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Life Is Good

January 1st 2014 6:55 pm
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Wow. Mom has been home with us for five days in a row. Quigley and I were in heaven. And, because it was so bone chilling cold, she hasn't gone out for errands or anything for 4 days.

Today was especially nice because is was laundry day and Mom always lets us snuggle in the freshly dried clothes.

Mom thinks we will sleep all day tomorrow to make up for the beauty rest we've missed out on.

Hope everyone has a fantastic New Year.


Lickey Licks

December 17th 2013 7:34 pm
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I'm afraid we are driving Mom crazy with all our licking. I'm always licking my paws. Mom washes them off with medicine and gives me 2 Benadryl a day but I still lick. Now Quigley has started companion licking. The noise is driving poor Mom batty. Especially when we just settle down for the night.

Mom is searching right now for earplugs.

Oh, I think my Benadryl just kicked in. Mom will be so glad.

Sleep well my friends.


Double the Fun

December 16th 2013 4:08 am
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Wow! Dogster made me a "diary pick" two days in a row. Mom's afraid I'll get the "big head". No worries, but I will torment my brother Quigley (aka the doorknob". He'll be my slave all day.

He's lucky this happened on a day Mom is working. I sleep a good part of the day.

Hope you all have a stupendous day.



I'm on the Community Page - Yay!

December 15th 2013 7:18 am
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Dogster had picked me for one of the diary picks today. Yay! Thank you Dogster. That means my brother Quigley has to be nice to me all day. Life is good.

Snow still on the ground and colder than heck. Mom says we won't see the grass again until May. That's depressing. Mom made us a path into the middle of the backyard so we can get a little stretching in and a place to go potty. Of course Quigley hasn't figured that out yet. He goes right on the sidewalk. I'll have to have a talk with that boy. At least he listened to me about the yellow snow.

Uh oh, time for our nap. Having Mom home for 3 days can be tiring. She's always into something and of course we have to supervise.

Stay warm my friends.



Mom Says I'm Svelte

December 7th 2013 8:03 am
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Mom weighed me this morning and I was 23.6. OMD! My goal was 23 because Mom says that's what I was when Mom and I hooked up.

In honor of this stupendous achievement, Mom is letting me go naked all weekend as long as she's at home. I love being naked.

Why you ask.

1. I can sneak up on my brother.
2. Mom gives me lots of back and neck rubs.
3. I have a beautiful body - would you like me to hold it against you? And while I'm there you can give me another back massage.

So another bone chilling day and we are hanging out with Mom for a 3 day weekend. Does life get any better than this?

Mom is hoping it gets a little warmer this afternoon. She needs to get food and most importantly dog food. So I guess we'll let her leave us for a bit and we can catch up on our beauty sleep.

Stay warm my friends.



Yay -the vet says I'm Ideal

November 29th 2013 11:35 am
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Hope all my friends had a happy and safe Thanksgiving. I'm on a special diet, but Mom gave us chicken fingers. Not your typical chicken fingers. After Mom eats her chicken she lets us lick her fingers. She's a smart lady, we get all the flavor and nothing to bother my tummy.

I was just at the vet for my 8 week B12 shot. They weighed me, and are you ready for this. I'm under 25 pounds. 24.5. I had to change my Dogster weight class. Mom was so excited. I was 23 pounds when Mom and I hooked up 5 years ago. That's my goal. Pretty soon the vet will be saying. Don't you feed that dog?

Better news. Mom has a 4 day weekend. She says she not budging out of the house until Monday. Are we lucky or what. Of course there will be a lot of napping on our part, but Mom won't mind, she's always busy with something.

Oops time for a nap.


I'm Among Good Company

November 1st 2013 6:27 am
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Hey today is my birthday. Well that's the day Mom says is my birthday. It's actually the day I came to live with her. So I guess that would be my Gotcha day. I'm 10 today. Mom says now I'm older than her. No one can be that old.

Two of our friends have a birthday today too. Miss Abbie and that rascal Pongo who is Raffles best buddy.

So now Quigley has to be nice to me all day. It will be heaven. Mom is taking Grandma to the doctor today so I can boss him around all day between naps.

Is life good or what.


5 Years - Is He A Dog Yet

October 23rd 2013 3:47 pm
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So what's the deal Mom? Quigley is going to be 5 tomorrow. You keep promising me every year that he will grow out of his energetic puppy ways. It's not happening. Any chance things will change tomorrow?

I'm an old lady Mom, I'm going to be 10 soon. I need my rest.

At least tell me he may slow down a little bit. I can live with that.



I'm fabulous - My doctor said so

October 6th 2013 1:09 pm
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Mom takes me in for a physical every 6 months. Yes she loves me and she has me on the Banfield plan. Today instead of staying for the whole darn day I only had to stay for 45 minutes and Mom stayed with me. Mom didn't know that option was available. Well that's going to be the norm from now on. Who wants to hang around the vet's office all day. Not this girl.

So anyway I was my charming self and everyone loved me. My favorite vet Dr. Z was there and she said I was fabulous and she couldn't believe I was turning 10 soon. Then she went and spoiled the moment by asking Mom how much she was feeding me. Come on, I gained 4 tenths of a pound. I only get 1 and 1/2 cups of food a day and nothing else besides my vitamin. Mom and I are very proud of the fact that I'm a svelte 25 pounds. Dr. Z said Mom should give me a little less food. Well my heart sank. I looked at Mom and you gotta love her she went to bat for me. She said she feels like she is starving me as it is. Mom knows I love my kibble. So I don't think I'll have to worry about a decrease in my food. Mom and I will just exercise a little bit more.

Only bummer was that Mom couldn't take me for a walk on the way home because it was raining. All in all it wasn't a bad visit. No shots. Just a squirt in the nose. Yay!


Dogster Made Little Ol Me A Diary Pick

September 25th 2013 4:20 am
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Yoo Hoo! I'm a Diary Pick today. Big fun. Thanks Dogster. The little doorknob (Quigley) gave me a congratulatory lick but I know deep down he's dreading today. Quigley and I have a deal. Whenever Dogster bestows an honor on one of us the other one has to do whatever we want for the day. Today will be amazing. Uh Quigley, could you move your butt out of that sunbeam, I think my tush would like to lay there. Oh yeah, today will be fun.

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