew up with a housefull of kitties, so I have very cat like traits, like I slap and snuffle like the kitties when I fight. But I am ALL Dog. I smell very doggie and hate bathing but I am well behaved in moms tub. I like to visit in the house but I whine to go back out. I go indoors in bad weather and sleep in The Boy's room in a kennel. I chase the kitties all over when I am not being watched. BOL...I prefer fish flavored food and love to eat sardines!
I am glad to be here
Doyle O'Doggie

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