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I was tagged by Sully!!!!

October 3rd 2007 9:20 pm
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I was tagged by my buddy Sully! The rules of the game say I have to list 7 random facts about myself in my diary and tag 7 other pups and list them next. Don't forget to bark them a paw-mail so they know they were tagged and read my diary for the instructions.

1. I am a food enthusiast who wishes Mommy served chicken every night
2. I am not allowed to do anything that derails Mommy's efforts to teach me manners and courtesy toward smaller beings.
3. I am consumed by an absolute and uncontrollable need to chase ducks whenever they cross my path
4. I have extremely articulate paws. I can grab and hold stuff and play the paw game like nobody's business
5. I have this uncanny ability to wake up exactly 30 minutes before Mommy's alarm clock goes off. I use this time to coax her into consciousness by forcing her to play the above mentioned paw game. Once she gets up I go right back to sleep for 3 hours.
6. I like ice cubes in my water dish
7. I always fall asleep on my stomach or on my side. I usually wake up on my back.

Tag! You're it!!
1. Harley -
2. Toby -
3. Harrod -
4. Goldie -
5. Taz -
6. Snowy -
7. Joey -

...... l /)"(| /
Joey(_o_) Pawz


Joey-Aid 2007

May 20th 2007 8:28 pm
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My weekend days are pretty full and exciting. We always go somewhere or have people over who bring their dogs and I get to socialize quite a bit. It’s only during the week days that I sometimes get a little bored.

See, my days need purpose and reason. Especially on work days when I am cruelly abandoned and left to my own devices for hours on end........OK, ok, let’s face it……………..Mommy has to keep me in the manner with which I have become accustomed and to do that she must leave me alone Monday thru Friday from 8-5.……………

I understand that and I am lucky because Mommy’s work is 6 minutes away and she comes home for lunch most days to have some quality mid-day Joey time. (I am entertaining like that, you know) and this is good because it breaks my day up nicely.

I can only laze around and test cushions and beds and pillows for so long…………eventually I do have to get up and do something productive.

In an effort to do this I often engage in any method of transference that I can conceive of which works to distract me from being bored. Chasing the cats always works but they aren’t very playful and don’t appreciate the added exercise of avoiding me daily sooooooooooo when that wears thin and the claws come out I switch tactics and attack my toy basket.

Yes, I do often feel obligated to entertain inanimate household objects. I cannot explain this urge except to say that until a cure can be found I will continue to suffer in occasional silence.

As an example, today I rescued Mommy’s new purple cross top pedi-friendly fuzzy slipper from a boring day of nothingness. However, Mommy did not see the heroic aspects of this endeavor. She just saw her purple shoe as a victim.

(sigh) I can see that we will have to continue to work on our communication. She needs to understand that I am offering a service here and not just randomly slobbering on shoes without reason or purpose.

Well, there have been some recent developments at Mommy’s work and it looks like they may be relocating the offices to a place that would make Mommy’s commute about 25 minutes!!!

No more Mommy and Me times at lunch. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

To help me adjust to this shocking and distressing development, Mommy has been talking about getting me a new little buddy to hang around with all day while she is gone. She says she wants to get something called a Yorkie. She gets all mushy when she talks about it until Daddy says if we get a Yorkie he is going to always call him Sergeant and this usually works to distract Mommy from her New Yorkie state of mind.

I am not sure what it all means except that those cats better step up and make themselves more available for recreation time. I cannot help that I have to chase stuff and the purple slipper doesn’t fling so fast that it offers me any type of satisfactory chase alternative.

Anyone wishing to offer sympathy, help and support should please leave a bone or two…………or just come over and let me chase you around my back yard a bit.

Thank you

......l /)"(| /
Joey(_o_) Pawz


Nippers & Yippers

December 7th 2006 2:22 pm
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Every once in a while an opportunity comes along for me to make a new friend. I love and cherish my old friends all the same but it is exciting to make new ones too.

You know, regardless of size and age, deep life-long friendships can be cemented with nothing more than a few cursory wags and some well placed sniffs.

It needs to be said at this point that personal temperament plays highly here. Apparently you can’t just go around sniffing anyone who comes into your olfactory range. Aside from some embarrassed Mommy looks (the slightly raised eyebrow and giggle are a dead giveaway) there are some Alpha’s who object strongly, and occasionally violently, to this type of behavior.

Successful meetings of this nature depend greatly on the personalities involved. For example, Alphas and Betas get along well together once the canine hierarchy is settled and when (2) Betas meet & greet each other it gives one Beta the opportunity to seize the day and step up onto the leader’s platform of seniority. This builds morale and canine self-confidence. These meetings are mutually beneficial to all involved.

On the downside though, Alpha pairings are not so easy.

I myself am Alpha dog……… so much as I can be weighing only 17 pounds and being the size of a cat. Ok, a large housecat but a kitty none-the-less.

I am extremely Alpha when it comes to roasted chicken. I don’t suppose that helps me when it comes to determining my hierarchy in the presence of a Rottweiler but it can’t hurt to be well fed and a tiny bit spoiled, right?

In the interest of full disclosure I do need to mention that I suffer from a debilitating disability known as short-dog syndrome.

In another life I am sure I was a wolf. A wild beast with unlimited power. Native creatures probably feared me and avoided my wrath at all costs.

Not so much in this life though…………….

The next-door neighbor’s new Chihuahua who is about ¼ my size clearly doesn’t understand that I am boss of him. I have no idea how to go about stressing this fact either when he won’t stop barking and growling and trying to nip me through the fence long enough for me to relay this information.

I have to admit though that I do taunt him to some degree. You would be surprised at how easily a wagging tail and a few gruffy barks can spin that high strung bundle of nerves over the edge into abandoned fury.

I think its good for him. It wears him out and while he slumbers in his deflated-rage coma I can strut around my back yard in welcomed silence, free to reign supreme……………until he wakes back up and yells at me some more.


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