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I got tagged by my Dear Buddy Miss Lady!

July 5th 2009 1:20 pm
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I got tagged by my Dear Buddy Miss Lady!! I love playing with my friends!

First the Ice Cream Question:
What flavor of ice cream would I be?
I guess I would be ..Chocolate Fudge! I look like chocolate and I am addicting like fudge. I am thick and lovable too!

Now the get to know your friends part.

Copy these questions into your diary and then tag your other friends.

1. What color is your collar? I change my collar all the time! Today I have a new collar I got yesterday. Black leather with metal studs!

2. What kind of food do you eat? I am very picky and my food has to be small, I do not like to chew big stuff! We eat Canidae Dry Dog Food. I will eat some table scraps that make it my way too!!

3. What are your favorite treats? Greenies , beef jerky, and any rawhide or pigs ear that Ashton has been chewing on that is soft. I keep a close eye on him when he has a chew toy and if he leaves it for 1 second, I steal it and chew off all the soft parts!!

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other? I was with Bella, but have not seen her or talked to her in a really lone time. I do have an eye for Miss Lady, she is sweet and we chat often! I like getting presents from her!

5. Do you get Table Scraps? Of course, my mom like to share bits of what she is eating with us!

6. What is your favorite toy? I like the hairy Chicken legs mom got us that use to squeak, until Ashton chewed on them, I still like them any way!

7. When is your Birthday? in december! OMD I will be 4 this yr!

8. How many times a day do you get to eat? Dry food is always out I eat whenever. I am a skinny boy!

9. What is your favorite color? I can not see color but mom loves blue!

10. Do you hope your friends will put this in their diaries? yep! That would be nice!

Thank you Miss Lady, for tagging my. I loved the tagged pic!
The diary does not tell me how many pups to tag? Ashton tagged 5, Lady tagged 5, so I will choose:
Mr Big, Marley, Jenna, LuLu and Woogie


Looking For Hot Deal on Dog Supplies!

June 28th 2009 10:58 pm
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Looking for dog stuff for the summer! We have Dog Life vest, New summer dog collars and leashes. A large selection of Iron On's to make you own custom dog tee! Stop by my mom store to find Hot Doggie Deals at:Bonnie's Doggie Deals


Hello Dogster World!

June 27th 2009 7:31 pm
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Hello Dogster,

Wow I have now woofed in a long time. Mom has been busy with her web sites and playing on face book. Mom in on leave again due to her rt quadricept strain. So, today we re-did my dogster page for the summer! Pretty PAWSOME, I think! I am dreaming of going to the beach again this summer. I had lots of fun when we went a few summers ago. Well I am doing great, I have been healthy and just playing and sleeping my days away. We still go to the neighbors to play with Cowboy and Lucky. They are my pals. We even go swimming over there. Only when MOM makes ME! I hate to get in the pool! I alway have my life vest on. Do not tell mom, but it does cool me off in this summer heat. It has been really hot here, in the triple digits. I am off to go play with my best bro Ashton. Remember for all you summer dog needs stop by mom's store at


I have been Taged

April 1st 2009 3:46 pm
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My pal Marley tagged me. he told 7 things about himself, so I'll tell 7 things about myself. Then she tagged 7 pals and they were supposed to do the same. So I'll tag 7 pups.

1 - I love my mommy

2 - I love to give kisses, mommy calls me "Sir kiss allot"

3 - I have never been to the groomer, My mom grooms me.

4 - Ashton is my best pawfriend in the whole world, even though we fight sometimes!

5 - Greenies are my favorite treat!

6 - I eat Duck poop and duck eggs, I love to chase the ducks back to their pond for mommy!

7 - I have more clothes than any dog should have! Mom makes sure I wear all of them and Ashton has a matching set!

Now I'm off to tag my pals Lady, Bella, Howard, Sinclair, Pacey, Guinness and Tucker Vazquez...


Diary Pick of the Day!

March 22nd 2009 6:16 pm
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Today is my day in the spot light. I am a diary pic of the day. WOOF WOOF. My girlfurfriend Bella emailed me to let me know. She is so sweet! I have to say I wuf her allot!!
I am also pal of the week in: Administrators of Caster and Dogster. I am so excited. I just re- did their page and it looks pawsome I think!!
My Page looks super pawsome! I requested the raindrops without umbrellas from the cats and they look great! I have seen them on other paws pages also! Thank you Oly for making them!!
I am one luck dog! I have great friends and family. My mom spoils me!
We even talked to my breeder mom this month. She is doing great and I wanted her to know I was doing great. She is in Arizonia. She only breeds standard party poodles now.
Did you see the cool bed a dogster mom made. It is the blue one in my new pictures. If you like it and want one, check out The Cat in the Clover She make beds to your request. They are priced well and Ashton and I just love our new bed!!
Thank you, Dogster for picking me to be diary pic of the day!!


