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Another ruff day...

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July 5th 2009 9:36 am
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My friends Tiki and Miles tagged me! It took me a bit to reply 'cause my mom and dad went on vacation and I couldn't reach the computer when they were gone, dangit!

Tell what flavor of ice cream you like, and then tag 5 more friends!

I look like caramel vanilla swirled ice cream!

I tag:
and Milo!


Spring is here!

April 18th 2009 1:22 pm
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Yay, it FINALLY feels like spring today! There are sunbeams to nap in, and it's not raining for once! Today we got to sleep in a little 'cause it's Saturday and then we went for a run in the woods. I got to ZOOOOOMMM really fast on the path, I even zoomed faster than Bubba!

Mom brought some kitten friends home from the clinic with her, they don't even eat real food yet - they hafta drink milk from a bottle! I like to lick them and they nuzzle me. It is so much fun having babies in the house! Mom says they can't stay forever though, they get to go to new homes. In the meantime, I'm gonna enjoy playing with Daisy and Duke (those are their names).

Time to go feed the babies! Bark at ya later diary!


Car ride!!

February 20th 2009 3:53 pm
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Today mom toted me around in the car with her for a LONG time! First we had to take Lucky to the eye doctor, which is over an hour away. The car ride was kinda boring but I looked out the windows lots and didn't even bark at anyone. I went in to the eye doctors with Lucky and lots of people said how cute I was and I actually liked the doctor and he fed me treats! Then we went to Petco and picked out some new toys and treats and stuff for the bunny, then we drove back to our town and went to visit my grampa at his house and I got to play in his yard with the cats (I chased one out of the yard, it was so cool!!!). Then mom went to see her horse and I had to sit in the car FOREVER and got to guard the truck while she had an allergy attack from the horse... it was boring but I did a good job of guarding the truck. Then we FINALLY got to come home and I am exhaused now!
Off to bed I go!! NAPTIME!!


No Valentine...

February 8th 2009 11:17 am
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Since my main squeeze, Teddy crossed the bridge in September I don't have a valentine!! I sometimes date this dog named Zeke, but I haven't seen him in a while... he hasn't even called. Mom just said maybe he's busy, but I think he's hanging out at the dog park with other girls. What is a dog to do? What if I don't find a valentine in time for Vday? Mom said she'll be my valentine but it's not the same, darnit!!!


Christmas time is here!

December 23rd 2008 8:57 am
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Yippee, it's Christmas time! I love this time of year. I got to be in the town Christmas parade this year which was tons of fun! I also got to have my picture taken with santa which was NOT lots of fun.. that impawster scared me!
It's snowy here too, I hope it doesn't melt so I have a white christmas! I'm not afraid of the snow, I zoom through it and leap like a little deer! Plus, mom's been bringing bags of SOMETHING home and putting them in the closet where I can't see them, but I can smell it and there's something good in there darnit! I can't wait for Christmas to open them up.

I hope all of my doggie friends are warm and safe on Christmas. I'm glad the new doggy Lucky is here for Christmas instead of being lost on the streets. Mom says he gets to have cataract surgery for christmas and then he can see again!


Parade time!

December 6th 2008 12:21 pm
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Yay, I get to be in the Christmas parade! I get to wear a red santa sweater and a jingly collar and prance all the way down main street! yippeee!! It's my first year in the parade, wish me luck! Mom and dad are going too and taking Athena and Bubba!


Goin to work!

November 30th 2008 9:36 am
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I got to go to work with mom last night and see some of my friends! There was a tiny 2 day old sick puppy that mom had to help. It was awfully cute - I hope my friend Teddy is watching over it and helps to keep it safe!


My new favorite toy

November 19th 2008 10:42 pm
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Right now my favorite toys are a squeaky reindeer, a squeaky piece of chocolate cake (that one is Bubba's, but I steal it from him!) and most of all a squeaky fish!! I even bring the squeaky fish to bed and when dad woke up the other morning it was stuck to him.. mom thought that was pretty funny.

I rolled in something last night and mom said I smelled like stinky cheese, so she gave me a bath. That made me have to run all over like CRAZY and roll on stuff to get my own stink back and not smell like NASTY SHAMPOO!!


Workin hard for my kibble

November 8th 2008 8:40 am
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Yesterday mom took me to work with her. At first I was sooooo excited to be in the car, but when we got there I was scared.. sometimes mom leaves me there over a weekend if she's goin somewhere! Mom didn't leave me though. I got to go run around her office and even run around on the desks and jumped in her boss's lap and kissed her (mom said that was good work!). The bad part was when mom gave me a shot (fur lepto,whatever that is) and did something to my behind just 'cause I've been scooting. That stuff didn't last long though, so for the most part it was fun. The new dog had to be in a kennel, but I didn't have to - I stayed in the office! It was neat!


Little miss bossy

November 4th 2008 12:15 pm
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Today mom dressed me in my little miss bossy dress and I got to lay in front of the heater and have it blow hot air on me.. we got to sleep in too because it's mom's day off! TODAY is AWESOME!

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