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Priscilla 's Ponderings

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Priscilla Is In The House

November 2nd 2008 8:40 am
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Hi - My name is Priscilla. I'm five years young. I've led quite the life already. I and another Boston were rescued from Hurricane Katrina when I was one and lived with a great family. Unfortunately our parents got divorced and I went with my Dad and my brother Elvis went to live with my Mom. Circumstances forced my Dad to move into a place that wouldn't allow dogs, so Dad found me a wonderful family to take care of me. I had been there a month, but their landlord wouldn't allow them to have more than 2 dogs and I made 3. That family found me a new Mommy and I went home with her yesterday. I now live in Northeast Minneapolis. I have a huge fenced in backyard. I explored every nook and cranny of the house and I think I will like it here. I have a Mommy and a Daddy and a Husky sister (Maleka) and a cat brother (Chewtoy). Maleka and Callie are not thrilled with me moving in, but my charm will win them over. It's a big change for all of us and will just take some time to adjust.

I have my own kennel, a huge kitchen cushion to watch my new Mommy on and comfy furniture and laps to sit on. Mommy told me all about Callie and Raffles up at the Bridge so I know I have huge paws to fill, but I'm up to the challenge.

Mommy said this is my furever home. Life is Good.


I'm Fitting Right In

November 9th 2008 7:18 am
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I've been at my furever home for a whole week. Mommy & Daddy adore me and Maleka and I are going for walks every day and getting to know each other. When Maleka comes in the house, Mommy just has to remind me of my manners and I'm doing very well.

Mommy can't believe what a well mannered, sweet girl I am. I hardly every bark. I don't try to run out the door when it's opened. I'm snuggly and very intelligent. Monday was my first day at home alone. I was perfect. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of me.

I have a problem with other dogs I don't know but Mommy says we will work on that.

Mom bought me warm comfy coats to wear because man has it gotten cold. It's under 30 today. Brrrrr! Mom cut our walk short yesterday because of the cold and wind. Maleka was not happy. She has such a big fur coat, she didn't understand why we had to go back after 1 block.

I have two windows to watch the world while Mommy is at work. One overlooks the back yard. You should see the squirrel family out there. Mommy feeds them up on Maleka's kennel roof. When she lets me outside I try to capture them. They were very surprised to see me and how fast I could move. They've gotten used to Maleka. They could practially run over her paws and she wouldn't move. She's outside during the day in her kennel and the squirrel and birds are always around. The birds drink and take baths out of her water bowl. They're used to her. Now they have me to deal with. Look out squirrelies.

The people that Mommy works with asked her why she had that light back in her eyes again. She showed them my photo and they understood immediately.

I really like it here and I feel very content. Uh oh, gotta run, I think Mom wants to give me another back rub.

Life is Good - Priscilla


I've Had the Best Week

November 20th 2008 7:59 pm
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Well you won't believe what happened. My brother Elvis contacted me. He and I were adopted after Hurricane Katrina to a couple. Yes we're Priscilla and Elvis. Mom doesn't know the whole story yet, but the owners of Elvis saw my little face and knew they had found Elvis' sister. I was so excited. I hope we can keep in touch.

I've snotted a couple of times at Maleka this week, but she's been very patient with me. It's been brr city out there so we've missed some of our walks until Mom can find a way to keep my little legs warm. She has a plan, and hopes to implement it this weekend.

It's been almost 3 weeks. I'm fitting right in.

Oops gotta go - time for sleepy.



Four Weeks and Counting

November 30th 2008 8:15 am
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I've been at my new home for 4 weeks and a day. So Raffles and Callie sent me a message last night. They told me not to worry, Mommy is keeping me furever. Mommy has been home with me for two whole days straight. I love it, but I will probably have to take another nap soon. That woman is like an energized bunny, she wears me out. Yesterday she took Malika and I for a long walk and then we worked out in the yard for 2 hours. It was a good thing we did because it snowed last night and it would not have been fun cleaning up the yard in that. My little toes would have gotten cold. Now she's working on making no sew blankets. She's always into something.

Mommy said I am so good for her. She was thinking about seeing a health counselor for her stress, but now that I'm here, she said she doesn't need one. I have a very calming effect on Mommy. I need her and she needs me. It's wonderful.

Mommy tells me that she is getting me something for Christmas that I'm really going to love. She said it's a Quigley. What the heck is a Quigley. She gave me a few hints. She said it would keep me from being bored when she's not home, is smaller than me but will get bigger with time. What the heck is it? I'm stumped. She said I'd have to wait and see, but would give me another clue soon. Raffles and Callie know but they're keeping quiet, no help from above.

Oops gotta go. Time for another nap.



The Quigley Is Coming Soon

December 10th 2008 4:34 am
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So Mom gave me more hints about this Quigley thing she is getting me for Christmas.

1. It's cuter than a bug's ear. Okay I've seen a lot of bugs ears and they are gross. So anything could be cuter than a bugs ears. That's not a lot of help Mom.

