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Woof woof woof

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O hai, everybody :)

October 19th 2010 5:58 pm
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Hi there! I'm Keisha. Good to see u. It is October. Outside, it is getting cold, but I am furry, so that is not so bad for me. I have a new jacket that I can't wait to try! It is puffy and red and black. I bet it will look great. :)

I have to take some medicine, because I have arf-ritis. This means the joints in my legs and paws hurt sometimes. Mom gives me all my medicine, though, and I've been getting better. I've been able to go for walks and play around the house. That feels pretty good. :)

I got some new toys. One of them is a squeaky toy that looks like a rectangle with a picture of a bone on it, and the other is a ball with sparkly blue glitter inside. It's fun to chase them and catch them. Grrrrrr! :) When I'm done, I sit on the couch, and my friend D.R. pets me. It's fun.

Okay, that's all for now. I will see you soon. Thanks! :)


Happy Fourth of July! :)

July 3rd 2010 10:03 pm
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O hai, everybody. I'm Keisha, thank you for reading. :)

Happy Fourth of July to everyone in the U.S.! (Please be careful and keep your pets inside during fireworks, so they do not run away because they get scared from the loud noises. Inside is the safest place for them.)

I hope everyone has lots of cookies and burgers and a good time! :) Thank you. I'll see you later.


Happy glad time :)

June 10th 2010 3:43 pm
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Hello, everyone. I have good news. I am thirteen! Wheeeeeeee! Birthdays are fun. I got a new stuffed toy friend, Mr. Duck, and lots of treats. Mmmm, they are yummy. :) My family really loves me. :)

I got to have little bits of pretzel today. Yum, they were crunchy! I like things that have salt. I also watched when my friend D.R. went to the fridge. She was only getting some fruit juice, though.

I can jump really high, did you know? I jumped on the couch today, and on the big bed in Mom's room. Dad says I can fly.

Okay, that is all for now. Thank you for reading. I hope you have a good time and I will see you later. :)


Hi, there! :) It's May time

May 15th 2010 12:16 pm
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Hey everyone, it's May 15th where I live. It's a hot day! Outside, it's very sunny, but my Dad doesn't want me to get overheated, so he takes me for short walks and then brings me home for water. If u are a hooman, please make sure your pet friends all get lots of water on hot days. Thanks.

I went to the vet this morning. I do not like that! But I had to go, so I can stay healthy. The doctor looked at me a lot, and gave me some tests and stuff. They had to use a pointy needle and gave me a blood test. They also gave me some shots. Wow. I got a special medicine so I don't get rabies. I am really glad I am safe from that.

My friend had a cheese sandwich before, and she gave me tiny bits of the bread. Mmmm. That was good.

I got special hugs after the trip to the doctor. It made me feel better. :) I also got to sit on the floor while Dad watches teevee. It's very relaxing to do that. Later on, maybe we'll play roll the tennis ball.

Okay, that's it for now. Thank you! I will see you later. :)


Hi, everybody :)

April 1st 2010 7:32 pm
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I am so happy! I got an awesome award from Dogster. :)

It is for my blog, which you can see at I like to write about stuff that I do. My hooman friend takes funny pictures. It's fun. :)

Thanks, everyone at Dogster! It's great to be a dog! :)


It's January! :)

January 12th 2010 12:08 pm
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Hi, everyone. :) This is Keisha. Thank u for reading mah post. :)

Wow, it is cold here. We are in winterime where I live, and it's nice to have a fuzzy coat when I go out. My Dad has to wear a hat and a jacket whenever he takes me for walks. I like spring the best, but I always like to be outside with my hooman friends. :)

My friend D.R. got a new camera! She is using it to film little short movies of me, when I walk around the house. It's kinda fun. Maybe someday I will write a script!

The mail truck came by before. I didn't bark this time. I was a little too sleepy. Next time, I may try.

That's it for now. Thank u, evryone, and I'll see u soon! :)


Hi there! :)

July 2nd 2009 1:09 pm
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Hello, everyone. It's July now, and humans everywhere are setting off fireworks. I get scared of the loud noises, but I'm safe inside the house with my people friends. Please be careful, and I hope all of you have a fun holiday! :)


Woof, woof :)

June 7th 2009 12:08 am
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Hello, I'm Keisha and I'm enjoying the hot weather this spring. I take lots of walks, and I drink extra water after I come home. It's fun to get outside and watch stuff with my humans.

My friend D.R. had some pizza for dinner last night. I woke up when I smelled the food cooking. She gave me a few tiny pieces. They were good. I loved the chewy bread and cheese.

D.R. also watched a show called "It's Me or the Dog." It's about a lady who lives in England and teaches people how to make their dogs behave. Some of the problems are a little bit scary, but it always has a good ending. It's a good show to watch with your people.

Okay, that's all. I'll see you later. Thanks! :)


Hi there, it's Saturday! :)

May 23rd 2009 6:03 am
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Hello, everybody. My name's Keisha. Welcome.

My Mom came home from her trip to New Mexico. She said the scenery was really pretty! The skies and the landscape were all wonderful colors. She went with some of her friends, and a couple of them did get sick to their tummies, which was kind sad. Everybody was happy to see their friends, though. Mom also took lots of pictures. Maybe later on, my friend D.R. will see some of them and post them on her compooter.



Hi, everybody!

May 22nd 2009 6:49 am
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It's Friday here, and it's finally sunny after many days of rain. I don't like too much rain. It makes noise, and you can't go outside.

My Mom is on vacation. She is coming back later tonight. I will be so happy!

My birthday is in June. Hooray! :)

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