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The Days of Ashton's Life

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I was tagged by Faithfully Yours, Bertie

February 21st 2009 8:31 pm
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My furiend, Faithfully Yours, Bertie , has tagged ME for a game! I love to play, so here's my diary entry!

(Note to those that I tag...Just copy the questions and delete my answers. Then tag four furriends to play along!)

Have fun!!!!

1)-What color is your collar? Today it is brown with western sliver & gold stars. I get my collar changed every few weeks.

2)-What kind of food do you eat? I eat Canidae (chicken and rice) and Natural Balance (sweet potato) dry food with Missing link and pretty pet eyes sprinkled on it and all the table scraps mom will give me.

3)-What are your favorite treats? This is a no brainer..GREENIES!!

4)-Do you have a Valentine or significant other? I do wuf my sweetie Jessi very much. I am a taken man!

5)-Do you get table scraps? I will eat anything given to me and I even like to eat Duck poo!!

6)-What is your favorite toy? Plush toys that make talking noises.

7)-When is your birthday? in Arpil..on the 16th 2006

8)-How many times a day do you get to eat? When ever I want my dry food is always out...

9)-Do you have a favorite color? Blue..Because that is my mom's fav color.

10)-Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary? I hope so..

My turn to tag!!! I will invite these doggies to play:

1. Scotter
2. Harley Davidson
3. Mr Big
4. Jake

Have fun, every pup!


My Spring Page!!

February 14th 2009 9:58 pm
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!! Wow !! I am barking out again.. I just love my new page design. It is almost Spring time here in Texas. The Rain season has started early this year with the first real bad storm this week. Tornado weather and high winds. I hate the tornado thing, last year mom kept putting us in a dark closet every time a bad storm came through. I do not understand that but she says it is to keep us safe and in one place for her to grab in case of an emergency..

I have a new slide show on my page. that page only holds 10 pic. Do you really believe that my mom only has 10 pics of me. OMD!!! she has the camera in my face all the time. She calls me a ham..I am a dog. .do not get that either..

I hope you enjoy my page as much as I do..

One last this.. I had a GREAT time at the KKC Valentines BALL. Jessi's and Tessa's moms did a great job with the music. We had a Formal Sit Down dinner. Then we went to the Dance Hall and had a great time. There was a lot of love in the air. I think some paw put love potion in the drinks. A bunch of my friends made there Valentines into their girlfurfriends. I could not wait that long I asked Jessi before the dance and she said YES!! AARROO AARROO


DJ Ashton Fresh

February 9th 2009 9:35 am
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Okay tonight is my big night as a first time DJ at the KKC.. I am going to keep my cool amd just go with the flow. I have been busy learning how to use gimp. I made a cute pic of me as Jessi. I am now an administrator in the KKC. I get to make membership cards for all new members., this is fun. I got to make tuggy my first official card requested. It was very hard to be a good pup with my bud Tuggy, but I did and his card is so cute.

Has any pup seen my girl Jessi, she is super sweet and good looking. She has lots of friends. She just joined SR, I am so excited I see her in dogster all the time. We are going to the Valentines Ball together. She looks so nice in her dress. I got my tux ready. My dance shoes shined. I sent her some valentines gifts. I hope she likes them.

Dude! I got a bath yesterday. So uncool I do not think my mom understands I like my stink. It takes so long to get it just right. The smell of a hint of dirt, a sprinkle urine and some unknown funk. I call it "ASHTON". BOL!!


Cold pelts from the sky!!

January 27th 2009 7:11 pm
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~!!OMD!! ALERT ALERT!!~ It is really cold here and this really cold pellets are falling from the sky!! It is not rain, I know what rain is, we get alot of that. What is that? Them pellets are hard! I will only take one step off the porch and that is it for me! My mom pulls me off by my leash, to do my business. I was making yellow ice..BOL!! I only did it for the treats I get when I go outside! It is 26 degrees out side..26 degrees in TEXAS is not right. Tonight it is suppose to drop to 20 degrees. ~!!I KNOW MOM DOES NOT EXPECT ME TO TAKE A WALK IN THE MORNING!!~ Mom says that is sleet coming out of the sky..what is that? I have never seen it. That must be that cold stuff you'al talk about all the time!! It is not white like my freinds talk about!! I think we need to migrate south like the birds do for the winter. Any paw want to come? BOL!!


Dancing at the KKC!!

January 26th 2009 10:16 pm
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I had so much fun tonight hanging out with all my buddies..Duke, Spike, Howard, Tuggs, Sheba, GinGin, Jake, Bibi, Bella, My bro Dugen, Kady The little Hamster and my gal Jessi...I dance my shirt off..Bol..Oh ya I took it off and showed my new six pack..I asked jessi to be my girlfriend and she said yes!! It was a great night..Spike has a valentine..What fun...


