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My Tail of Devotion for Pharaoh (In Memory)

August 17th 2006 10:26 pm
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Found tied to the door of the dog pound,
A large, mixed-breed, ungainly growing pup.
Whisked away from death's door by the Shelter,
The dog no one wanted came to us.

Big feet, long legs and whip-cord tail,
His cute puppy features were gone;
But with passage of time and maturing,
The ugly duckling turned into a swan.

Named after the great kings of Egypt,
He grew large with regal and haughty air;
And marched to the beat of his own drum,
Yet kind-hearted and gentle--traits so rare.

He ran with the strides of a Thoroughbred,
Untiring, powerful and long;
Head high with tongue lolling and eyes twinkling,
He outraced the rabbits for fun.

He tracked through the backwoods and fields;
Off his golden-red coat glistened the sun.
And defended our home with such vigor,
Never afraid, he backed down to no one.

His appearance attracted attention;
Flowing coat, burnished red, touched with black.
What type of dog is it -- the question.
One-Of-A-Kind, I responded back.

He loved meeting all earthy beings,
Children, women and men, young and old.
Even puppies and kittens found safety
At his side with his heart good as gold.

By my side he walked faithfully, always;
Guarding against perils imagined or true.
Against his strong back I was steadied.
If I stumbled, he was there, right on cue.

But time, as they say, waits for no one
And the illness, malignant and cold,
Commanded I make the decision
That everyone dreads to be told.

Kind hands assisted his passing.
Tears falling and holding him near;
Did he hear my last accolade to him?
"Good Boy", whispered in his ear.

The newspaper lays in the driveway
Unfetched, as is mail in the box.
His bed has been washed and put away
His cookies in the jar stay untouched.

I walk alone down the road now,
In the silence of the cold, blowing snow.
No loyal vigilant at my side.
Just the ghost of my faithful Pharaoh.

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