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It's the good life

Can you believe that I'm three !!!!!

March 22nd 2011 3:38 pm
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It's my birthday, I just turned 3 years old, mom says I'm a big boy now! I am outgrowing all my cute clothes that mom got me. Something about I was only supposed to be 9 pounds. No one told me I was supposed to stop growing when I reached 10 pounds. I am a hefty 17 pounds of loving, nothing "toy" about me so mom has to get me new stuff. That's ok "cause mom likes to shop. I am glad that the snow is going away, I love the snow, but Juliette doesn't. We will be able to stay out in the yard longer and keep all those rotten old squirrels out of our yard. Mom got me some special treats for my birthday and a new toy, she says we will go shopping and get some more things. She said there are stores I can go in and pick out what I want, I can't wait to go there. Mom says she has to go get dinner ready, she is making me something special. Bark some more later


It's been a long time since I wrote in my Diary!

September 26th 2009 9:37 am
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Wow I can't beliueve how long it has been since I wrote last!!!! I have been very busy. In May, Juliette and I went to Ocean City and meet Jay-Jay and Murphy, Flecken and the weiner dogs for Bark on the Boards. We had a good time and best of all I didn't even haver to get out of my stroller. Mom keeps me in there 'cause I have issues with other dogs, I don't know why she thinks that, but I am happy to be pushed around. In June we went to Yorkie Day for Save a Yorkie rescue in Pennsylvania. There we meet all kinds of yorkies, big, small, all different colors, it was a great day. I rode in the car and only got sick once. Mom said I am all grown up now and has let me out of the kitchen when they go to work. Grown up means that I have stopped chewing up everything and shredding all the papers, well most of the time. I still like to get in some trouble to keep mom on her toes. I will be here 1 year in less than a month and have done a good job of barking at everything that moves and protecting my home from people,and of course birds and my arch enemies the squirrels. I am really feeling that I belong here, I get baths,toys, and good food,walks, loving, but then there is the VET, but I guess that is part of them loving me too. I have met so many new friends here, and sadly lost a few too, mom has gotten some good advice to help me out. I am glad there are so many friendly people and pups here. Well I think I almost wrote a book here, but it has been a long time!! Well take care my friends and I will try to write more than every7 months or so.


Finally, New Pictures

February 15th 2009 2:15 pm
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Well mom finally got on the ball and added new pictures to my page. Now you all can see just how cute I am. Of course mom put in pictures of me being bad, if mom doesn't lock the snack cupboard I get into it. And the one of me and Jules playing, honest we are playing. Mom is going to try and jazz up my page, it may work and it may not. Mom isn't exactly a computer wizz..............but she tries.


i've been home almost a month

November 22nd 2008 8:26 pm
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It's been almost a month that I rode the puppy bus up from Arkansas to New Jersey and my forever home. I really love my mom, dad, and my sister Juliette. I am having fun, I have a big back yard to run and play in and toys,toys and more toys. The groomer came and gave me a bath, trimmed me all up , and mom says I am a handsome boy. Next week I am going to go with Juliette and get my picture taken with someone called Santa. I have made friends with some pups and life is good.

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