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From The Mind Of Zeus

December 7, 2004

December 7th 2004 3:49 pm
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Ooohh Mommy took me for a walk today. And i met this nice lady, who gave me cookies!!! Marrow bones-yum! The lady had them in her van, with who im guessing was her husband, and...maybe a son? she told my mommy that they havent got a dog of their own, but always keep cookies for the dogs they meet up with! I got about... 7 cookies. YUM YUM! then some guy, carrying a BIG sign of god gave mom a magnet... i wanted to eat it, but decided it wouldnt be tasty. Mommy says that i was a very good boy to those elderly people. and then i got to RUN down the street, mommy slided on her feets while i pulled her on the snow sidewalks :)> Also, today mommy put up her christmas tree. OH i cant wait til sandy claws comes


november 25 - night time

November 25th 2004 7:52 pm
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I got to have a car ride tonight... Mommy was supposed to take me for a walk... she promised... but she said because its so cold she got what she said was "frost bite" on her fingers... so i didnt get to go :( Zero and Memphis did though... poopy! But i got a ride, and met a new man. He owns the pet store in the mall... he and daddy and mommy talk alot... about fish, and us great danes... probably because we are so GREAT. I got to eat some McDonald french fries tonight too. wow, were they good. Mom put ranch dressing on them... i wish i had more...
Now i have to go to bed, because mommy and daddy are going to watch Survivor... Oh well... Good night


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