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Home:Bayamón/P.R./Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 8 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 1-10 lbs

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Full name is Yuki Joy but I can respond to just plane Yuki or to Tipo.(The name tipo is only use by grandpa Jose and I only respond to him when called that way)

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not playfulvery playful

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October 1st 2008

Yuki like to play with me all the time and he constatly follows me around the house.He also loves playing in the back yard.He is a little bit of an explorer.

Being left alone in a room and when somebody wakes me up rudely and with loud noises.

Favorite Toy:
my shoes......he likes bitting them.......He also has a stuffed animal that he likes very much. It used to be white and now is black from all the bitting. I tried to cleaned it but it didnt lasted 5 minutes before it was black again.lol

Favorite Food:
He is on '' By Nature'' but he loves getting his bacon and little pieces of apple.

Favorite Walk:
around my feet jaja.He enjoys running in the back yard al well.

Best Tricks:
still learning....but he does know sit,lay down,roll-over,kisses,high 5,and stan up.

Arrival Story:
When I was five we got this 2 dogs. When it came to playtime the whole family got involved but when it came to feeding or giving them baths only me and mom where there. Soon enough they grew very tall and being a inmature five year old I found the dogs 2 scary so my mom was left to do all the work by herself. Soon my mom started getting back problems and since they were so big and required so much energy to be bathed, bath time was left aside and they were sended to sleep in the backyard. About 10 years later my neighborhood got a flea and tick infestecion and sure enought our dogs were victims of it. The infestecion was very big and killed my dogs. Lack of proper care on our part. I cried for several days knowing that if I had taken proper care of the dogs then the fleas and ticks wouldnt have been able to get to them. Two years later I had this incredible teacher who loves dogs and who would often talk about proper care of dogs. She had 8 shelter dogs herself and was a part of an organization of animal protection. I learned a whole lot of stuff from her and she was the one that got me interested in giving myself a chance and getting another dog. I got Yuki. The cutest shih-tzu ever. He recives holistic food only. Brush daily. Bath weekly. And playtime 24/7. He is the best thing that ever happend to me and he change my life completly. Yes, I do still feel guilty for how I treated my other two dogs but I have indeed change all that with Yuki. Today I am a proud doggie mom and I am planning on adopting a brother or sister for Yuki as I feel I am now a very responsable dog owner.

Hey my name is Yuki and I am a 6 month old shi-tzu living in Puerto Rico with my mommy Luna and her parents Marisol and Jose and her brother Guillermo.I often follow my mom everywhere and I like it when she plays with me.My mom was originaly planing to name me Cookie but that would be just cruel to Marisol who had just started a diet.jeje.I dont really know where the name Yuki came out of but is very similar to the name Yuri. My mom's imaginary friend from childhood was named Yuri so grandma Marisol thinks that is possible that mom named me Yuki subconsiosly thinking of her imaginary friend that she loved so much when she was little.I spend 85% of my time following my mommy and playing with her and the other 15% of the time I spend it ploting ways to make her play some more.Me and my mommy very much hope that we get to meet a lot of other shi-tzu owners in here who can help my mommy race me in the best way posible.Bye bye!!!!

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Come and pet me,you know you want to!!!!

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November 8th 2008 More than 8 years!

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Yuki´s Everlasting Dream

Lets all play in the backyard!!!!

January 14th 2009 3:32 pm
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So school started for my mom again.It so sad.She leaves early in the morning and doesnt come back until 3:30 or 4:00 depending on the public bus schedule.You want to know was worst,when she does come home she has to get her homework done.So having her home doesn't mean that I can get attention.Right now all I can do is sleep a little bit on top of her lap as she does her homework to get some time with her.

Don´t feel too sad for me thought.Today mom came home from school and the first thing she did was give me all the attention humanly possible before doing her homework and after doing her homework ....more attention.wujuuuu!!!!! First she came cuddle,baby talk,cuddle some more and then took me out to the yard which I love.The sun high up in the sky keeping me warm,the grass green and confy for me to run around in,and my mom feet as my favorite toy.

So I don't really know the name of the game we play but I'll tell you how we play and you can help us figure out the name ok? So first my mom call for my attention.I was sitting down in the grass just thinking about my puppy life and then mom called.

-¨Yuki Joy¨

-¨Yuki Joy¨

Once she had my attention she started top run as fast as she could away from me.Being the curious and playful pup that I am,I quickly ran after her to see what the hurry was about.As it turns out she was just running for the fun of it and she started to laught.As is common of me I had to bite her sneekers. She was wearing her white sneekers which is the only pair of shoes that I am allow to bite because they are already really old.As soon as I forgot about her and stop biting she started to run again.Again I went after her and boom...sneekers biting time,except this time she didn't give me enough time to get to her feet before she started to run again.We did this again and again until both my tongue and my mom's were out of our mouths.Most of the time mom ran too fast with her long human legs and got away from me and my 3 months old puppy legs but don't worry I still had fun.