I have a valentine!!

January 25th 2009 6:36 pm
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I am one excited schnaunzer, Jessi is my valentine. She is so sweet and cute. She looks great in her dresses. We like to dance together at the KKC. I am in a Band playing the guitar. I also won best dancer last monday..WOW this has been a busy week. I just wanted to shout that out to all my paw friends. Dogster Rules!!!


January 24th 2009 9:06 pm
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Alright Pals! You made it here. I see you caught my foot ball pass. Here is what you should do next! Hurry and pass the ball to 5 of your team mates so they can make a touch down. You are also supposed to write down 5 things about yourself that are funny. Also please leave me a bone and ask all those who visit your diary to leave you a bone so you will know they have been there! Okā€¦Here goes the play!

1. When I have to go outside I go over to my mom and scratch and scratch at her until she lets me out. After I am done with my business, I try to hide it. I use my nose and try to mom the grass over it. I do this for several minutes while my mom just laughs at me.

2. I like to sleep in odd positions and just let it all hang out. There is a picture on my page. I can sleep any where any way!!

3. I like to play with the neighbor hood dogs. I stand up tall on my hind feet and lunge at the other dog. Even if they are 10 times my size..It is crazy my mom says!!

4. If I think that I am home alone with Dugen, we will get on the couch and start howling & AARRooing. Mom Say its sound like we are dying. we just go on and on!!

5. When my mom went on vacation, for the 1st time after she saved us from her x-husband. She was packing her clothes, I got in the suitcase and would not get out! She would take me out and I would get back in. I did not know I was going with her!

Dude I was taged twice by Spike and Winston!

I passed the football to:
1. Mr Tuggles
2. Little Man Mickey
3. Finnegan
4. Pepper
5. Harley Davidson


What a Day I Had

December 30th 2008 7:05 pm
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This afternoon I had a new experience and I wanted to share it with my paw we go my mom took me on a car ride by myself..she left Dugen at home. We went to see my paw friend Allie. She is a sweet girl that lost her paw brother a few month ago. Allie is sad from her loss. I enjoy playing with her. she is a big girl the size of a standard poodle. The cool news is her human mom is thinking of getting a little girl schnauzer!! A real paw girlfriend for me. There was even talk of puppies??
okay so my day got even better when we left Allie with Pops..Pops is my grandfather. We went to feed Wiskey. I thought Wiskey was a paw friend. Wow he was a horse..A REALLY REALLY big furry animal. I was scared mom could see right through me. But I put on a strong face hid behind my mother and barked like as much & as loud as I could. The horse did not even care that I was there. My mom hand feed him, Not so cool..That is my mom. Wiskey is the Human neighbors horse. I had never seen him before..He turned out to be a nice guy. Mom picked me and we sniffed each other.
After all that Fun I came home and took another nap!!! AAARROOO!!


Santa Paws!!

December 28th 2008 10:02 am
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Santa Paws came to see Dugen and I . We got lots of net treats..We just love them. beef jerky, snausages, raw hide twist, and more!! We got 4 new toys..2 that fav!! We have way to many toys. We need to donate to the needy dogs.. Anybody know how we can do that. Speaking of donating , I am so proud of our mom, she sent of 2 large bags of new stuff to help sick or disabled dogs..To Emma..I should tell you about emma..that is a whole different diary entry!!
... We also got new Christmas shirts from "I SEE Spot" They are nice. Mom is going to have a friend monogram them for us. She has the hook up for that. My mom has been so busy on the computer all week work on her new Web Site dog store. Check her out at www.bonniesdoggie is adding new things daily.
...Mom was sick at Chirstmas, she was up and in the kitchen all day cooking for her family. On the 26th She went to the human vet and got some medications, instead of me. What a good day for dugen and I, We spent all day in bed sleeping cozy with mom!! I have been to the vet many times :-( and this year I am getting FIXED and my teeth cleaned at the vet. Any volunteers to go for me...HAHAHA..
...I got to play with all my local paw friends. I have a bunch..This year mom promised to take pics with me and my local pawfriends for every one to see..I would love to play with all my dogster pals too this year!!


Christmas Cookies

December 23rd 2008 8:55 am
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I just had a ball yesterday as my mom made holiday cookies. I was at her feet cleaning up every crum she droped on the floor. I just love sweet stuff. I was hopeing for a hand out, but never got one. I just love this Christmas holiday. The house is all decorated with lights..let me tell you about this one lighted decoration. I was scared at first, I thought is was a new hairless paw family member. I have been barking at it but it does not move. I sniff and sniff it but no smell. I am confused. What is this non-moving paw friend doing in my haouse. So this morning I deciede to give it a smell and tinkled on it. Boy I got in trouble for that. Mom says it is a Light up christmas dog decoration for out side. I guess I will leave it alone now!!

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