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Big Willie's in da house!

If they could see me now...

July 17th 2009 9:41 pm
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Some time last year, my humans put me out on the streets. Maybe I was too hyper for them, maybe I chewed things I shouldn't, maybe I had one too many accidents, or maybe I was just misunderstood. Whatever it was, they decided they didn't love me anymore and instead of trying to find me a good home, they just put me out to fend for myself.

But...if they could see me now...

I'm a big, handsome, happy boy that loves life. I get to live in a big house, I have the best food and toys, I have my own massage chair that I've learned how to turn on, and I have a sister that lets me bite her and parents that love me.

So, to those people that thought I wasn't worth the trouble...I feel sorry for you even though I can barely remember you. You missed out on seeing what a great guy I turned out to be. But that's OK because I have a better life than you ever will.


I finally get it!

April 24th 2009 9:25 pm
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Ever since I got my new home in October of 2008, I've hated it when my mom and dad leave. Even though I have my sister to keep me company when they're gone, I would still get so nervous and anxious. I would have accidents all over the house and tear up random things even when they were only gone for an hour. I never tore up anything important though...just a little plastic santa, a coffee scoop, a pillow, etc. I guess I was so worried that my mom and dad wouldn't come home and I would be homeless again.

Well, the past couple of weeks, I FINALLY GET IT! They ARE going to come back...they always do. I haven't had a single accident or torn up one single thing. I'm glad my parents don't work because I wouldn't want to be without them for 8 hours a day but now they can go out to eat without me freaking out. And Kya and I get special treats when mom and dad leave, so I really don't mind at all. :) LIFE IS GOOD!


Toilet Paper

December 6th 2008 8:43 pm
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OK, so I'm sure there's lots of pups out there that love to play with and eat toilet paper. I know I do. Well, if you're tired of the same old t.p., let me tell you how to spice things up. Here's what I do...take the roll of toilet paper and drop it in the toilet. Once it's soaked up a sufficient amount of water, take the toilet paper out, and take it to your favorite spot to enjoy your new treat. It makes a moist, delicious snack!

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