As if you could guess I had lots of fun today and I got some exercise while having fun.Hopefully we will do this again tomorrow if mom isn't too scare of losing.Today was just a little warm-up battle,tomorrow,the big war will begin and ''I shall hold the victory or my name is not Sir Yuki''.jiji.

Lots of Love


Long time no see....

January 11th 2009 12:06 am
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So its been a really long time since I've compose a new entry.But my profile has been constantly change in the past months.Mom keeps her eyes open for new layouts all the time.

So what can I tell you about the past couple of months? ..... Well on the scary side I've been to the vet twice and I am not going back.jaja.Its a scary place to be in.Sure the doctor was kinda of nice but on both visits they place something on me that made me feel really weird for a bit.It was like a mosquito bite or something.Mom said that it was for my own good.How can this so call ''shots'' be any good? They made me feel funny.That cannot be good.On the plus side the vet gave me this thing call heartguard that tasted like meat and I enjoy that part.But only that part.There were other dogs in that place.Some as small as me and other really big and scary.Like I said ''never again will I go there''.Mom said I have to go back for check-ups in six months.Good luck with that mom.

On the happy side I am growing.Who gets to be a big boy? Me,Me.Christmas came.There was a lot of partying going onn in this house.The whole family came on the 24 of dicember and then we went to another family house on the 25.I got presents.Toys and shirst and a necklace with my name on it in sparkly letters.I got the bling-bling now.jiji.Then the family came here again for the 31 but that time I didnt get to see them all that much.There was too many scary noises and my mom had to leave me in the safe zone of our room with all doors and windows close to keep as much of the noises out as possible.But she and the family came upstairs to check on me about every 15 minute and they left the tv on so it wasnt so bad.The party of the 31 went on and on until 6.00 am.Can you believe that?.Party animals.Then all the visitors started to leave and my mom finally got some sleep.But the party started up again on the night of the 1 of january.And they sang happy 3 months birthday to me.wujuu.Then there was another 2 parties on the 5 and 6 of january.Something call the 3 kings day.It was a celebration much like Santa Claus but this time the party was even bigger.The kids all had empty shoe boxes and they filled them up with grass for the camels of this 3 kings.The 3 king had to go and leave presents for baby jesus.But they dint forget all the other kids around the world either.My mom tuck the time to explain to me and the other children that the party was bigger that the one for Santa Claus because that party was celebrated in Puerto Rico alone while Santa Claus was celebrated all over the world.Since is our special tradition then is more important.It was really cool.

I could definetly live through Christmas again.The light all over the house and garden.The three in the living room.The presents,and the parties.I cant wait till next year.

Lots of love
Yuki Joy

PS.When I said the whole family was here for the parties I meant it.Aunts and uncles,grandpas and grandmas and cousins everywhere.There were also a lot of close family friends.I think we actually had 70 to 80 people in the house.There were some big parties indeed.



November 12th 2008 3:32 pm
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So I couldnt write an entry yesterday.Things were pretty busy around here and my mommy was doing homework until well into the night.Oh well...at least now I have more to talk about.2 things have happen in the last 2 days that have my moms slightly stun and scare for me.

1.FLEAS-My mommy saw a flea in the balcony and she went balistic.She instantly told grandpa Jose about it and went into cleaning mode.That wasn´t and 'all to happy moment' for me.She check all over our room for fleas clean the room TWICE,even thought she didnt see anything in there and she check my hair for any pest may have been on top of me.Well,the last part wasnt so bad.It was kinda of nice just sitting in her lap while she move my hair around.It was kinda of like a massage.The only difference was that the massage therapist is 16 years old and really scare for my health.Do real massage therapist even care if your healthy? jiji

2.Jumping-Another thing that happen that still has my family slightly stun happen last night also.So.... I was in the sofa with grandma looking all cute and stuff when I suddenly got the urge to be in my mommy´s arms.So I started to bark to get mommy´s attention.She was doing homework and she looked towards me and baby talk me,but dint pick me up and cuddle with me,which was kinda of the point of me barking.So what do I do next? I jump right out of the sofa and walk toward her so she would pick me up.Grandma and mommy where so scare.They where so surprise that I had jump of the sofa with such a young age.Did they really expect me to just sit there and wait for mommy to come to me when I could have just gone to her? Get real guys.....It was actually kind of scary jumping of the couch because the couch is kind of tall but hey!!! ''whats done is done''.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have lots of new things to talk about but for now I am going to go plot ways to get my mommy to pick me up.Wouldnt that be nice? Well ....See yah!!!! ^_^

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