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I finally figured this computer thing out for myself

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Long time no chat!

April 23rd 2006 2:59 am
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Wow guys, I've been SO busy!

I have learned some new tricks. I need to update my profile! :) I actually taught one of them TO moms. Can you believe it?!

After I wrote last, we had ANOTHER hurricane - Wilma. Oh boy, that one was MUCH worse. We hid out in the closet. We thought the doors and windows were breaking! Katrina took most of the trees, which was good, but Wilma did worse damage. We all came though fine, just some water that came inside our unit. But Mama J lost her job because of the storm! So we're just now getting ok money wise. I don't know a lot about that, but I know that meant less chewies for me. Oh man!

BIG NEWS! We are moving to OHIO after August! I will LIVE with my favorite pal Shelby the Sheltie and Princess the Peek-a-Yorkie-Poo (my cousins). Yep, we are gonna live at Mama K's parents - my grandparents - house. WOW! I will have a backyard! A BIG ONE WITH A HILL! Weee!! AND SNOW! I will live with SNOW! YEPPIE!

Sad news. Paco the Chihuahua (third cousin) is gone. :( He got out of the backyard and has been gone for weeks now. NO! THAT IS NOT RIGHT! People spotted him at first but not for awhile now. I am so sad about this, he is the "king" of the house there, even I know that. Grandma is SO SAD and that is NOT RIGHT. :( :( :( I want Paco to get home safe and sound!! :(

That's all for now.


My first hurricane

August 27th 2005 12:03 am
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Well guys, I experienced my first hurricane! Moms (it was Mama's first, too), the cats, the rats, the hammies and I all stayed together and we're all okay! But it was scary. I knew something was going on hours before it hit. Maybe moms should have listened to me, I was trying to tell them it was going to go over us, even though everyone said it wouldn't!

Moms gave me what they call my calming medicine, yuck! But it helped.

I was a good girl! I behaved very well when I had to. And most of all, I protected my moms real well. They needed me.

I'm glad it's all over! We didn't have power and I got SO hot! Really hot! So hot that when mom's misted me with cold water from a spray bottle, I didn't try to catch it with my mouth, I just let them do it. It felt SO good. Let me tell you, I've always liked ice but now I REALLY appricate it a LOT! I'm so glad we have our power back, but I know lots of doggies in our city don't yet. :( I hope they're okay.

Our complex is really messed up! We walked around and took photos and I just knew something weird was going on. Everything was SO different! I also found a dead lizard and two birds. :( That made me VERY SAD.

I don't think I wanna go though that again any time soon! Except that it was nice because I got lots of special treatment.

You can see photos of our complex and all the damage and read mama's write up at her website.

This is one happy and SAFE Wizzy, signing off for now.


My website!!

August 22nd 2005 6:55 am
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Mama K FINALLY got my website up! It's not a lot to see just yet, I need to add more, but go visit!

I'm WAY behind on my Dogster mail, please be patient with me!


Calling all Greyhounds!

August 4th 2005 1:07 pm
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Moms REALLY need more stories from parents of Greyhounds. Please help submit stories and photos as we help a Grey Rescue!

More info here:


New pics!

July 26th 2005 4:10 pm
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I added some new pics of me and my friends. Mama took my new top picture without even looking at me! She's super proud of it. I think it's good 'cause it shows my personality!


Please help us save some Greyhounds!!

July 23rd 2005 4:08 pm
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My moms and I (well, I kinda am) are doing the Blogathon this year. We (well, they! I might nap) will be staying up for 24 hours from August 6th (9 AM) to August 7th (9 am), and updating our weblog every half hour.

We are blogging for a Greyhound Rescue this year. :D

You can help by sponsoring us! There's no obligation just because I'm a cool dog (;)), but we'll be so happy and so will some Greyhounds who really needs the help and support! :)

At the very least, drop by during the 24 hours and leave us comments and encouragement. We could use it!

Blogathon '05: For the Love of Greys

Thanks guys!!


More people food, less dog food

July 13th 2005 8:19 pm
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Today, I've had celery and cheeries for the first time. Oh my gosh, I LOVE them. Moms say I'm a strange dog, but I just like food. I know I'm skinny and all, but I haven't met a food I don't like yet. Nope, not one.

Foooooood! Good tasting, yummy food! Food people eat! No more dry yucky dog food! Which I like, really, but it's NOTHING like what moms eat.

I deserve only the best, after all.


I am so hyper!

July 11th 2005 4:08 pm
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Oh boy, I'm in a grreattt mood! Mama K, she came home from work, and she brought out the spray bottle 'cause Forte was being mean to me (he scratched me!), and I remembered I LOVE the spray bottle! So I jumped at Mama, begging her to spray me. AND SHE DID! So I got super happy excited goofy and kept going for it. I did nip her finger a bit, but I was SO excited! She's okay though, and that's important. She keeps getting me every once in a while. I love to catch the water in my mouth!

I love my toys. Oh, I loooove my toys. Moms keep asking me if I want a puppy ('cause they want another one!) and I keep thinking... Will it take my toys? MY TOYS!

That's all for now, folks. I wanna play more. Zoooommmmiessss!


Litterbox snacks

July 10th 2005 1:17 pm
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I have to talk about this.

Moms replaced one of the boxes - the one I could VERY easily reach my long neck into to - with one that opens ON THE TOP. What?!! I can't get in there now! This is not fair. Not fair!

I can't get into any others, and there is talk of replacing them all with these top entry boxes. WHAT?!

Where's the justice? What's so wrong with my guilty pleasure? It's gross for moms, okay, but not for me!

Not fair I tell you, not fair.


No snow in Miami!

July 10th 2005 11:46 am
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I wanted to tell you about some of the pictures I put up. I loved the other ones, but these are much newer!

The snow isn't in Miami! It was last Christmas, and I went on my first road trip! We went to Mama K's mommy and daddy in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I LOVE snow! I'm told Miami doesn't have snow except ONCE ever, but I wish it did.

I can't wait until Christmastime again, because I want to play in the snow again. Snow is FUN! I don't even mind my clothes that I gots to wear. They're comfy and I think I look GOOD!

I also get happy thinking about seeing my cousins, Grandma and Grandpa's Princess, Paco and Shelby (Princess is with me in my last photo, we were T I R E D!). They need Dogster pages, I'm gonna have to talk to Grandma about that. And my other cousins, too, Savannah and Lucky (Mommy J's mommy and daddy's dogs).

Anyway, I love snow and I want it to be Christmas soon!

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