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Diary of a Superdog

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February 23rd 2010 9:40 am
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oH my goodness its SNOWING!!!
Like the first time in my LIFE! :D Well, except when I was in Kansas City, but the first time in Texas!
It DID snow like a couple months ago, but none of it stuck, this is AAAWESOME! its soooo much fun to run around owner says it makes me crazy!
She was throwing it for me too, it LOOKED like a ball, but when I try to pick it up it disappears! :(
Oh well.
I loooooove the snow!
My owner also says some place called Dallas got like....a lot last week! :) I bet that would be fun!


Merry Christmas!!!

December 24th 2009 11:06 pm
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Well, I haven't written anything in a while, but thats okay, nothing has happened! :)
I hope everyone and their dogs (yeah, and cats too :P) have a very merry Christmas!
I have to stay at home while my owner is in Nashville, but at least I'm not alone, and maybe I'll get a toy or something. That would be cool.
Merry Christmas!!!!



September 10th 2009 3:40 pm
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Guess what?? Its been RAINING for the past like, 3 days! Its rained practically ALL day today, I can't even go outside for a minute without getting wet!
There was this thing called "thunder" a lot today, I barely remembered what it was! I was kinda scared so I followed my owner around all day.
At least its finally rained!!



August 23rd 2009 5:38 am
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Well, this week has been crazy! Wednesday I got shoved in the crate for 2 hours, got out in PetsMart, got gum in my foot, crated for another 3 hours then got out in "Dallas". Went to Petco again. Then stuck in the crate in a house for a while before going to bed. Then Thursday we had a cool trip in the rain! :) Got out at a cool petstore and got me a squeaky toy!!! XD
I slept for a good long time, got to listen to the radio and sit on my owners lap. Then we arrived at another house where I got to come out and romp around on this awesome stuff called carpet!!! Then I slept in the crate then we got up early and got in the car agAIN! That was NOT fun. 4 hrs, one stop, 5 hrs. UGH. Then I was stuck in my big crate on the back deck all evening, slept in the lil' one indoors at night! I got to play with my cousin (Domino) but I think I got a lil' worried, I guess I snapped and growled a little bit.... :(
We got to go for a walk and romp in the park with Dster!!
Then I was stuck in the crate, long line, different rooms...blah blah blah. Me and Domino finally got along and romped around in the house. We hung around all day until this BIG truck came in the driveway and I was sent back to the crate and Domino was locked in the bedroom.
We got to go for another walk and run around in the backyard. I had a pretty good night. Napped in the living room with Auntie Heather, then got some peanut butter and went to bed.
This morning me and Domino tried to play but I think Domino wanted to play with my toy, in my ONLY room, and we got in a little fight. :(


Funness planned! -finally- >:(

August 15th 2009 2:51 pm
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I'm sOOoooO exited!!! My owner says she's giving me a belated birthday present! :D
I'm not sure when, probably Monday, we're going to this cool place (San Antonio?) which I haven't been to since I was at that shelter, by the way, anywho, we're going to this AWESOME store called PetsMart! That place is soooo cool! Especially when I get stuff for me! :) Oh yeah, and we're going to some place called "McAllister Dog Park". Sounds pretty cool right? I've never been to a dog mom says she's paranoid about taking me, but that I'd probably like it. I wonder, it says "dog" in the name...maybe I'll get to play with other dogs! That would be very, very cool! Right now, all I have is a couple neighbor dogs to play with on that-horrible-contraption-known-as-a*coughLeashcouch*, and my friend Tico, but he isn't that cool (sorry!) 'cause he's so small!
Well, wish me luck in the city, and hope (my mom says) I don't get eaten! :)


Happy bday to meeee!

July 30th 2009 5:00 am
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Yaaay! Today is my BIRTHDAY! I'm so excited! I am finally 2yrs old today! My owner says she'll do something special, but I wanna know NOW!! :(



July 13th 2009 4:06 pm
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Hey Dogsters! Guess what? I got to go SWIMMING yesterday! It was AWESOME! I never thought I'd like it, but there I was, swimmin', splashin' and even doing what Mom calls "dock jumping" off rocks! Cool, eh? Sure feels good in this Texas 105 degree heat! Maybe I can do it again sometime!


A doggie quiz-thing! fun!

June 4th 2009 4:02 pm
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:About you:.

Name: Zackintosh CJ (Zack)

Age (in dog years): 1 1/2

Age (in human years): 10

Breed: Labrador Retriever x Jack Russell Terrier

Fur color: Fawn/Tan/Blonde ;)

Fur Patern: No particular pattern, but I have darker shading, and lighter "stripes" over my shoulders.

Size: Bigger side of small, I prefer smaller side of medium!

Weight: 28 lbs.

Nuetered/Spayed: Yes, at 10 weeks.

Where are you now: Probably outdoors.

How many brothers/sisters did/do you have: Just a bird. :

Do you have any strange markings: Black spotted tongue :)

Were you adopted from a pound: it was a rescue, but basically yeah.


Food: Merrick Wingaling canned, Taste Of The Wild.

Sleeping spot: Couch, floor, in the dirt, bed.

Walking place: Anywhere, I like the beach walking in the sand.

Bone: Raw! Oh yeah!

Treat: Raw meat, peanut butter, yogurt, fish, shrimp, chicken, I'm not picky!

Animal to chase: Rabbits and deer or any fenced in dogs.

.:Top 3:.

Who's you #1 friend: My mom! :)

#2 friend: Tico

#3 friend: My Auntie Heather.

Whats you #1 toy: Broken stuffed Chihuahua.

#2 toy: AirKong tennis dumbbell.

#3 toy: squeaky toys.

.:Have you ever:.

Been to the beach: Yep!

Seen snow: Yes

Traveled out of your town: Yes

Bite a person: Sorta, just a play bite! :D

Been bit BY a person: Um...

Ate a frog: No but I'd like to!

Broke a leg or paw: Nope


Most annoying a human can do: Hmm....probably not let me eat all that good stuff on the road! :(

Most awsome this a human can do: Take me bikejoring, let me sleep on their bed and follow them around.

Do you wear a collar: yes

If so what color: depends, sometimes blue bone pattern or green camo.


Ugh, hard work!

May 18th 2009 8:19 pm
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Today I had to haul trees! Ugh. It was sorta fun at first but then I got hot and tired and slept in the grass! :)
It was pretty fun to eat the trees afterwords though!



April 22nd 2009 3:00 pm
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Last week I was stuck inside because of the rain, now its because of the heat!
Lately its been in the 80's-90's, today its 92! :(
Last night, at 8, it was still 85! Oy. Don't like this AT ALL.
Can't play outdoors for more than 10 minutes without hiding under a board in the dirt. Its too tiring to go for walks.
Guess I'm stuck with sleeping. Sigh....

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