2. It's smaller than a breadbox but you can put bread in it and it will dissapear. Maybe it's a magic box. I could become a magician.

3. She said when I look at the Quigley I might think I'm looking at a mirror. This has me stumped. We have a huge bathroom mirror that goes all the way down to the floor. I try not to look at it because I am so pretty I might get the big head.

4. I will either love it or it will drive me crazy.

What the heck could it be. Mom say's I'll find out in a week. Oh Mom also told me to get lots of rest now because when the Quigley gets here I'll get really tired out.

Stumped - Priscilla


It's Quigley Time

December 19th 2008 5:54 am
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I am so excited. Mom is leaving shortly to go get my "Quigley". I still haven't figured out what the heck it is. Mom said she won't be back until late afternoon so I'm thinking she is going to the North Pole and get my Quigley directly from Santa.

It must be something really special. Mom took a day of vacation today to go get the "Quigley". Mom was very glad to see when she woke up this morning that the weather is cooperating. If she had to postpone picking it up today I think I'd bust.

So Mom told me to take a nap today so I'd be all rested before the "Quigley" gets here.

The excitement mounts.



It's A Me With Boy Parts

December 28th 2008 12:13 pm
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Well, you wont' believe it. The Quigley turned out to be a miniature me, only with boy parts. I couldn't believe my eyes. Mom brought in the carrier and I looked inside and there was this squirmy thing inside. We did the nose to nose thing and then Mom took it out of the carrier. It looked just like me. Mom was really concerned about how I was going to react. She was very proud of me. I didn't even growl. I of course was intriqued and had to smell every little bit of it. Now we've been hanging our for a whole week and we're getting along very well. Yay someone to keep me company during the day.

We've been playing with all our toys together, it's been great fun. Mom still have to keep an eye on me because I forget I'm 20 pounds bigger than the little guy, and sometimes it's hard to remember to be tolerant when he bites my face, boy are his teeth sharp. But I'm so happy to have a brother to play with. I love my "Quigley".

He goes full tilt for about 3 hours and then he sleeps for awhile then he's back to mischief.

Mom says soon when he gains about 6 more pounds we'll really have fun.



My New Year Resolutions

January 1st 2009 8:47 am
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Mom says we should all make a New Year resolution. Here is mine:

1. I will work on having more patience.

a. When Quigley jumps up and tries to steal anything I have in my mouth, I will remember that I outweigh him by 20 pounds.
b. I will count to eight remembering that Q is just a puppy and needs to learn some manners.
c. I will remember what Mommy told me that I have to wait until Q gains about 10 pounds and then I can clobber him when he buts those sharp little puppy teeth on me.
d. When Q tries to steal my food, I will remember that Mommy doesn't allow him to have anything but puppy food and she will scoop him up pronto - I just need to have patience.

I really love the little munchkin and we have a lot of fun together. I can't wait until he gets bigger and behaves himself and we can play together all day long.



It's Tough Being A Big Sister

January 18th 2009 3:02 pm
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Mom says I'm doing great at being a big sister to my little brother Quigley. I have a lot of duties.

1. I have to watch him every minute. He's always into something.

2. I have to be gracious when he tries to steal my toys.

3. I have to be patient when he's in my face all the time.

4. I have to remember when Mom is spending time with him that she loves me just as much.

5. I have to remember that I still outweigh him and hold back and be gentle with him.

6. I have to remember that I love him when he's biting my face and keep praying for those puppy teeth to fall out soon.

7. I have to remember to coordinate my sleep times with his.

Mom says he is getting bigger every day. He can now get on the ottoman with me and Mom says he'll soon get up on my chair. I'm dreading that. That's my alone time.

I just try to wear him out so he'll sleep a little longer. If I can make it through these puppy days with him I know we'll be the bestest friends. I do enjoy his company during the day when Mom and Dad are gone. It's not so lonely.



I Was Naked At Petsmart

February 22nd 2009 3:38 pm
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Mom took me to Banfield Clinic in Petsmart to get my toes trimmed and a shot today. Later we walked around the store. I got confused with all the wonderful smells of other critters and accidentally on purpose added to the smells. Mom was trying to clean my oops up and I somehow got out of my collar and I was naked. Mom was frantic as I automatically ran away from her. I have some issues with dominance with dogs I don't know and horrible images were flashing though Mom's mind. Luckily she caught me before I encountered anyone. She scolded herself and said she will never take me out without my harness again, no matter how late we would be. I scared her.

So Mom quickly took me to the car and I didn't get to go check out the fish. Darn.

I weighed in at 25 lbs. today same as last time but Dr. A. wants me to be 23. As soon as the weather gets warmer, Mom will be walking me everyday again. It was brrrr city out there today even with my beautiful reversible coat Mom made me.

The Quigster weighed in at 8.4 lbs yesterday. He's starting to grow into his legs. Mom promises she will get new photos of us posted soon.


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