We are sad today!

March 15th 2009 2:46 pm
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We have lost a true friend Sheba, this week. She was a great friend and a great dancer at the kkc. We are friends with her whole family. This family is just a wonderful group of furfriends and non-furfriends. Please stop by her page, even it is just to leave Sheba a bone and look at how beautiful her page was decorated by her mommy! We are running behind in all are dogster work, Sorry.
Thank You!


We Are FAMOUS!!!

March 8th 2009 11:06 pm
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~!! OMD !!~ Mom has been working so hard on her web store Bonnie's Doggie Deals. She noticed how our picture is now onthe home page of the drop shipping company she uses for her store. Check us out at Love Long Long. Wow mom is so excited. We need an agent I say and Agent t o get us the big bucks so we can buy as many greenies as we could ever eat!!!


My New PAge Design...

February 21st 2009 8:50 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] worked on my page design all day. This one was hard to do..I do not know if I will be able to talk her into doing another any time soon.

This week I was honored by becoming an Admin for the Administrators of Catster and Dogster.. Wow that was big..We have only been a KKC admin for a about a month..The Great honor came when we were asked to Design Their page.. Can you believe that was easier than my page.

The Admin group page looks great I think. I have been helping other paws decorate their pages. We did have a scare with this design. We lost the new members pics off the right side of the page. We got together with out new friend My Little Demon and fixed it. Check out our work at: ogster_groups-13649

Mom is on Light Duty and can not do much after her 18 Wheeler accident 2 weeks ago. So I want to shout out some GET WELL SOON LOVE TO HER.. I just love my mommy so much.. She can not even walk us because she can not hold the leash we pull to hard..

Have a great week. The theme of my page is the rain season. March and April showers bring May flowers. We live on the tip of Tornado alley. So we do not much like this time of the year.


Dj Dungen Fresh

February 10th 2009 2:03 am
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Wow what a week. I got to be a DJ tonight at the KKC. That is allot of work. I had fun. My mom loves music and helped me play cool songs. I do need practice. I like my new Admin position at the KKC. Thank you to Howard, Jessi, Duke, and Simon for having faith in me.
I got brave again and asked Bella to be my girlfurfriend. She said yes!! I am one happy dog. I have the yes pic on my page. I sent out her valentines package this past week. I hope she enjoys it.
Speaking about my page.. I think my mom went crazy trying to learn how to put a banner up on our pages. She did it and they look cool. If need help to put one on your page just pmail us we will help you.
This week we took a gimp class learning to make cool pics for ourselves. This class was offered in the PDPC's School of grapics. Fancy has been making them for us and she does a great job I might add!!
The Poodle University ball Dance is on Wed. 2/11 and the KKC Ball is Thursday 2/12. I got my tux ready and got Bella a beautiful pink dess. She looks so nice. My printed the pic of her and I have it in my dog bed to look at before I go to sleep at night. BOL!!
Well I have barked out enough today and will give your eyes a rest....


What a Week...

January 26th 2009 10:28 pm
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I have not barked out for a while. I want to start by saying Thank You , to all my pawfriends. I got a bunch of gifts. I enjoyed them all. I had a great barkday. My friend Alley came over and we all played. I love to play with Ashton but some time change is good.

I went to a dance at the KKC on last thursday. I got to spend a lot of dance time with Bella..She is so sweet and cute. I have a crush on her! :-) We won best dancers of the night! :-) I hope her paw family is okay with that. They way out number me. BOL!!

After talking to my pal Tuggs I got brave and asked Bella to be my valentine. She is a singer in the KKC AARROO band. I am her biggest fan! So on Saturday I got brave enough to ask her to be my valentine. Guess what, she said YES!! WOOF WOOF..I can not aarroo even though I try.

Tonight I went to another dance at the KKC, I got to dance with my sweet Bella again. I really like her. She is so darn CUTE! ;-) I gave her a kiss on the cheek. Hope spike didn't see that. I think he was to busy with Kady his valentine.

All and All I have had a great few weeks. Check out bella on my page. But just look!! I like giving her gifts. It makes her happy, and that makes me happy!!

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