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Dogster Made Little Ol Me A Diary Pick

September 25th 2013 4:20 am
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Yoo Hoo! I'm a Diary Pick today. Big fun. Thanks Dogster. The little doorknob (Quigley) gave me a congratulatory lick but I know deep down he's dreading today. Quigley and I have a deal. Whenever Dogster bestows an honor on one of us the other one has to do whatever we want for the day. Today will be amazing. Uh Quigley, could you move your butt out of that sunbeam, I think my tush would like to lay there. Oh yeah, today will be fun.


Mom is so proud of me

September 22nd 2013 3:43 pm
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I'm 25 pounds. I haven't been 25 pounds for a long time. Mom is so proud of me. I went to the vet for a toe trim, butt squeeze and a B12 and a Rabies shot today. My friend Misty said 25 pounds when my svelte body stepped on the scale. That was with my harness and leash on. Mom almost fainted. I was 23 pounds when I came to live with Mom five years ago so that's our goal, but 25 is pretty amazing.

Then Mom took me on a long walk. Does life get any better than this?

Poor Quigley, he had to stay home by himself. He wasn't happy.

My Aunt Chrissy stayed over on Friday night. That was very fun. She loves me.

I had a very nice weekend. Hope you guys did too.


Cooper You Rock

September 9th 2013 4:11 am
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Om my gosh, the day has hardly started and it's getting better and better. I just realized that my friend Cooper made me this amazing photo for Dog of the Week. It is proudly displayed as my profile picture.

Cooper you rock! Thanks so much.


Dogster Made My Week - Yipee

September 9th 2013 4:06 am
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Oh my goodness. My friend Cooper just told me the news. I am Dogster Dog of the Week. How exciting. I hope I will make a lot of new friends. Mom is so proud of me.

Even the doorknob(Quigley)gave me a brotherly kiss this morning.

Here's hoping Mom will give me an extra treat today. And being the kind sister I am I will share it with Quigley. Not really - I love my treats, but Mom will give him one too.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


I'm A Real Dog - Really I Am

July 13th 2013 8:12 pm
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Big excitement today. My Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Mike stopped in for a brief visit on their way to a funeral. So they didn't get to stay long. I love visitors but I have this habit of jumping up on their legs to say hi because I get so excited and I don't want them to have to bend down to see me. So Mom gave everyone a towel as they had shorts on. Uncle Mike just had knee surgery so he was off limits. But alas no one really had time to snuggle with me because it was a short visit. I was very sad.

Then my favorite Uncle Jesse came over and he always loves me. He tried to pick me up again, silly man. I get squirmy, all 26 pounds of me. Things were going great and I was happy again and then he said I wasn't a real dog. My feelings were hurt. He and Aunt Robbie always say that about Quigley and me. They think if you're under 50 pounds and short you're not a real dog. They like BIG dogs. Mom hates when they say that. So after everyone left Mom gave me a nice long backrub. I needed that. In the next life I hope they come back as Yorkies.

Mom and Grandma love me for me not how big I am so that makes me happy. Mom says if we were as big as Uncle Jesse's dogs we wouldn't be able to sleep on the bed with her. Now that would make me really sad. Mom says her favorite part of the day is when all 3 of us snuggle at night.


Life with the Doorknob

June 29th 2013 5:13 am
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The "doorknob" (aka my little brother Quigley) can be a handful at times. He's so boisterous. And he's always hogging Mom. When Mom and I are having a little girl time there he is with that stupid ball. I've been asking myself for four years now "Wasn't I enough Mom, did I really need a little brother?" But Mom reminds me that even though I arrived first, he was already on his way (breeder kept him for 6 more weeks). Then Mom tried to pass him off as my Christmas present. What the heck Mom, I think I got cheated.

But I will say that he's okay to snuggle with on cold mornings and he does need me. So I'll hang in there and take one for the team.

But remember Mom and I can't stress this enough. ONE QUIGLEY IS ENOUGH. I can only be so tolerant. But no worries, I think Mom wouldn't be able to handle another Quigley either.

On with the day. Have fun my friends.



May 28th 2013 3:56 am
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I guess I was so sorry about getting caught at counter surfing yesterday I got confused and put my diary entry on Quigley's page yesterday. Well the little doorknob told me about that. I have fixed it.

Or did I intentionally do that to thwart him so they would think he was a girl. I'll never tell.

Well we are sending Mom back to work after a 4 day weekend. Finally able to catch up on my beauty rest.

The best news is that Mom only has to work 3 days and then she has a 3 day weekend. And the best part is that Aunt Chrissy is coming for a sleepover this weekend.

Bad news is that Mom says we have to have baths. Yeesh!

Have a great week my friends.


I've Been A Bad Girl

May 28th 2013 3:51 am
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Mommy was not too happy with me today. She was watching the news on the kitchen TV. When she does that she puts the stool by the counter. Then she went downstairs to put a load of clothes in the washer. When she came back there I was standing on the kitchen counter. I had jumped up on the stool and then on to the counter. I told Mom I thought I smelled a crumb up there and wanted to help her clean the counter. Mom was not buying it. So I was scolded and I did my laying on my back with my feet up trying to look sorry posture. Mom said I had to have a time out. So I was banished to the office with the gate up for 30 minutes.

Not as terrible as it sounds, Mom's bed is there and I stretched out on that. But I did try to look like I was sorry.

Quigley was loving it. He had the rest of the house to himself.

We found out earlier today that the little doorknob is "Dog of the Week". Of course I was jealous but happy for the little guy. He told me that if I was a good dog like him maybe someday I would get that honor too. The gall of him. I'm not always a bad girl.

So now Mom is making sure she puts the stool away. She knows how dangerous it is if I was too jump down from the counter.

So I will try to curb my stool jumping and be a good girl.


Swept off My Feet

May 15th 2013 7:11 pm
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We had the best Mother's Day ever. We gave Mom lots of hugs and kisses and even let her sleep in late.

Grandma spent the whole day with us and our Aunt Robbie and Nichole came over and my Uncle Jesse too. I love Uncle Jesse. I am not a dog that you pick up but I always make an exception for my Uncle Jesse. He picked me up in one powerful swoop and then told me how beautiful I was. Does life get any better. I was smitten. Well after that I followed him around the whole afternoon.

Mom can't figure out why the air is so blue tonight. Because we are on a restricted diet we only eat our kibble. Boring but we like it. So why Quigley and I are so stinky tonight is a mystery.

Oh I'm in heaven. Mom went to a garage sale on Saturday and bought ME (not you Quiqley) a wicker love seat with cushion and matching pillows for the back porch. Just my size. The little doorknob (Quigley) has stretched out on it a couple of times. I will have to have a chat with that young man.

So, it was a fantastic weekend.


Mom's Playing Favorites

March 10th 2013 4:21 pm
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I can't believe it. Mom took that little doorknob Quigley on an adventure and I had to stay home.

Although I have to say it was heaven to be able to sleep for a couple of hours uninterrupted and have the house to myself.

I was hoping she took him to the vet, but NOOOOOOOOO! When he came back he told me all about his fun afternoon with all the Boston pups.

Mom gave me a hug and explained that because I'm not dog friendly she couldn't take me. Rats. But she is right. I like my brother but because of my background Mom's never sure how I'll react with other dogs.

At least Quigley brought back smells for me.

The best part is that soon the little doorknob will conk out and I'll have Mom all to myself for the rest of the night.

I can live with that, but Mom better give me one of her amazing backrubs, then I'll forgive her.

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